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Bare Minimum Training: Special Note To Women - (Part 4)

Before we plunge into a detailed discussion on weight training, I want to address the ladies first, because I want to take away any concerns you may no doubt have. DO NOT be afraid of weight training!

Bare Minimum Training
Chapter 4: Special Note to Women

Table Of Contents:

    Main: Foreword & Acknowledgements

  1. Introduction
  2. A Reason to Change
  3. "Proper" Nutrition
  4. Special Note to Women
  5. The BMT Progressive Resistance Training System
  6. The BMT Moderate Aerobic Exercise Regimen
  7. Consistency
  8. The Bare Minimum Training In-house Workout
  9. The Bare Minimum Training Shed Workout

A Little Story How One Of My Friends
Got Over Her Fear Of Lifting Free Weights.

Ok, everyone. Before we plunge into a detailed discussion on weight training, I want to address the ladies first, because I want to take away any concerns you may no doubt have. DO NOT be afraid of weight training!

You WILL NOT turn into the hulk... I promise. The objective is to build lean muscle on our bodies. I call it lean "sexy" muscle, because when you replace the unsightly fat on your body with lean sexy muscle...look out! You will turn your body into a lean and toned sexy fat burning machine!

Most women believe they must use light weights and high repetitions. This strategy is flawed. It will not build lean muscle. Building lean muscle will boost our metabolisms and this is what we want.

The only way to build lean muscle is to strive to get stronger every workout. Yes ladies, even you must get stronger each and every workout to build lean sexy muscle and working out with weights that are too light will not help you achieve your goal of getting stronger each and every work out.

So the same information I share with the guys on weight training also applies to you too!

Now I know a lot of you have a big fear of going to the free weight section of the gym. Sure I know a lot of you make it to the gym. But you only venture as far as the aerobic classes, cardiovascular section and then maybe just maybe you try a machine here or there. What about the free weight section? With all those "Big Guys", no way! Right?

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You Can Venture Outside The Cardio Section.

Listen, you must get over this fear. It is essential to your success! I'll tell you a little story about how one of my friends got over her fear. My friend Jody was going to the gym for a good four months. She was getting bored with just using the machines. Deep inside, she knew it was time to move on to some more challenging exercises.

Time To Move On
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It Was Time To Move On
To Some More Challenging Exercises.

But every time she would look into the free weight area, all she would see was what she calls, "muscle heads" (That's what she used to call them, now she knows they're just ordinary people, just like you and I.) Jody found this intimidating, which made her too shy to go in. All these crazy thoughts ran through her head...

    "They are going to stare at me!"

    "They are going to think I don't belong because I'm an out-ofshape woman!"

    "Will I look stupid because I don't know how to use some of the free weight equipment?"

Then one day she walked by twice and noticed there was no one in there... it was Jody's chance! So she went in and scoped it out. She was looking at the squat rack... and almost had it figured out... then a trainer walked by and just showed her how to use it. She started off light and slow, and was feeling really good. That is, until... a "muscle head" came in.

Barbell Squat.

The feeling of being intimidated returned, but a funny thing happened next. She noticed that he just went about his business and didn't give a hoot about little old her. And as time went on, Jody realized, "these people are just like me." We all had to start in the beginning too! So from then on, the free weight room is her territory... her second home! And every time she sees a new face, whether it be a man or women, she is sure to give them a nice warm welcome smile!

Free Weight Free Weight
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The Free Weight Room Can Be Your Second Home!

I know you will be next!


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