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Top Fitness Coach Reveals Quickest, Easiest Abdominal Slimming Technique EVER!

I'm here to blow the roof off the infomercials and fitness industry's tired old line! Most gyms and industry insiders actually HATE me, because I expose the lies and just give you the Bare Minimum Truth!

Are you tired of watching all the late-night infomercials with the latest $120 ab gadget to hit the market guaranteeing that you can have a body just like the fitness model in the commercial in a few short weeks?

Are you tired of being told by so called "trainers" at health clubs that in order to look like your fitness icons, you have to grind out more than 100 abdominal crunches per day? OUCH!

Well... I am! And I'm here to blow the roof off the infomercials and fitness industry's tired old line! Most gyms and industry insiders actually hate me, because I expose the lies and just give you the Bare Minimum Truth!

But I just can't take the BS any more so I've decided to reveal the truth about slimming down and firming up! The trainers take the poor, unsuspecting, hard-working people's money and nothing ever happens. All the gadgets being bought... then thrown in the garbage a few short weeks later - It's enough to make you sick!


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How To Get A Six-Pack!
Before you can start learning how to get six-pack abs and what it really takes to build a great ab section, you must first expose the lies.
Vince DelMonte

Well, I'm here to tell you - actually I'm here SCREAMIN' from the rooftop - There is no abdominal exercixe whatsoever to get the ugly rolls of fat off of your mid-section.

OK... I'm finally going to let you in on the biggest insider secret to getting anatomy-chart-lean.

You don't need to do any special abdominal exercixe at all to flatten your portbelly and get rid of your gut. Believe it or not, I (or my clients) don't do any "conventional" abdominal training at all! You read that right, I just show people how to correctly perform crunches and leg raises and to just do one set, just to shut them up because it's hard to convince them at the start that they don't need to do any ab work, most people just don't believe me.

Crunch Crunch
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But after 3 months of training with me they end up discarding all of those crunches and leg-raises where they belong... In the trash along with all of the useless gadgets.

AB Lounge.
99 Percent of those informercials look like Scams. But have anybody tried this thing or have any opinions on it. Obviously it wont automatically give you Abs. Diet and Cardio are what people always forget about when they want Abs. But anyways it looks like it would be a good full range Ab motion. Whats your opinion on it? - Gmoney23.
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And if you think doing hours upon hours of walking or running on the treadmill, or how about that new "tread-climber", or the Gazelle will help you flatten your stomach you're wrong again. All that walking and running will drive you to an early grave. Well... maybe not an early grave but definitely will not get you a ripped, flat belly as lightning fast as the technique that what I'm going to tell you about will.

Lets face it... and here's the million-dollar question... If getting a ripped, washboard tummy was as simple as doing a few crunches and sit-ups every day, why does 99% of all those $120 ab-whichamacallits end up in the garage hanging on the wall after a month or two?

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Author, Bill Belfert.

The Abdominal Secret

Here's the secret that the big bux ab-thinga-magiggy companies do not want you to know. It's all in what and how you eat. If you don't eat correctly, no amount of exercise or aerobics will help you flatten your mid-section or reduce the size of your waistline!

Shredded Abs
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Don't believe me? Fine. Go out and do one thousand sit-ups, or crunches, or leglifts, or some other torturous abdominal exercise. You can do all the exercise and aerobics till your blue in the face. The sad fact is if you're still eating tons of cr@p... you'll... well... still look like cr@p.

Boy, people think if they do a little exercise that it gives them "Carte Blanche" to eat anything they want. They are under the false pretense that those "calories burned," read-outs on cardio machines actually mean something!

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They Are Under False Pretenses.

More often than not, a person who just spent a whole hour sweating on the treadmill and then eats a low or no-fat muffin is worse off than when they started!

    Bottom Line: The key to a flat tummy is to first and foremost, learn how to use proper nutrition.

Proper Nutrition

This is where 99% of us screw up. The worst part is that there is so much misinformation and hype out there, that nobody really knows what proper nutrition or "eating right" really is.

Most people think that to lose excess body fat, they must stop eating altogether. This is where they are totally wrong. Starvation triggers a metabolic response where your metabolism will actually slow down and become more efficient in order to preserve body tissue in the case of a shortage of future nutrition.


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The Abs Diet!
One popular diet that is currently circulating around North America, touted by the well-read magazine, Men's Health, is the Ab's Diet. Learn more about it right here!
Shannon Clark

This is precisely what we don't want. Another way people think they're "eating right" is having fruit & coffee for breakfast, a salad for lunch, and a bowl of pasta for dinner. - Nope, that's not the answer either. Some people don't eat anything the whole day and "save themselves" for a big huge dinner! That's not the answer either.

To find the answer, you have to think back to caveman days. Back then, there were no supermarkets or convenience stores to easily get whatever you want and whenever you want it.

The caveman didn't know when his next meal was coming. He only ate when he made the big kill and would literally gorge and overstuff himself until he couldn't move! Why? Because he knew that he might not eat again for days or even worse... weeks. What this did was make our bodies very bad at processing our food. Since our bodies didn't know when we were going to eat next, they were forced to revert into something known as "survival mode".

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That's Not The Answer Either.

Whenever you eat, your digestive system converts most of your food (especially large amounts of carbohydrates) to glucose (blood sugar). It's a very complicated process but I'll do my best to sum it up in a nutshell.

Anytime we eat while were in "survival mode," because of the molasses-pace the metabolism is at, the body converts most of the glucose - in conjunction with the hormone insulin - to fat. This is why people who constantly starve themselves can gain weight while eating only once a day!

We'd like to speed up our metabolism, but unfortunately over thousands and thousands of years our bodies haven't changed much from the days of the cave man. Every time we eat, our bodies are already automatically going to convert it to fat even if it's fat free! Where's the justice?

Portion-Controlled Meals

So how do we change our body from fat storer to fat burner? We have to learn to use proper nutrition.

So the question is what is proper nutrition? In a nutshell, my idea of proper nutrition is 4 to 5 portion-controlled, balanced meals about every 3 hours throughout the day.

How Many Meals Do You Eat A Day?

Over 8

By eating this way throughout the day, you'll effortlessly speed up your metabolism. Think of it this way. If you have a campfire burning and you don't add wood to the fire, eventually the campfire will burn out.

But if you add a little wood every few hours, the campfire will continue to burn, and burn nice and hot! So you see, the human metabolism is like the fire - never or rarely feed it, and it will slow down. Feed it every few hours and it has no choice but to speed up.

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Feed Your Metabolism Every Few Hours.

A portion-controlled meal is sensible portion of a lean protein, a sensible portion of a starchy carbohydrate, and a sensible portion of a fibrous carbohydrate.

arrow Examples Of Portion-Controlled Meals

  • Chicken breast with corn & rice
  • Lean steak with potato & broccoli
  • Fish with rice & salad
  • Chicken pita sandwich
  • Egg white omelet with mushrooms & oatmeal or farina

arrow Day Of Eating On Bare Minimum Training

    7:00 am: egg white omelet and oatmeal
    10:00 am: yogurt with cottage cheese
    1:00 pm: tuna pita sandwich
    4:00 pm: mushroom turkey burger on a whole grain bun
    7:00 pm: Salmon with rice
    8 8-ounce glasses of spring water (throughout entire day)


So you see, the secret to killer abs is not what exercise you do but it's 100% what and how you eat in conjunction to a moderate exercise program like Bare Minimum Training!

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