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Fit Dreams Come True With Diana Chaloux, Episode 5 - Behind The Scenes At A Photo Shoot!

In her fifth episode, watch as WNSO Fitness Model Pro Diana Chaloux takes you behind the scenes at a photo shoot in Miami. See everything that is involved and what potential hazards await!

Miss Congeniality herself, WNSO Pro Fitness Model Diana Chaloux (pronounced "Shuh-Lou"), now has her very own new video series! Get to know her now - what are you waiting for?!

Diana Chaloux Diana Chaloux
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Diana Has Mastered The Art Of The Photo Shoot!
Photos courtesy of Corey Grenier (L) & Jeff Kutscher (R).

In this fifth episode, Diana takes you behind the scenes at a real photo shoot, letting you see the pre-shoot prep with bronzer and make-up, then the nuances of posing at the beach and in evening wear.

Getting Ready For A Photo Shoot Getting Ready For A Photo Shoot.
Getting ready for a photo shoot may seem overwhelming to those eager to showcase their physique. Learn the important parts of preparing for a shoot, including training, diet, skin care, and what to take.
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See what it's like being "arm candy" to another model, get a quick lesson on how to change clothes in a parking lot, and see why dealing with painful shoes and getting bitten by spiders are hazards of the job!

Episode #5: Photo Shoot

Behind The Scenes At A Photo Shoot!

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Diana Chaloux's Next Contest FAME World Championships Are Coming Soon!
I'll be competing in the FAME Pro Fitness Model category and will be training hard over the next couple of weeks in order to bring my BEST to the stage! View my video challenge!
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Next Episode

Check back soon for Episode #6 of "Fit Dreams Come True w/ Diana Chaloux!"

All of Diana's video episodes (and series teaser trailer!) are available on her Fit Dreams Come True series main page.

Also, don't forget to check out Diana's BodySpace Profile (let her know what you think of her new show), her MySpace profile, and her personal website!

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