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Bare Minimum Training: Introduction - (Part 1)

Now let me assure you this guide is not like any other on the market. It is going to be an easy read. No scientific psychobabble or mumbo jumbo. Just plain English like I would be talking to one of my friends.

Bare Minimum Training
Chapter 1: Introduction

Table Of Contents:

    Main: Foreword & Acknowledgements

  1. Introduction
  2. A Reason to Change
  3. "Proper" Nutrition
  4. Special Note to Women
  5. The BMT Progressive Resistance Training System
  6. The BMT Moderate Aerobic Exercise Regimen
  7. Consistency
  8. The Bare Minimum Training In-house Workout
  9. The Bare Minimum Training Shed Workout

First of all I would like to congratulate you on taking that very important first step to a new you. You have decided that you want to improve your health, your appearance, and in turn, your overall feeling of physical and mental wellness. Now let me assure you this guide is not like any other on the market. It is going to be an easy read. No scientific psychobabble or mumbo jumbo. Just plain English like I would be talking to one of my friends. All that I'm going to give you to succeed is The Bare Minimum!

I don't know about you, but I hate to read long drawn out explanations of anything, especially how-to books. That's why I made this nontechnical and easy to follow. The first thing that you must understand is that achieving fitness is not as simple as just doing one thing, nor is it quick. For example, buying the latest fitness contraption on the late night fitness infomercials is not the answer, nor is it the latest pill or so-called "nutrition" bar. Forget about the latest fad diet as well.

So how do you get in shape? How do you achieve the body transformation you are looking for? How do you attain that change in your life that is not only a healthful change, but one that is surely a catalyst to better self esteem, positive outlook, and overall enhancement of your life? I wish that I could tell you there is a "secret" or some kind of "magic" out there to help you. But as of this writing, I have yet to find it.

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Author, Bill Belfert.

Don't worry, because what I did develop over time is the closest thing to that "secret" or so called "magic". The methods described in this book encompass what I call The Bare Minimum, to address the primary reasons that diet and fitness programs tend to fail:

  • Diet that effort leaves you deprived.
  • Exercise is too strenuous
  • Both take too long; "I don't have time."

What is it you ask? After many years of working with many of my clients as well as on my own personal fitness, I have found that it takes a combination of five strategies to make a successful body transformation.

  1. A Reason To Change
  2. Proper Nutrition
  3. Progressive Resistance Training (Weight Training)
  4. Moderate Aerobic Exercise
  5. Consistency

You cannot just randomly pick just one or two of the strategies to get in the shape that you're looking for. You must combine all five to succeed. However, contained in this guide are methods to use the strategies and work them into your life with balance and moderation.

In other words, The Bare Minimum to achieve contribution from each of the strategies. Why will The Bare Minimum work where other fitness programs have failed? The Bare Minimum works the way the label implies. Five strategies for body transformation encompassing attitude, nutrition, training and exercise, made part of your daily life, but in a Bare Minimum way.

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Bare Minimum Training.

So let's get started. This guide will take you through the five strategies, providing easy to read and follow steps. It also provides methods and suggestions for training at home (I don't want your having to go to a gym to be a barrier). There is also a special note for women, which addresses special concerns that I have encountered among my female clientele.

You have actually taken a step that is part of the first strategy, A Reason to Change. So continue, and you will be on your way to achieve the body transformation you desire, but doing it The Bare Minimum way!

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