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Team MusclePharm is here to provide advice on your journey Back to the Grind. Keep checking back for guidance, workouts, and recipes from top athletes. Back To The Grind 6-Week Challenge Presented by MusclePharm - Off-Season Ends Here - August 25-October 5 - $25,000 Up For Grabs!
Game Changers

Our grand-prize winners and 20 runners-up knew that the off-season was over, and it was time to raise their game. Luckily, the athletes of Team MusclePharm were there to help them train like the athletes that they truly are. Thank you to everyone who ground through 6 intense weeks, and congratulations to our winners!

Grand Prize Winners

How did Ashely say good-bye to her hated love handles? She didn't live on air sandwiches or stay tethered to the treadmill: this inked athlete hit the weights with fiery intensity and incinerated four pounds in just six weeks. Talk about an iron maiden!

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Andrew Basic's results are anything but. This 23-year-old blew us away by going from lean to livin' large in only six weeks. His boulder shoulders, beastly back, and colossal quads are proof that you can accomplish anything you put your mind—and muscle—to.

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Runners Up
The Prizes Grand Prize (2 Winners)

$12,500 (USD)

Runners Up (20 Winners)
An appearance in a
We 'Mirin Article
MusclePharm Mission of The Week (6 Winners)

Weekly Back to the Grind emails will include a video with your chance to win in-store credit toward MusclePharm, Arnold Schwarzenegger Series, and FitMiss products. All you have to do is complete the MusclePharm Mission of the Week given to you by one of their athletes.

Win at least $100 each week!
How The Challenge Works

This is your path for the next 6 weeks. For more details, check out the FAQ section.

You must have a BodySpace account to register for the Challenge. You'll also be able to take advantage of its free tools to track workouts, meals, body stats, and more!

Click the "Sign Up With BodySpace" button on this page, then sign into your BodySpace account if you aren't already signed in.

Upload pictures of yourself to the Progress Pics section of your BodySpace account by August 24.

Those who follow a plan are 3.7 times more likely to succeed! Choose the FREE fitness plan that's right
for you.

The time for slacking is over: hit the iron, clean up your diet, and dial in your supplements.

MuclePharm athletes will give you their hard-won advice and the chance to win at least $100 with MusclePharm Missions of the Week.

Upload pictures of yourself to the Progress Pics section of your BodySpace account.

Judges will review everyone's pictures and choose the two
$12,500 winners!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the contest work?

How do I register?

Is the challenge free?

How and when will winners be chosen?

Is this contest open to U.S. Residents only?

How do I know if my registration was accepted?

When does my official transformation period begin and end?

Am I required to follow a recommended training plan
and/or purchase MusclePharm supplements?

Is a workout or food log required?

How do I complete and submit my "before" and "after" photos?

Do I need to hold up a newspaper in all photos?

Will my pictures be private?

How do I become eligible for the Weekly Winner prize drawings?

What if my email address changes during the contest?