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An Interview With The Man Behind MAN Sports, Joey Rodrigues.

In an industry saturated with companies who only put out the latest hype supplements without research, it is quite refreshing to see a company break away from the pack and release innovative, truly effective supplements. Read on to learn who that is.
In an industry saturated with companies who only put out the latest hype supplements and do not put any research into their products, it is quite refreshing to see a company break away from the pack and release innovative, truly effective supplements.

One company that stands out to me is MAN Sports Product inc. started by Joey Rodrigues. MAN started with one supplement and has expanded to three. I have been impressed with both MAN's products and Joey's conduct as a CEO. Therefore, I decided to interview Joey and give the consumers a look at the man behind MAN.

[ Q ] Yo Joey. Derek here.

    A: What up BEAST!?

[ Q ] Chillin'. Thank you for agreeing to do this interview Joey. Tell us how you first became involved with the supplement industry.

    A: No problem Derek, I always have go time to rap with you. It started when I was a teenager and eventually became a gym rat. But, I was training really hard in between seasons of sports at a local gym in San Diego called American Athletic Club.

    It was a hardcore gym and there were some real diesel dudes there. In fact Mishko used to train there. Nevertheless, I met some guys who were in pretty good shape and I began to train with them. These two guys (Pete and Louie) had moved out here (San Diego) from New York and owned and operated a Vitamin Cart in the Horton Plaza Mall in Downtown San Diego.

    Summer was coming and I had nothing but time on my hands, and so they offered me a job! They were really knowledgeable and trained me really good on all of the different supplements, vitamins etc...

Joey Rodrigues In The Off-Season.

    In fact, I did more homework working for them than I did my entire sophomore year in high school! LOL. They made me read Life Extension by Pearson and Shaw, Optimum Sports Nutrition by Dr. Colgan and several other nutritional almanacs'.

    It was amazing how much I learned so fast. The more I learned, the more I wanted to know. This translated into the business booming, because I cared just as much about each and every person that came up to me and asked me a question as they did.

    We developed a great reputation for knowing our stuff and people would always stop by to pick our brains. I worked off and on for them for several years and eventually opened up my own supplement business. Soon after that I got in on the product development manufacturing side of the business.

[ Q ] You've had jobs with other supplement companies before. What made you decide to branch off and start your own supplement company? Specifically, what did you hope to add to the industry?

    A: Yes, I worked for Syntrax and SAN. And both places taught me a lot. However, I felt the need to branch off for myself in order to realize the American Dream. I wanted to express myself creatively to my fullest potential and be the last word on products I put out and how they are marketed.

    I have a 6-year-old son, and I am always telling him that he can do anything he wants as long as he puts his mind to it. I encourage him to go for his dreams and not let anything get in his way.

    I thought to myself that, if I am telling my son this it is one thing, but I should also lead by example. I basically did not want to go through life being a should of, could of, would of kind of person. I look back at all the opportunities that I have let go by.

    I say to myself the same clichés my parents told me "If I would have known then, what I know now things would be different". And so I said to myself, "Self, lets do this"! That is pretty much how MAN Sports was born.

    To answer your question in regards to what I hoped to add to the industry. It is simple, result-driven products supported by science. However, it is not just important for me to innovate and differentiate, but specifically supply proven ingredients and proven doses.

    Anyone can come out with creatine and sugar and call it a transport matrix. And anyone can put 10 ingredients in as a proprietary blend just to say they have all these amazing compounds in their formulations.

    It is entirely different to actually include each and every ingredient in doses that allow an individual to realize the physiological results behind a compound. It is commonplace for companies in our industry to poof expensive ingredients in their products in order to make the claims behind a fantastic compound.

    Nevertheless, there product more times than not falls short, because profit is the number one driving force behind the conception of the formulation.

    As a red-blooded athlete trying to get the best out of my training, I come out with formulas that I can count on to be my best. I want to give athletes and weekend warriors an undeniably effective resource for enhancing performance and augmenting body composition, and so far we are off to a great start!

[ Q ] Wow Joey, I feel motivated after hearing that! I truly respect that you list the amounts of every ingredient in your products. I understand that companies use proprietary to try and protect their formulas, but consumers should be aware of how much of a substance they are using.

The fact that you list the amount of every ingredient in your innovative formulas shows you truly care about the consumer. Let's talk about your supplement line.

You were the first to bring attention to (as far as I'm aware) citrulline malate and then brought it out in your first supplement 'Body Octane'. Tell us about Body Octane and how to best use it.

    A: Body Octane goes above and beyond Citrulline Malate in that it contains muscle carnosine boosters Beta-Alanine and Histidine along with L-Carnitine-L-Tartrate.

    Body Octane.
    The ultimate athletic performance enhancer for full muscle energy!
    The product basically takes performance to the next level by allowing to you to train harder, and longer while speeding recuperation in betweens sets and training sessions.

    Nearly everyone who has used the product has commented on a tremendous resilience to fatigue and the ability to use heavier weights for more repetitions with shorter breaks in between sets.

