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Muscles In Minutes!

Paul Becker of has let republish some of his greatest articles to help better our site!

In the last issue of "The Genetically Average Joe News Letter" Dan mentioned that he would ask me do a write up of a training/supplement program I was on. He mentioned that I gained 9 pounds in the past 6 weeks , which is true but the total program lasted 9 weeks and in that time I actually gained 20 lbs!

I went from 174 to 194, now I have in the past weighed 188 and some of this was regained muscle, but on top to that I put on a fresh new 6 pounds.

Of course we have limited space here so I can't lay out my entire training and diet philosophy, but I will tell you the exact program I used to make the above gains. For more info on my unique and effective training ideas get my book "Truly Huge" with is on sale in Dan's GAJ Book Store at


Ok, some background on how I thought up this program, as you can see in the last issue of this newsletter, suggested programs for hard gainers are short and infrequent. I got to thinking that "what if you trained even shorter workouts and did them more often?".

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I was on a busy schedule and still wanted to train so I decided to try this to see how it worked. I knew pre exhaust workouts were a very effective method, but in the past I had only done it here and there for one or another body part and I had never done it for every muscle group for weeks at a time. Below is the routine I used, most workouts lasted 5 minutes or less.

Workout 1 (Chest)

Dumbbell Fly
With no rest, do bench press

Workout 2 (Back)

Dumbbell Pullover
With no rest, do rows

Workout 3 (Shoulders)

Lateral Raise
With no rest, do press behind neck

Workout 4 (Legs)

Leg Curl
Leg Extension
With no rest, do barbell squats

Workout 5

1 Rep Chin (Go very slow, 30 seconds up and 30 seconds down)
With no rest, do standing barbell curls
1 Rep Dip (Go very slow, 30 seconds down and 30 seconds up)
With no rest, do tricep extensions

I did do a warm up of a lighter set of the compound exercise then I did just one hard work set as listed above. I tried to add weight to the exercises each and every workout and I stayed in the 6 to 9 rep range, except on the chin and dip which is done for a painfully slow 1 rep.

The first 2 weeks I worked out Monday through Friday and took the weekends off, each muscle group was being hit once a week, but the soreness from the last workout was interfering with the next workout and I switched to training every other day. After 3 weeks I gained 11 pounds and then the gains seemed to slow down.


Starting week 4 I began taking 19-Norandrostenedione (a hormone precursor supplement) and my gains started up again, I gained another 9 pounds over the next 6 weeks!

Interesting to note that I only took 100mg a day and didn't stack it with Androdiol, I am told by some friends that have used these supps that if I would of taken a higher dose and/or stacked with Androdiol I would have gained even more.

On diet I followed a zone type plan (40% Carbs, 30% protein and 30% fat) and I ate up to 7 to 8 times a day (see issue 1 of the GAJ Newsletter).

This program is very different then any you will see in the glossy muscle magazines but it sure does work, and if any one is feeling he can't train because he "doesn't have the time", I'm sure you can squeeze in 5 mins every other day to make some great gains!