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Body By Design: Review Article And Interview Podcast!

Kris Gethin has certainly taken the art and science of transformation book creation to a new level with his new book. Body By Design sets a new Gold Standard that will help readers achieve their personal fitness and body transformation goals.


Body By Design:
Review Article And Interview Podcast


Kris Gethin.

Book Stats:

  • Book Title: Body By Design
  • Author: Kris Gethin, Editor In Chief of
  • A Touchstone Book published by Simon & Schuster
  • 215 pages with color photographs, graphics, and charts.
  • Readers: For Men and Women.
  • Topics: Body By Design Exercise, Nutrition, Supplements, Motivation, Body Transformation Program.


Kris Gethin.

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Kris Gethin has certainly taken the art and science of transformation book creation to a new level with his new book - Body By Design. As a transformation success story, fitness expert and Editor In Chief of, Kris knows firsthand what it takes for a successful transformation. Plus, he is on the pulse of the latest and greatest exercise, nutrition, supplement, and motivation breakthroughs.

Kris has taken his wealth of "Fitness Think Tank" know-how and created the ultimate how-to transformation program. Body By Design sets a new Gold Standard that readers will enjoy as they follow this approach to help achieve their personal fitness and body transformation goals.

Kris Gethin Knows Firsthand What It Takes For A Successful Transformation.
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Kris Gethin Knows Firsthand What It
Takes For A Successful Transformation.

What impressed me most about Body By Design is the diversity of useful information presented in a well organized, fun to read, and easy to follow action plan format. Plus, the color graphics, not usually found in fitness books, enhances the quality content this ultimate transformation book has to offer. Kris Gethin's Body By Design is truly a work of art as well as a body transformation health & fitness science breakthrough.

Body By Design Content Overview


Introduction: Transformation Nation

Part I - The Promise
 1: Are You Ready to Change Your Life?
 2: The Building Blocks of the Body By Design Plan

Part II - The Four Pillars of Power
 3: Burning Bridges and Building New Ones
 4: The Power of Out-Loud Goals
 5: Get Radical
 6: How, Not What

Part III - The Body By Design Plan
 7: The Body By Design Workout Plan
 8: The Body By Design Eating Plan

PART IV - Never Look Back
 9: Living with Success

Conclusion: Congratulations!


Frequently Asked Questions
Body By Design FLOW Chart
Body By Design Workout Trackers
Body By Design Daily Nutrition Tracker
Body By Design Recipes

Kris starts Body By Design with his own personal transformation story and how this lead him to a lifetime commitment to work with other people to help them along in their own quest for achieving health, fitness, and achieve body transformation success.

As an Editor-In-Chief of the world's largest international health and fitness publication website, with tens and thousands of articles, hundreds of expert authors, and millions of monthly visitors, Kris is in a unique position to really know what the essential factors are for achieving personal transformation success.

Body By Design contains a newly developed, comprehensive approach that considers the personal and scientific physical and motivational factors, driven by The Four Pillars of Power.

Along with Kris' personal transformation story, Body By Design includes the motivational transformation success stories of other men and women. These motivational success stories are presented throughout the book, and create an exciting motivational building effect while reading through the chapters.

Read A Sample

The Body By Design Workout

The Body By Design Workout (Exercise program) is both comprehensive and progressively dynamic to keep stimulating the body for fat loss and muscle toning / building. Muscle building is the key to increasing your metabolic rate and calories used per day for increasing the rate of fat loss, plus an essential part of body toning and shaping. Each week on the Body By Design workout plan includes:

    • Muscle toning / building strength exercises 3 days a week, for 60 minutes or less per session.
    • 20-30 minutes of cardio every morning, with another session in the afternoon or evening on non-strength-training days.

But there is more to this workout program that take it a step above conventional routines. There are three different training phases prescribed by the Body By Design plan. These phases place a progressive amount of adaptive stimulus on the muscles, which will promote the desired body shaping and or muscle building changes.

Fundamental Phase:

Whether you've never lifted weights before or you are an experienced exerciser, The Fundamental Phase provides a 5-week starter plan of strength training to prepare your body for the transformation in the weeks to come. This phase begins with a series of specific isolation exercises, which primarily focus on working a single muscle to pre-fatigue.

Then compound exercises are added in that use several assisting muscles. This exercise combination ensures that the muscle is worked to full capacity and creates distinct development from one muscle to the next-key to getting a toned appearance. The Fundamental Phase also prepares muscles, tendons, and ligaments for the more intense and challenging training program in the next phase.

The Fundamental Phase Is Designed To Prepare Your Body For The Weeks To Come.
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The Fundamental Phase Is Designed To Prepare
Your Body For The Weeks To Come.

Momentum Phase:

During the Momentum Phase compound exercises are completed before isolation exercises. The prescribed series of exercises entails increasing workloads intended to result in reaching failure at a lower rep range. This approach is aimed at building muscle mass. Increased muscle will burn more calories during exercise and even all day / night long, as muscle mass is a key calorie burning part of the body. Muscle also strengthens and shapes the body.

Dramatic Transformation Principle (DTP) Phase:

During the DTP, you'll place a distinct stress on your muscles that will boost results. The DTP is designed to exercise opposing muscle groups back to back with no rest (for example, chest/back or biceps/triceps). These strategic pairings combined with high rep/low rep pyramid sets require only performing two exercises on each workout day and is designed for maximum results!

