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Other Competition Results.

Bodybuilding competitor listings and full results for the latest contests in other organizations.

On this page you can find links to the latest bodybuilding contest results. Many are listed here on the pages of, and if not, you can follow the links down below.

Note: Newer contests are on the top.

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USA Bodybuilding Organizations

ANBC - American Natural Bodybuilding Conference - Natural For Life! U.S. Natural Bodybuilding Championships.
Arnold Classic - Arnold Fitness Classic Info! Photo Database, Trivia, and tons More!
IFBB - International Federation of Bodybuilders - The largest pro bodybuilding organization! Upcoming contests. Latest results are here.
INBA - Natural Bodybuilding - ABA, PNBA, & INBA! Get Results, Contest Schedule, Top Bodybuilders, Judging Criteria, Rules & Regs, & More!
INBF - International Bodybuilding Federation (INBF) - The INBF is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping natural bodybuilders everywhere to embrace the true spirit of drug-free athletics while offering them a direct path to the Pro Natural ranks
INBF Northeast Classic - The INBF Northeast Classic website lists contest results and upcoming contests.
Lindsay Productions - NPC sanctioned Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure events for 2001
Musclemania - The World Championships of Natural Bodybuilding
NABBA - National Amateur Bodybuilders Association - NABBA USA offers the promoter and the athlete a new direction in teamwork for the future of bodybuilding.
NANBF - North American NATURAL Bodybuilding Federation - If you believe that your body can reach its full potential of strength, form and beauty without the aid of drugs, NANBF is for YOU.
NGA - National Gym Association - The National Gym Association, Inc. (NGA) is a nonprofit organization and was established in 1979 for the purpose of maintaining the highest standards, safety, education, and fitness training. Get Certified, Links,
NPA - Natural Physique Association - The Natural Physique Association (NPA) is an independent Bodybuilding Association, which promotes Drug-Free Amateur and Professional Bodybuilding events within the Continental United States of America.
NPC - National Physique Committee - The NPC is the official amateur organization of bodybuilding and fitness for the IFBB. To become a professional in the IFBB, you must compete in the NPC first in the United States. Schedules, Rules, etc.
OCB - Organization of Competitive Bodybuilders - North American drug-free bodybuilding, fitness & figure competitions and information.
Rocky Mountain NPC - Welcome to The World of Body Building and Fitness Rocky Mountain Style!
SNBF - SuperNatural Federation of Bodybuilding
USBF - United States Bodybuilding Federation.
Virginia NPC - Information about NPC contests in Virginia.
WBFA - World Bodybuilding And Fitness Association
West Virginia NPC - NPC contests in West Virginia.
WFNA - World Federation of Natural Athletes - The Official Site! Strength in Honor
WNSO - World Natural Sports Organization - Drug Free Bodybuilding Competitions for all ages & levels across the country. TV Events. Great Prizes.
WNBF - World Natural Bodybuilding Federation - Check out upcoming Bodybuilding competitions!

Other Bodybuilding Organizations

Australian Bodybuilding
NABBA Australia - Australian National Amatuer Bodybuilder Association

Switzerland Bodybuilding
IFBB Switzerland - Information regarding the IFBB of Switzerland.

UK Bodybuilding
NABBA UK - National Amatuer Bodybuilder Association

International Bodybuilding
IBFA - International Bodybuilding & Fitness Association