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Congratulations Bay Tennis & Fitness Gym! We are proud to announce a new gym of the month award where we will be awarding the best of the best! Find out how they got started, services offered and much more right here.

At Bay Tennis & Fitness Tom, Sara, & Doug are committed to providing the highest quality of satisfaction and success for its members and guests alike. They offer special services ranging from Sports Specific Training, Tennis, to dance and more to all age groups. This great gym welcomes the whole family to experience the world of health & fitness.

Vital Stats

Name Of Gym: Bay Tennis & Fitness
Name Of Owner: Tom W. Behan
Address: 611 Woodview Dr, Harbor Springs, MI 49740
Sq. Ft: 60,000 sq. ft.
Hours Of Operation:

    Monday-Thursday: 5am-9pm
    Friday: 5am-8pm
    Saturday & Sunday: 7am-7pm
Number Of Trainers: 8 trainers
Founder: Tom W. Behan
Sales/Marketing Director: Sara Anderson
Fitness Director: Glenn Stark
Head Tennis Pro & Director: Doug Dickinson

[ Q ] How did the gym start and why did you decide to begin (or work within) the gym business.

    Tom Behan Sr., his wife Mary, son Tom II, and daughter Julie opened Bay Tennis & Fitness in November 2006. "We felt the area needed a high end facility that included tennis to bring the entire family into the fitness revolution."

Tennis Courts
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The Area Needed A High End
Facility That Included Tennis.

    The Behan family, having always been involved in highly-competitive sports such as road biking, martial arts, and downhill skiing, made a collaborative decision to go into the gym industry to bring the community together and change the lives of the people living or vacationing here.

Bay Tennis
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Outside Bay Tennis & Fitness.

    In doing so, the Behan family has created a rare gem that continues to amaze locals as well as people from around the nation.

[ Q ] Can you give us a description on what went into opening your awesome establishment?

    From the purchase of the property, to the layout design and construction process, a 14 month project was completed and opened in 6 months. The highest quality materials and equipment were used during the renovation of the old Racquet Club building.

    The dim lit, older building was completely transformed into an exquisite luxury Tennis & Fitness facility. From the stunning finishes throughout to the US Open Deco Turf Tennis Courts - only the finest quality materials were used. However, quality products and procedures mean nothing without a highly qualified, respectful, and courteous staff.

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Only The Finest Quality Materials Were Used.

    We are proud to have an incredibly positive, welcoming staff at BT& F; everyone greets each other, has fun, laughs with the members, and smiles! We believe in our work and we believe everyone can make a difference.

[ Q ] What sort of people do you hope to attract into your gym?

    We attract a diverse crowd of individuals who want to make changes in their lives; this includes children, teens, college students, adults, and seniors! We do not market towards a specific population; instead, we prefer to keep our options open to reach a diverse, eclectic group of people.

    If you visit our website, you will notice a huge variety in trainers, people, and services. High Performance Camps for young tennis athletes, Functional Personal Training for all ages, Tennis Leagues and Tournaments for the young and old, various group exercise classes, diversity is everywhere.

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We Attract A Diverse Crowd Of Individuals
Who Want To Make Changes In Their Lives.

    We cater to individuals who want to have fun and participate around others who have similar goals. Our members and staff inspire each other. We have an extremely high level of courtesy, respect, and integrity among our members, guests, and staff.

[ Q ] What inspires people to train at your facility?

    People are inspired to train at our facility to our variety and top of the line equipment, including fixed machines as well as dumbbells, barbells and other standard gym equipment.

    Members can also enjoy the use of a large functional training area that includes equipment that utilize modern vibration technology as well as a wide variety of stability and medicine balls, BOSU's, bands, and other pieces that allow our members to utilize any form of exercises program.

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Members Can Enjoy The Use
Of A Large Functional Training Area.

    Our trainers are also inspirational to people that train at our facility, every membership includes a gym orientation, and two follow up consultations with a personal trainer. A trainer is on duty to assist members whenever they may have questions or concerns.