    The product fuels energy production, removes toxins like lactic acid and ammonia from the body and helps to increase blood and oxygen flow to exercising muscles.

    It is a very versatile product in that it is like full-blown muscle energy that can help you keep going and going. And this makes it useful for athletes of all walks. Boxers, bodybuilders, cyclists, you name it.

    Several professional athletes are using Body Octane to enhance performance; 4 time Olympic Medalist (2 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze) John Lezak and NFL Stand Out Johnnie Morton use Body Octane to be at there best. I encourage you to visit our testimonial page to see what an impact the product is making:

[ Q ] I was extremely impressed when I used Body Octane when it was first released and recently added it back into my arsenal. Next you released your fat burner SCORCH. Give us the skinny on SCORCH.

What is really good about the product is that it gives you a major energy boost...
    A: Joey: The feedback on this product couldn't be better. It seems like every day we are getting emails of people who have been able to drop serious body fat with the help of SCORCH.

    What is really good about the product is that it gives you a major energy boost, yet does not make you feel like you are wired or "cracked out" like some of the other products on the market. I feel confident in claiming SCORCH to be the most effective thermogenic available.

    It features potent doses of our exclusive Lean Green GTE SE, and P2 Oolong Tea SE, along with Tyramine, Evodiamine, Forskolin and more!

    Again, this product contains a wide spectrum of novel and proven fat burning compounds in optimal doses to help you get in the best shape of your life.

[ Q ] You just released CLOUT, which contains Orotic Acid, another ingredient that you were the first to bring into the spotlight. What is so special about Orotic Acid and what makes CLOUT different from other creatine products?

    A: Orotic Acid is an exciting new compound. Orotic Acid is involved in the enhancement and maintenance of ATP pools, increases glucose uptake, increases ribose moieties (R-1-P & R-5-P) leading to enhance ribose formation, increased muscle carnosine stores, supports and enhances muscle hypertrophy (via RNA synthesis support during growth), and elevates Uridine (RNA base shown to increase muscle contractile capacity).

Orotic Acid: The Sexiest Sports Nutrition Nutrient In Existence!
In this article we will cover this truly remarkable new supplementand how it can help your athletic performance.
[ Click here to learn more. ]

    So you can see that this compound has a lot of positive benefits for athletes in the trenches and those looking to maximize their supplementation strategies to get the most from the training efforts.

    As you mentioned CLOUT contains Orotic Acid, and that alone makes the product a huge breakthrough, but the entire formulation is comprised of 7 never before used bioactives which address 5 key mechanisms and 2 new rationales that will lead to better performance.

    Take Your Athletic Performance And Recovery To The Next Level!
    Five Key Mechanisms.

    1. Muscle Acidosis & Buffering Capacity

    2. ATP & Pre-Exercise Oxygen Deficit

    3. Phosphocreatine Depletion & Fatigue

    4. Oxidative Stress & Free-radical Quenching

    5. Mineral Deficiencies & Exercise Capacity

    Two New Rationales.

    1. Orotic Acid as precursor to carnosine (CLOUT also contains Beta-Alanine, another carnosine booster)

    2. Acetyl donning pre-exercise as a means to optimize energy at the onset of athletic performance.

    I consider CLOUT to be our crown achievement to date. I expect it to become a household name among people who have first hand experience with athletic performance.

[ Q ] Orotic acid and the CLOUT formula definitely look promising. Anyone who has seen you knows you practice what you preach. Could you give us an example of your current workout and supplement regime?

[ Q ] Derek: What advice would you give consumers when it comes to choosing the supplements they will use?

    A: Educate yourself. It is up to the user of supplements to know how a compound they put in their body works. Stick to brands you know and trust, or ones that friends have used and received great results with.

    We know that supplement companies will make outrageous claims in order to be heard and stimulate sales. But a friend you know and trust... will have a good idea whether or not information coming from them is legit or not, so when they tell you something works, it gives you a good idea. Also, look for companies that list references to their claims, and look at the doses of specific compounds.

    Right now we are seeing products with everything but the kitchen sink, only to have it in a proprietary blend, so you do not know what you are getting. The problem is if a product has only 10 grams of actives, and lists 15 different compounds, and you know that the effective doses of a few of the ingredients, then you know whether the product contains enough of each active, or if it is just listed on the label to say so.

    Certain compounds like Ribose and Citrulline Malate take a minimum of 6 grams a day for it to work, so make sure and look at the doses.

[ Q ] I know you just released CLOUT, but could you give us any hints as to what we can expect in the future from MAN?

    A: I am working on a couple of very big projects that I cannot go into. I know that is what a lot of company reps say, but I have to keep some things hush-hush right now. However, I promise to keep working hard at bringing result-driven products supported by science and the real world.

[ Q ] Well you haven't disappointed me yet, so I'll take your word on it. Thanks for doing the interview Joey. We definitely have to get a training session in together at the Olympia, no matter what!

    A: It is on! Let's get our schedules together that week so we're fresh and can push each other without having any excuses about what body parts we already trained that week!