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Summary Of The Emerald Cup 2005

Not only could you get enough free supplement samples to last for months, the number of famous faces and competitors at the Emerald Cup alone, made it worthwhile to attend or compete in this huge Northwest competition.

The Emerald Cup is a huge show representing the Northwest USA for over 20 years. Each supplement company had a booth with tons of free samples and famous faces to hand them out and sign autographs.

It is always fun to sample new bars and drinks on the market, so that you know what you are getting when you purchase a huge container of it! Primaforce/Scivation representatives were sampling their Substance WPI and that is a great fruit-flavored whey isolate (low carbs/sodium/and lactose free).

Muscle-tech was handing out samples of their new fat loss and diuretic Thermo-shred, along with their new fat-loss/muscle-building supplement Pump-tech. Of course, 2 lb. Nitro tech was being distributed as well.

Twin-lab was handing out massive quantities of MRP Nitrate fuel and their AM/PM Proteins, along with samples of Ripped fuel extreme. Muscle-milk handed out plenty of containers of their famous protein, along with packets of their MRP's.

You will want to keep your eyes open for amazing new protein bars from from Met-rx, Chef Jay, Labrada, and MRM!

Famous Faces Abound

Not only could you get enough free supplement samples to last for months, the number of famous faces and competitors at the Emerald cup alone, made it worthwhile to attend or compete in the large Northwest competition.

It is so much fun meeting the professional athletes, because you realize that they too are normal people, just with a pro-status. Free autographs are always an awesome reminder of an expo- and show experience.

Famous Faces At Emerald Cup Included

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Figure & Fitness Competitions

Friday's competition took 12 hours to complete! The pro fitness, amateur fitness, and figure competitors competed all day on Friday.

There were 137 girls competing in the Figure competition! The competition was divided into 7 different height classes. There were also two master's classes in the figure competition.

After the first 4 classes, the judges requested for the competitors not to do anything individual, just walk by, wave, and stand in line with the others for quarter-turns! It would have been quite the task to judge this competition!

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There were many beautiful and fit women in this competition. There was a lot of hairspray, make-up, and pro-tan in the back. Walls, chairs, and floors were all covered in plastic or paper!

It was the first year for pro-fitness to be an event in the Emerald Cup. Tanji Johnson displayed an extreme amount of athleticism and creativity throughout her performance.

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Other honorable mentions included Kim Lyons who really was jipped! Her physique and color was flawless, and her routine was entertaining and well-executed. She should have placed higher, but that is how it goes sometimes. She took the result with a grain of salt and plans to train harder to qualify for the Olympia.

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It was unfortunate that two of the professional competitors to be injured during competition. One broke her hand, and another broke her foot.

Bodybuilding Competitions

Saturday's competition took 10 hours! This included the bodybuilding pre-judging and night show. There was a master's competition as well as the mixed pairs, in addition to the individual men's and women's bodybuilding.

There were so many competitors that they did not have to perform their routines in the pre-judging. The night show was spectacular. There were some very put-together amateurs in the competition!

Big Ronnie Coleman

As Ronnie walked through the crowd, everyone split into two and made room for the big boy! Jaws dropped, and everyone stared! It was hilarious! Ronnie made the stage appear tiny, as he performed his guest posing routine. Everyone watched when Ronnie stepped on stage!

Rebecca Slatt