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Strongman Interviews

See what the strongest athletes have to say in this interview section. Enjoy, they all have a lot to share with everyone.

Amanda Harris - It is amazing to think that someone as young as yourself could be an 8-time World Female Powerlifting Champion! Learn more about this young up and coming star as she talks about prep for the Europa and more!
Corey St. Clair - Idaho's strongest man, Pro Strongman Corey St. Clair, prepared hard for the 2007 World's Strongest Man Super Series in Venice Beach, California. See how he trains and how he placed!
Scot Mendelson - In this episode, Dan Gastelu interviews guest Scot Mendelson. Listen to powerlifting training secrets from a man who has bench pressed over 1,000 pounds. Half a ton - he's one of the strongest men in history!
Becca Swanson - The world's strongest women takes a few moments to answer questions about what she has accomplished, how, and what her future goals are.
Mari Asp - Mari Asp is just one more Norwegian beauty to join the likes of Leana Johansen. Who by the way is friends with Mari. Read this interview to get some in depth information including her colossal bench press.
Josh Bryant Part Two - In part two of this interview with young gun Josh Bryant, Josh talks about what it feels like to bench over 600, his future goals and much more!
Shawn Lattimer - Shawn Lattimer is one of the four men in the world who are amongst the strongest benchers in the world and is not only going to join Gene in the 900 club but is planning on being the first at the 1000 bench!
Corey St. Clair - Learn all about how and why Corey got interested in strongman events, his goals for next year and how his life has changed since receiving his pro card!
The Mash Monsters - Learn how to get a hand crushing grip with the Mash Monster. Find out all about the new gripper, who the mash monsters are and view videos of incredible feats of grip strength!
Dave Gulledge - Introducing Dave Gulledge. Pursuing his Masters at Kansas City and shooting for the title of yougest person to get a 700lb bench, Dave Gulledge is truly a young gun in the making!
Mike Ruggeria - Introducing Mike Ruggeria. Personal trainer and stongman in his own right, Jim has trained many of the best strongmen around. Not to mention that Jim has accomplished all of his feats of strength while being all natural, drug-free!
Jim Parrish - Introducing Jim Parrish. Personal trainer and stongman in his own right, Jim has trained many of the best strongmen around. Not to mention that Jim has accomplished all of his feats of strength while being all natural, drug-free!
Mike Miller - Owner of a gym and a student of Metal Militia, Mike is quickly becoming the world's largest strength athlete with his goal currently set on the bench press. With a 1115 squat and a 2405 total!
Jonathan Marshall - Jonathan Marshall is a world class powerlifting champion, having won 11 national titles and 4 world championships. Learn his secrets!
Roger Broeg - Find out who Roger Broeg is, what he has been up to, what are his favorite exercises, what he eats and much more...
Bill Carpenter Part Two. - You all remember Bill Carpenter from the past interview that was from Monstermuscle Magazine. Bill was one of the competitors at the Bench America contest on July 5th, 2003. Bill deserved his spot amongst the best at this contest. Bill attempted 680 in the 242s and threw it up easy.
Greg Stott - RAW Powerlifter! Greg is an amazing lifter at the age of 40. He one of those many in powerlifting that benches, squats, and deadlifts RAW. His strength is amazing even for his age!
Ethan Reeve - Ethan just can't seem to get enough of this strength and training stuff. He has two strength certificates: United States Weightlifting Federation and the new Strength and Conditioning Coach certified through the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches.
Josh Bryant - Josh Bryant is a powerlifter that is to be watched in the future. He is already squatting 880, benching 606, and deadlifting 740 at 5'11", 305 pounds and 22 years old!
Sebastian Burns - Sebastian Burns recently did a mind-boggling 725 @ 267! But his approach to training is much different from any other powerlifter and it's because of their training that Sebastian went from 500 to 725 in a year! Want to learn more... read on...
Svend Karlsen - He dominated the World's Strongest Man back in 2001 and still stands out now. He's Svend Karlsen. This guy has done it all...
Ken Brown - There are countless competitors in strongman and few of them get mentioned a lot. Ken Brown is also one of my favorites in the strongman arena and today I want to introduce him to you guys...
Jimmy Pellechia - What are the limits of human strength? Is there a certain threshold that no human can overcome? It's easy to think so, until you talk to someone like Jimmy "The Iron Bull" Pellechia, then you begin to believe that anything is possible!
Bill Carpenter - Bill Carpenter is an accomplished powerlifter who has many years left in his training. Learn from his years of experience!
Scot Mendelson - Scot won the WPC Worlds in Africa, won the massive WPO finals at the Arnold Classic in February and then benching an awesome 766 in competition just a couple weeks ago. Scot is truly on his game. Find out what he is doing next...
Brent Mikesell - First he did 1041 squat, making his presence felt in the powerlifting world and rocking it with his 1074 squat later on. His name is Brent Mikesell...
Mariam Power - Occasionally someone comes along with "that certain something", "that certain look," which sets her apart from others right away. This honor goes to World champion powerlifter Mariam Power who is impressive looking at anytime. This 5'8", 36 - 23 - 36 140-pound Canadian carries a fabulous structure with a high level of fitness modeling skill...

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