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Bare Minimum Training: Foreword & Acknowledgements.

If you follow the BMT training and nutrition program described within these pages, you will get positive results. How do I know this? Because I follow this program myself! I know it works!

Bare Minimum Transformation Training

Table Of Contents:

    Main: Foreword & Acknowledgements

  1. Introduction
  2. A Reason to Change
  3. "Proper" Nutrition
  4. Special Note to Women
  5. The BMT Progressive Resistance Training System
  6. The BMT Moderate Aerobic Exercise Regimen
  7. Consistency
  8. The Bare Minimum Training In-house Workout
  9. The Bare Minimum Training Shed Workout


The most rewarding thing beyond achievement of goals is teaching those who aspire to do the same. Many of you are wondering, "Ok, what makes Bill Belfert's System so special?" when there are so many other systems and methods out there that can also claim desirable results with less than expected effort. Well, the fact that you are reading this will help answer that question and help me make four important points to you:

  1. You recognize your own need to make an improvement in your physical well being.
  2. That becoming physically fit also leads to enhanced mental well-being and self esteem - to be increasingly happy and self confident!
  3. That you are realistic about the time, effort and investment you are able and willing to put into the program.
  4. And through the clutter of the many fitness programs available, you have chosen Bare Minimal Training or BMT.

-> The Reason To Change:

    This is a typical decision making process toward taking action, toward getting on the road to better physical fitness and health. But the first point above is key, which is you have found the Reason to Change, one of the five key strategies of the BMT system. This book will go into detail on Reason to Change in Chapter Two.

-> Recognizing The Positive Outcome:

    The second point, which is also related to your Reason to Change, is that you have recognized the highly positive outcome of being physically fit. Working through a well planned but simple nutrition and training program can lead to many facets of personal improvement, including:

    • Appearance
    • Mental disposition
    • Healthful weight reduction
    • Lowering hypertension and cholesterol levels
    • Plus self confidence

    The benefits cannot be minimized!

-> Be Realisitic:

    The third point is you are realistic about what you can devote to a fitness program. This is really two points in one. The first is, what am I willing to put into it? This will help you select a program or system that is right for you. The second point is about commitment, that you will indeed expend the effort required on a consistent basis. I can't tell you how important these points are. You have to be real with yourself, as only you know what kind of commitment you can make.

    Once you have decided to embark on a fitness program, you need to be consistent in order to achieve the results you desire, be it weight reduction, improved appearance or enhanced wellness. Since this point is so key to success, it is a key strategy within BMT....I devote Chapter Seven to this strategy, which I call Consistency.

-> Reviewing The BMT System:

    The final point is that since you are reading this, you are reviewing the BMT system, which, as the subtitle emphatically states, is a complete fitness training & nutrition system for busy people who desire positive results from a weight loss & fitness program while limiting time spent resistance training to only twice per week for 20 to 30 minutes or less & cardio three times per week for 18 minutes or less!

    In that statement is your declaration that you want to change your lifestyle, you understand the positive benefits, and you recognize that the time and resources you can devote is limited. But there is also the pledge that if you follow the BMT program, you will get results. And you will achieve those results in with less time and effort than you would have thought! Hopefully the decision path you took to get to this point was a bit straighter than mine.

My Journey

My journey went down various paths. You might be saying, "How did Bill come up with such a system? Must be a gimmick, right?!" Sure, I wouldn't blame you if you did. But the fact that you made the investment in this book means you have bought into the program, at least partially. Meaning you have an open mind. In developing this program using over two decades of competitive and personal training experience, the BMT method is a regimen that results in maximum benefits with Bare Minimum effort.


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Bill Belfert

I have done this not only for my clients but also for myself! The journey took me through many conventional training methods, and some "fad" type ones as well. However, as I shifted my career from competition to training clients, I developed the system of Bare Minimum Training in response to the needs of my clientele, and myself! I achieve two things for my clients:

  1. Results.
  2. Integrating a fitness plan to their busy schedules.

Notice I say Bare Minimum, not minimum. Sure, you could do less than the Bare Minimum, but you will not achieve or maintain the results you are looking for. So how have I arrived at this point, finally getting the Bare Minimum Training word out beyond my training clientele, by writing this guide? So that you get to know a bit more about me and what the program is about, I want to go a little bit into my motivations and tries and tribulations along the road to the development of the Bare Minimum Training system. Where do I begin?

