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Bare Minimum Training: A Reason To Change - (Part 2)

To make a successful body transformation, you must first and most importantly have a desire to change. And that desire must be fueled with a reason to change. This reason can't be any old reason. It has to be the most Compelling Reason you ever had.

Bare Minimum Training
Chapter 2: A Reason To Change

Table Of Contents:

    Main: Foreword & Acknowledgements

  1. Introduction
  2. A Reason to Change
  3. "Proper" Nutrition
  4. Special Note to Women
  5. The BMT Progressive Resistance Training System
  6. The BMT Moderate Aerobic Exercise Regimen
  7. Consistency
  8. The Bare Minimum Training In-house Workout
  9. The Bare Minimum Training Shed Workout

"A Doctor Telling You To Lose Weight Or You Can Go On Blood Pressure Medication, Or, Worse Yet, Die - Your Choice."

To make a successful body transformation, you must first and most importantly have a desire to change. And that desire must be fueled with a reason to change. This reason can't be any old reason. It has to be the most compelling reason you ever had in your entire life.

Without this reason you won't be able to sustain your motivation to do the other four parts necessary to achieve a successful transformation.

A Compelling Reason To Change

So what is your Compelling Reason to change? For some it is a death of a loved one or wanting to live healthier so you can spend more time with loved ones. For others it could be they are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Your doctor may be telling you to lose weight or go on blood pressure medication, or, worst yet, die—your choice. For each one of us it is different. I do know this; you must have a Compelling Reason to change—period.

My own reason to change came to me at the end of 1996 and it was not any one of the reasons I mentioned above. Bill Phillips of EAS(TM) (a sports nutrition company) and Body-for-Life© fame, decided to have his first national EAS Grand Spokesperson Championship Contest with a Lamborghini Diablo which was valued at over $200,000 and a $50,000 endorsement contract as first prize.

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For me, the achievement of winning such a contest was the Compelling Reason to get back in-shape. You see, even though I was a fitness professional, I had let myself get out of shape (yes, it even happens to us from time to time).

Before Before
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1997 Before.

I always knew how to transform my body, but knowing and actually applying the knowledge are two different things entirely! So yes, my Compelling Reason to change was for winning the contest, but not for the Lamborghini. It was for the achievement primarily, but also for the endorsement contract to the sports nutrition company.

after after
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1997 After.

I saw it as an opportunity to make a better life for my family. So after a little over three months of staying focused and always thinking about my Compelling Reason, I totally transformed my body and placed 2nd Runner-up in the Fat Loss category out of over 50,000 people who entered!

Do You Have A Compelling Reason To Change When You Start A Transformation?


-> Pressure Reasons:

    Please do not mistake compelling reasons with what I call "pressure" reasons? What do I mean? Take for example a loved one trying to get you to lose weight because they are embarrassed with the way you look. In another case, you are having problems in your relationship and you thought that losing weight could resolve all the issues within that relationship.

    I remember back when I was in high school (a long, long time ago!) my girlfriend and I were watching one of the Rocky movies with Sylvester Stallone, and she said something like "WOW, what a body!" I was floored!

    I was thinking to myself, what the h*ll was wrong with me? That motivated me to get in shape like Sylvester and sport a six-pack abdominal area. I was so excited when my body changed and looked something like Rocky. But, bottom line, my girlfriend at the time did not really care what I looked like physically.

    Ultimately my body transformation did not improve our relationship. We broke up a little while later.

    The same could be said if you are single and you thought losing weight might improve your chances of meeting that someone special. Please avoid these pressure reasons at all costs, because if you don't, you are just setting yourself up for failure.

Bill Bill
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Bill Belfert, Active BodySpace Member.

    Let me give you another example. Lets say you found out that your loved one was cheating on you in your relationship or marriage. You might think that they were cheating because of the way your body physically looked. As a result you decide to change so they would not cheat on you. What you would find is that, nine times out of ten, the loved one would still end up cheating on you after your transformation.

    Also, if you decide to change your body because someone was treating you badly, once again, you would find for the most part that the person wouldn't change their attitude towards you just because you physically changed.

    You have to do this for you and only you! Nobody else. I know this seems selfish but nobody is going to care about you more than you. It has to become your top priority.

"You Have To Do This For You And Only You!"

-> Positive & Negative Comments:

    Ok, let's say you do have a good Compelling Reason to change. I want to now prepare you for what is going to happen next. You are into your new fitness program for about a week or two, and you are feeling pretty good.

    Then another week or two goes by and you are making more progress, the transformation taking hold. Get ready... people from everywhere will bombard you with all kinds of positive and negative comments. Some will say things like:

    • "Wow, you're looking great!"
    • "Did you get a haircut?"
    • "Did you lose weight?"
    • "Are you on a diet?"
    • "You're getting too skinny!"
    • "What did you do to lose the weight, stop eating?"
    • "You are spending too much time and being too serious with this weight loss thing, why don't you go back to having fun again?"
    • "Did you have to stop eating altogether to look like that?"
    • "You don't eat anything after 8:00pm... Right???"
    • "Are you on that no carb diet?"

    These people don't know any better. There are many misconceptions about solutions to losing weight and getting fit fueled by hearsay or inaccurate reporting in the mass media. They really don't know what actually needs to be done to lose weight and get fit. It is something you have to do for yourself to understand it and appreciate it.

Bill Bill
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It Is Something You Have To Do For Yourself
To Understand It And Appreciate It.

    You'll also get comments from those I call the "Saboteur." This individual will say things like:

    • "Oh come on, just have a little piece of this... it won't kill you."
    • "Poor (put your name here), what a sacrifice, you don't know what you're missing."
    • "Are you going to eat at the party tonight?" or...
    • "We are all going out to eat tonight, are you going to eat?"

    These past two comments really annoy me personally! REALLY, I am not kidding about this. My basic response would be, "yeah, I'm going to eat, but I'm not going to eat what you eat, I am going to make better and healthier choices."

    Ok, back to the negative comments:

    • "How can you eat that kind of food?"
    • "I don't know where you get your will power from?"

You Need To Persevere

Ok, that's enough with all these positive and negative comments coming from all kinds of people, some are even your friends and family. What I want to stress is that these comments are coming and when they do, it all goes back to Your Reason to Change.

You see, if your reason is not compelling enough, you will revert back to your old bad habits and then, my friend, you're back to feeling miserable and out of shape.

"If Your Reason Is Not Compelling Enough,
You Will Revert Back To Your Old Bad Habits."

How bad do you want it? You have to persevere, be better than everyone else. Always think back to your Compelling Reason to Change to stay on course. You see, you have to do things differently than everyone else. If you don't, you will just end up looking and feeling like everyone else.

When you have bought into your Reason to Change, you have given yourself all the motivation you need to follow through with Your Fitness Program. Your motivation will not depend on another's pressure and you will stay motivated even when the positive complements wash over you, or negative comments trying to guilt-trip you into lapsing.

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With Your Reason To Change,
You Have All The Motivation You Need.

When you get positive feedback, you're Reason to Change and, in turn, your motivation will be reinforced. When you get negative feedback, you will be reminded how you derived your Reason to Change in the first place and, again, provide you with the will to continue. Reason turns to motivation and that is the key. That is the driving force to put you well on your way to Successful Body Transformation!


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