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Check out all of's exercise videos here in one place. is the premiere media content provider for all of the bodybuilding and fitness community. We have compiled all of the video and audio on in one place. Enjoy.

Exercise Database
Search for exercises and learn the correct form with picture and video guides! Get the best results possible and stay safe while lifting.

Kettlebell Database
Learn about all the major kettlebell exercises! Find out how to do them, what bodyparts they work, and view full picture guides.

Sports Exercises

Abdominal Exercises
Abdominal exercise demonstration.

12 Steps To A Bigger Bench!
Learn the 12 steps on how to get a bigger bench from

Speed Bench Press
Lower the bar in a controlled manner and explode up as fast as possible with the bar. Do not bounce off your chest but explode. Speed is the whole key to this exercise - it is far more important than the weight.

The Knee Squat & The Knee Jump.
Many athletes have difficulty learning how to perform a squat properly. Although it is one of the most basic exercises, it is also a basic human movement. Learn how to improve your squat.

Blast Your Biceps With Crazy 8's!
Do you want to take your biceps workout to a new level? Learn how to get 24.

Ab-solutely Excellent Crunches!
The main purpose of the crunch is to strengthen the abdominal muscles by challenging the abdominal group. Here I will discuss what the abdominal group is, the common pitfalls, and some strength training exercises for that area of the body.

Inner, Outer And Whole Unit Ab Training.
Abs... everyone wants them, not many have them. Here I am going to introduce you to the full ab workout routine. With a balanced diet and this routine there is no reason you cannot get the abs you want.

The Grasso Lunge.
One of the best single leg exercises I use is the Grasso Lunge. It develops speed, strength, agility and much more. Read on.

Deadlifts: The King Of Mass-Builders?
As the king of mass gaining exercises the deadlift cannot be ignored. In this article I will be sharing with you extensive details about the deadlift including a beginning and advanced program.

Dynamic Bench Press.
Here are some bench press tips on how to break out of that plateau you might be in. These tips and techniques are in detail and should help tremendously in your bench pressing goals.

Shoulder Fix - It 101!
The shoulder is the most complicated joint in the body to rehabilitate and as such magnifies the importance of rehabilitation. Get an in-depth look right here to learn more... you can regain your range of motion.

There are so many variations of the squat that every body type can thrive on squatting. That is exactly what I am going to share with you today. Everone can benefit!

Think Out Of The Box Series.
'Workout out of the Week' is going to be showcasing different workouts that are sure to add to your arsenal of techniques and methods in the gym. Check them out right now!

All About Partner Assisted Manual Resistance Training!
This is all about partner assisted manual resistance training. With the exercises shown here you can get a good workout even without weights. Check out these partner assisted manual exercises!

Leg Training With Massive IFBB Pro Wong Hong.
This is all about partner assisted manual resistance training. With the exercises shown here you can get a good workout even without weights. Check out these partner assisted manual exercises!

Lying Rolling Floor Laterals.
The rear delts play an important role in physique development, strength and stabilization of the shoulder. See how you can use Lying Rolling Floor Laterals to get the work done without the damage. Check it out!

When One Side Of A Muscle Group Is Smaller Than The Other...
Today I am going to share with you some techniques that will help you work on that one side of your body that may be smaller than the other. Check out these great techniques right here!

Exercise Ball Workouts.
What is a good workout with an exercise ball? Find out what other people from the message boards think...

The Best Abdominal Exercises Out There!
You may have nice arms, but can you show off you abs? They are very important to any great physique. Here are some exercises (with a good diet) that can help you develop a six-pack!

Protection From Knee Injury
If you ever wanted to know more about why women suffer more knee injuries than men then this article is for you. The studies prove it and also show how to prevent these serious injuries. Learn more now!

Butt Building - Fixing Your Flat *ss!
I have outlined for you some of the most effective proven butt building exercises. Choose three from below each day and remember consistency is important. Read on...

X-Rep Bench Pressing Video.
Recently Steve Holman and Jonathan Lawson stumbled onto a new training concept that took their muscle size, shape and density to new dimensions. Learn more about the amazing X-Reps right here!

Absolute Speed And Power Training For Martial Arts.
Speed and power are extremely important if your goal is to end a fight quickly. In this article we will attempt to explore some of the best methods available to get those results. Read on...

Plyometric Ability.
The efficiency of a cat with the explosiveness of a bolt of lighting. This is what you want in sports. Read on to learn more about reactive (plyometric) ability...

Alpine Ski Training.
Get some tips and exercises right here to help with performance and injury prevention in your quest to become a better alpine skier. Learn more...

Fun With Your (Med) Balls!
The med ball warm-ups below are sure to make training fun again. However, keep this in mind... this isn't a traditional warm-up routine! Learn more about what you can do...

Kettlebell Training For Power-Endurance!
If there is one training tool for improving power-endurance, kettlebells are it. Below are several ways to design kettlebell workouts meant to improve that power-endurance. Learn more...

Layne Norton Dumbbell Press.
I made it my goal to become a professional natural bodybuilder one day. Four and a half years later, I feel I've made the necessary strides... Learn more about me and see how am I preparing for competition.

Anita Ramsey Bench Pressing.
Curtis and I are back in the saddle again. We are back with the boys at Metal Militia after a long layoff due to various reasons that were out of our control. Learn more about it right here.