Ben Booker Arms Workout: Arms By The Book

Ben Booker knows how to build big guns. Keep up with this workout and you'll pop a pair of your own.

Don't question Ben Booker when it comes to training arms. This guy is pure business. He walks into the gym, leaves his ego at the front door, and immediately zeros in on what he calls the "Three Fs:" Form, Focus, and Failure.

If this were an arms race, Ben Booker would have every gym rat bowing at his feet. He trains with a LOT of volume, starting with biceps and ending with triceps. His workout revolves around volume, not total weight. Ben does this workout twice per week. The first is a heavy load day and the second is a lighter day with 1-to-2 solid sets.

Today, Ben Booker will make a man out of you. His workout will have your arms screaming for mercy and bulging at the veins. Think you can you handle the pain? Then step into his office!

Ben Booker - Arms By The Book

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Arms By The Book
    • Barbell Curls Barbell Curls

      Barbell Curls

      3 sets of 8-12 reps with 90-second rest periods; fourth set is 21s

Barbell Curl Tips
1. Once you hit failure, you can finish the set with halves, but you're still going to have to incorporate the entire biceps. Focus on the rep range, not the actual weight, and try to make it as precise as possible. It's all about timed interval repetition.

2. Drop weight and perform twenty-one's on the fourth set. That's 7 bottom-half reps, 7 top- half reps, and 7 full-range reps. Ben likes to incorporate a partner to maintain proper form.


Superset Tips
1. Don't rest between the standing biceps cable curls and the pull-ups. Rest for 90 seconds after each pull-up set.

2. Use your free arm as a spot to finish necessary standing biceps curl reps.

Skullcrusher Tips
1. On the last set, drop the bar behind your head and extend it until you reach failure. Your forearms should be on fire after this modified final set.
Cable Pushdown Tip
1. Focus completely on the triceps. Try to isolate, not involve other movers.
Reverse-Grip Cable Pulldown Tips
1. Ben likes to stop at a 90-degree angle, rather than coming all the way up. This forces you to control the motion throughout the entire movement.

2. If you're not dropping weight every set, you're not doing it right. You should hit failure on every set.
Ball-Grip Triceps Pushdown Tips
1. Grabbing the ball takes the grip out of the exercise and targets the inner part of the triceps.


Superset Tip
1. Your muscles are fatigued. Pick a weight that's a little less than you normally lift and crush this finisher.

If you have more questions about this workout, hit up bookerbrother on BodySpace. For more unique content, follow him on Twitter at @BenBookerIIC.