[ Q ] Do you have any top trainers and why are they so good?

    Our trainers have a strong sense of biomechanics, kinesiology, and anatomy; they combine their diverse backgrounds in fitness to bring our members excellence in personal training.

    Their diverse certifications in Personal training, STOTT Pilates, Group Instructing, Spinning, and many more, allow them to be some of the most educated and respected trainers in the state. All certifications are nationally recognized and respected in the industry. Because our trainers work so hard as a team to address our members needs they are all good and deserving the title of top trainers.

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Our Trainers Have A Strong Sense
Of Biomechanics, Kinesiology & Anatomy.

[ Q ] What special services do you provide?

  • Sports Specific Training
  • Golf Conditioning
  • Dance Workshops featuring instructors from L.A., New York, and Chicago
  • High Performance Tennis Camps
  • Ski-Season Training
  • Functional Training
  • Tennis Leagues
  • Drills
  • Special Programs for children

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Dance Workshops.

[ Q ] Who are you most notable members?

    We have members and guests that visit Bay Tennis & Fitness from all over the country. Harbor Springs, MI is a beautiful area right on Lake Michigan and brings in celebrities, professional athletes, and well known entrepreneurs.

    The funny thing is, we have done very little advertising. Most of our advertising is within the local papers, "The Petoskey News-Review," and "Harbor-Light". We have really gotten our name out there by housing a hospitable and formidable reputation; word of mouth works as the best form of advertising.

[ Q ] What was the hardest part about opening operating your gym?

    "Nothing." says Tom, "When you love what you do and when you love the work involved, there is nothing hard about it."

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When You Love What You Do
There Is Nothing Hard About It.

[ Q ] What makes you competitive over the large gym chains?

    "Having worked at a large high-end gym as a membership representative, I can clearly see the competitive edge that Bay Tennis & Fitness has over larger corporate chains.

    It is all about the detail - and from the second you walk into the doors of BT& F, you can literally feel the difference. The interior design is exquisite; beautiful cyan blue walls, stainless steal appliances and equipment, an immaculate facility, the list go on.

    When a machine is acting up, Tom makes sure it is fixed immediately... not within 2 weeks. The locker rooms and showers are cleaned every single hour, they do not even feel like locker rooms - each feels like a comfortable, stylish lounge.

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It Is All About The Detail.

    Most importantly, when a customer has a question or concern, that person is taken care of immediately. No one is ever waiting. We live by the motto 'Every single customer, every single time.' A phrase that Tom set as the foundation for this business." Sara Anderson - Sales/Marketing Director

[ Q ] How have you been able to remain so successful and how do you hope to remain so?

    We are successful because we offer the finest customer service, highly-esteemed and professional personal training, and a quality product that is ultra clean with a high element of style and is comfortable for women.

    We cater to the female because ultimately, she is the decision maker in the household. Speaking out as a female, nearly 99% of us have an element about our bodies that we are uncomfortable with. Sadly, this has been indoctrinated into our minds by a plethora of media imagery.

    From birth we've learned that slimness equates love, success, friendship, money, etc. We strive for an image that many of us do not naturally have. However, there is so much hope that can be found in strength training. It teaches us to build up our bodies (adding muscle, tone, and definition), instead of tearing our bodies down by constant dieting and long hours of cardio.

Strength Training
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Strength Training Teaches Us To Build Our Bodies.

    We love helping women and men feel better about their bodies and giving them the mental edge that says, "I can do anything I put my mind to!"

    The team here at BT& F shares a very interesting connection. We all have experienced events that have caused us to appreciate each and every waking moment of our lives. We appreciate each other. We appreciate kindness. And, we believe in fitness and the power it gives people. That is how we remain successful; by giving others courage, hope, strength, and confidence.

    For more information on Bay Tennis & Fitness ( or our sister club Petoskey Health & Fitness (, please contact Sara Anderson at or call at (231) 487-1713.

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