All three phases include performing sessions of low intensity cardio exercise for general cardiovascular conditioning and to increase fat burning while building muscle. The Body By Design program includes essential workout trackers to give concrete markers of progress-each representing a step closer towards achieving your fitness goals!

The Body By Design Eating Plan

Proper diet is vital to creating beneficial change in the body, but most people continue to have trouble following their diet plans. However, Kris designed the Body By Design eating plan to be easy to follow, while being dynamic so people can choose and combine the types of food they like eating.

It includes a selection of nutritious foods, consisting of more whole-food based meals, along with using meal replacement shakes and supplements when needed. Easy to follow diet guidelines include simple ways to determine portion sizes of protein, carbs and vegetables. Supplements are recommended that can help to boost performance, increase fat loss, promote muscle recovery and support muscle growth.

Eating frequency results in consuming about six meals a day, which helps to maintain high energy levels and combat hunger. The foods consumed on this plan are divided into just four categories: protein, carbohydrates, vegetables, and condiments. The portions per meal are palm-sized for protein, palm-sized for carbohydrate, fist-sized for vegetables, and a tablespoon of condiment, and are made extremely easy to follow using the summary food chart; an approach that can be used for eating meals at home or when eating out.

Body By Design Provides Guidelines For What, When, And How Much You Should Eat.
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Body By Design Provides Guidelines For
What, When, And How Much You Should Eat.

Body By Design also includes supplements, as an important part of a weight loss and healthy eating plan. You will learn about the Body By Design supplements selected to fuel workouts, recover quickly, build muscle, burn more fat, and even satisfy the appetite.

Kris and the publisher made an extra effort in creating the workout and nutrition charts in the book to be visually appealing, easy to understand, and practical to follow. These well crafted resources take the guesswork out of following the exercise and nutrition programs, and provide straight forward templates for using the Body By Design approach.

The Exercise Database section contains a series resistance training exercises with original photos and descriptions. These exercises are organized according to body sections; back, biceps, chest, triceps, legs, shoulders, abdominals. The exercises can be performed in a gym and most of the exercises can also be performed in a basic home gym with using a set of dumbbells, a barbell and a bench.

Here are some of the topics you will learn about in Body By Design:

    • What Are Your Fitness Roadblocks?
    • Why We Still Struggle With Our Weight?
    • It's Time To Make A Lasting Change
    • The New Science Of Motivation
    • Limitless Motivation: The Key To Long-Term Success
    • What's Your Transformation Trigger?
    • The Four Pillars of Power
    • Cardio With A Cause
    • The Myth Of Willpower - Either You Have It Or You Don't
    • The Spread Of Poor Health Habits.
    • The New Meaning Of Connection
    • Burn and Build Action Steps
    • The Power of Out-Loud Goals
    • Prime Time For Success
    • Radical Accountability, The Secret To Making It Stick
    • Harnessing The Power
    • As Easy As 1-2-3
    • Ensuring Your Goals
    • Anticipating Obstacles
    • Goal Insurance Action Steps
    • The Case For Weights
    • When Failure Is A Good Thing
    • What To Eat
    • Supplements
    • Food Preparation, The Transformation Secret
    • Kitchen Renovation
    • Turning Your Transformation Into An Enduring Lifestyle
    • Always Here For You
    • Tools For Staying On Track
    • Exercise Database
    • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Body By Design Flow Chart
    • Body By Design Workout Tracker Charts
    • Body By Design Daily Nutrition Tracker Chart
    • Body By Design Recipes

Body By Design is a must read for anybody who is interested in exercise, nutrition, supplements, motivation, health, and fitness, in addition to people who are trying to turn their New Year's Resolution body transformation promise into a reality!

Pre-Order Body By Design!

From Kris Gethin's Introduction To Body By Design

I want to make something clear right up front: this book is not about me, it's about you. It's not about the latest diet or exercise fad that's "guaranteed to get you fit fast." (In case you haven't figured this out on your own: those fads don't work.) It doesn't stand a chance of landing on an infomercial or finding its way to the drugstore aisle-I promise you, you will find no gimmicks here.

What you will find is a program that was created by people just like you, for people just like you. People who thought they didn't have enough time or energy to get fit, people dealing with illness or disability, some who are managing relationships, children, and busy careers, others who like to go to parties and clubs-and still want to look great on the beach; and people who were morbidly obese or dangerously thin.

You name the obstacle, condition, or circumstance, and I can tell you that this program helped them not just overcome it, but helped them discover the drive to thrive despite all the excuses not to do so.

Body By Design isn't just a book; it's a movement. A movement is the shared and organized pursuit of a common goal, and as Editor in Chief of the world's leading fitness website at, I have seen hundreds of thousands of people pursue the common goal of achieving lasting health and fitness.

By tapping into the wellspring of connection, information, and motivation available within the community on our site, called BodySpace, I have seen many of them not only fulfill this goal, but experience what can only be called a life transformation.

BodySpace has created the virtual meeting ground for nearly two million people who have discovered there the tools and, more importantly, the team they need to make health a way of life.

In this book, you will discover many of these transformational stories and the program that brought this reinvention process to life. I've packaged everything I've learned from people just like you and brought the movement to the pages you hold in your hands. Consider this your official invitation to join-to become a part of what I refer to as Transformation Nation.

This is not an exclusive club; it doesn't require a membership card or have any prerequisites. All it takes is a simple statement from you: I'm ready.

Kris Gethin

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