When I was growing up I always wanted to be a professional athlete. After all the Little League and PAL sports were done, I set my sights on football in high school. I performed well as your average 5'8" 185 pound tight end, but without any colleges recruiting me, the dream of being in the pros was certainly dashed. When I was 21 years old a friend convinced me to try bodybuilding.

Bill Bill
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Author, Bill Belfert.

After five months of training I entered and won my very first contest! Although the contest was for novices, I was on cloud nine! Today the New Jersey Open Novice Division, tomorrow the Mr. Olympia! I began to take the next steps thinking it would be as easy as the novice contest was.

Boy, did I come in for a rude awakening! To get to the next levels, I needed to work exponentially harder. From that time in 1986 and through the years, I was determined to climb the ladder in the competitive circles of bodybuilding. My subsequent successes were due to adoptions of established methods, for example, of Phil Kaplan, Bill Phillips and Mike Mentzer.

But I have to tell you, in large part, success came from my own focus and dedication. That is as important a component as technique. My personal success motivated me to help other people achieve fitness while fitting it in normal, everyday lives. I became a personal trainer and realized that goal.

It has been great to see positive results by many clients. What I found was that most, if not all, of my clients didn't aspire to be a bodybuilder or even look like one. They just wanted to become fit. This is particularly true of women, and this semi-sensitive topic is treated in Chapter 4, Special Note to Women. The other key finding is the time element, where most people are not willing or able to devote many hours a week in fitness training.

This is a key element in BMT. Then there is the concept of "body transformation". Transformation occurs within a program in which a person improves his or her health and vitality through programmed fitness and nutritional training, or, if that someone is already fit, but wants to increase strength, definition or endurance takes on a program to do just that.

The catalyst for taking this direction is the first ever EAS Grand Spokesperson Championship tournament conducted by Bill Phillips in 1996-1997. This championship came with an endorsement contract for EAS products. I will admit that I am not perfect and I had "let myself go" a bit. I was ready for a transformation and my before pictures certainly indicate it.

Before Before
Before Before
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Author, Bill Belfert.

To say I was excited would be a major understatement. I felt that contest had my name written all over it! I couldn't wait to begin! I knew deep down inside me, I could win it, I was that confident. I put my heart and soul into that contest and incorporated Bill's nutritional and supplement guidelines, but with one interesting twist.

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I wanted to show people who say they don't have the time to eat or train right that they could. During the course of my 13-week program I had a total of four cheat meals over that year's holidays. That's it. Everything else was nutritionally balanced and portion controlled meals, with many meals being EAS meal replacement products. The meal replacements were particularly convenient when my schedule didn't allow for a thoughtfully prepared meal.

So all those people out there please don't tell me you don't have enough time to eat properly - there are options!. It takes just about a minute to whip up a MRP (meal replacement protein) shake! I discuss this in detail in Chapter 3, "Proper" Nutrition. For everyone who says they have no time to train I used my own variation of Heavy Duty. I trained only once every four days for about 20 minutes each time.

I devote Chapter 5 on my own formula for resistance training called the BMT Progressive Resistance Training System. For cardio I used the treadmill 3 to 4 times a week for 30 minutes. THAT'S IT!!!! Check out Chapter 6, the BMT Moderate Aerobic Exercise Regimen. Well, the results of my first documented transformation were incredible, as you can see from my after photos.

I was certainly pleased with the other result: the contest placed me 2nd runner-up in my division, out of 50,000 entrants! With this "win", a rewarding and steady relationship with EAS came about. I evaluated many of their new products and I was profiled in the December 1997 issue of Muscle Media.

I also held seminars at stores regarding fitness and nutritional supplements. At this point, I knew something extraordinary happened - people from all around the country were calling me and sending me letters and asking how I transformed my body. Oh yeah - - some even asked if I was real, they thought I was a scam or something. I felt awful when some of the people were accusing me of lying.

By the same token, I was so deeply honored that people were calling and writing me that I made it a point to answer everyone who took the time out to contact me. With the results of that contest, I proved you could make positive results by my emerging BMT method. So, I decided to push the proverbial envelope even further.

For the 1998 contest, my initial transformation had left me in pretty good shape, so I decided to prove busy people wrong again, this time I used the BMT System only once per week for 20 minutes and performed no cardio at all! I wanted to show busy people who despise doing cardio that there is some hope.

I was pleased with my results, but you can decide for yourself. In the meantime my personal training client list grew using my program. I even got a lot of them to enter and do well for themselves in the EAS contests.

Before Before
Before Before
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Author, Bill Belfert.

Things were going well, but I wasn't happy because information about my program did not reach anyone beyond my training clientele. Coupling myself with EAS had not proved to be the vehicle I was looking for to get the word out. I felt the need to again pursue some means of getting the word out.

Keep in mind, I still didn't have a clue about fitness marketing! In 2001, the owner of Strong And Shapely Gym, Bob Bonham gave me a tip that an independent research consultant for Cytodyne Technologies was looking for anyone interested in making a physique transformation. Bob gave me his number and we set up a time to meet.

The rep said they would sponsor me for the duration of my program with the possibility of getting a national advertisement. I said OK! Where do I sign?! I figured if they select me for the and this would fulfill the goal of teaching more people about Bare Minimum Training.

Well, I finished the program and was selected for the 2001-2002 Xenadrine ads. However, I have to tell you I still felt incomplete. The recognition was great but it didn't help forward the advancement of BMT but I'm sure it helped Xenadrine!!! I then found a bodybuilder by the name of Skip La Cour who ran a fitness-marketing club.

He told me to stop wasting my time trying to get hooked up with supplement companies and to start marketing myself. It's all about how you market yourself. That's how I found Phil Kaplan, Eric Ruth, Matt Furey and now, you the reader!

This book is the culmination of my FIRST info-product! As you will read in the rest of this book, this program is a great approach for the highly motivated, busy professional or businessperson on the go - that's you! - who think they have no time for a fitness program.

If you follow the BMT training and nutrition program described within these pages, you will get positive results. How do I know this? Because I follow this program myself! I know it works and the vast percentage of my past and present clients know it works also! Hopefully, you will join this growing legion of BMT believers!


Having worked in fitness, for myself personally and in training others, I have developed much in the way of fitness training skills, nutritional skills and people skills. However, I found that in working on my first published work in print, there was a lot that I didn't know. So in obtaining advice and help on this publication, I have come to make many friends. Three people above all have assisted me greatly. Without their help, it would not have been possible.

First there is Eric Ruth. He is a professional copywriter, who also helps fitness professionals in marketing their service, products and publications. Eric is responsible for finally making me see the light and finally get my knowledge from my head and actually put it on paper. I've talked about writing a book for over ten years now. Eric is the one who finally motivated me to stop dreaming about it and "JUST DO IT!"

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Author, Bill Belfert.

Next there is Maria and Joe Strazemski. Maria took pages upon pages of handwritten notes, (chicken scratch I like to call it) and typed it into the computer. How she was able to read and make sense of my handwritten notes is beyond me! Then Joe helped me edit it and gave me some great insight and suggestions from his own perspective.

Also in the area of fitness marketing, there are three very successful professionals that help fitness marketers that all have had a major influence on me. They are Eric Ruth, Phil Kaplan, and Matt Furey. Thanks to all of you for your vast knowledge of fitness marketing. There are a few other people who have had major impact on my approach to fitness. They have also inspired me to press on in achieving my own successes in competition.

From that experience, I was able to better understand what the average person wants to get out of fitness as well as what they can put in. This resulted in my system, one that everyone can easily understand. They are Phil Kaplan, Bill Phillips, Mike Mentzer, Ron Harris, Skip LaCour, Diane Fields, and Paul Delia.

Then there is the actual work of creating the finished product. Many thanks go to Michael Germinario for his assistance in "putting it all together". Without him you definitely would not be reading this right now. And finally, I would also like to thank my photographer Umberto Esposito. He does a masterful job on ALL my photos.

Thank you to all!


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Copyright © Bill Belfert, Managing Member Bare Minimum Training LLC. All rights reserved. No liability is assumed by Bare Minimum Training LLC., Nor the author for any information contained herein. This text does not provide medical advice. Specific medical advice should be obtained from a doctor. Bare Minimum Training LLC. advises all to consult a physician and gain medical clearance before you begin any new nutrition, exercise, or dietary supplement program. Results are not typical. Any application of the techniques, ideas, and suggestions in this book is at the reader’s sole discretion and risk.