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A Report On The 2005 NPC Florida State Open!

We recently had the privilege to cover the 2005 NPC Florida State Open and Masters Bodybuilding and Figure Championships at the Marina Civic Center in Panama City, Florida. See how the contestants did!

We recently had the privilege to cover the 2005 NPC Florida State Open and Masters Bodybuilding and Figure Championss hips at the Marina Civic Center in Panama City, Florida.

Contest promoter Patrick Sporer, owner of Health World Gym in Panama City, continued his ultra-professional contest history with the Florida Championships in a new venue at the Marina Civic Center.

After viewing the Olympia contest last weekend on pay-per-view, we deepened our appreciation of the crew Mr. Sporer hires to bring the competitors and ticket holders the ultimate in bodybuilding contest efficiency.


Women's figure was well represented with four open classes, as well as Masters Figure Over 30, Over 40 and Over 50.

Heather Burtoft

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Heather Burtoft.

    Heather Burtoft, 33, of Tallahassee, Florida took the Class A in the NPC Florida Championship. While Ms. Burtoft has taken home the overall trophy in the Southern USA contest, she settled for just winning her class at this recent contest.

Donna Barber

    Donna Barber, 37 easily won the Figure Class B contest as seen in these photos. However, winning the overall contest was a tough, but well deserved victory.

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Figure Class B.

    We've seen Ms. Barber win her class in the overall and win the Over 30 class in previous contests, however winning the NPC Florida Championships is considered Ms. Barber's most successful contest ever. She's been training at Health World Gym in Panama City, Florida, recently dropping additional pounds and adding squats to her training regime.

Ms. Dee Kelly

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Overall Figure Champion.

    Ms. Dee Kelly, 36, from Niceville, Florida stood alone in her class and took home a trophy for the Open Figure Class C.

Ms. Brandie Garner

    Class D also only has one contender, however, Ms. Brandie Garner, age 32, from Tampa, Florida, represented her tall class with radiance and a beautiful physique.

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Brandie Gardner, Class D Winner.

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Overall Figure Class Winners.

Jenny Tremblay

    Women's Figure Over 30 was won by Jenny Tremblay, 39, of Brandon, Florida. Ms. Tremblay was the only contestant in her class.

Cheryl Spinosa

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Cheryl Spinosa, Over 40 Figure Winner.

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Over 40 Figure Contestants.

    While the Over 30 group was under-represented, Cheryl Spinosa, 42, Brandon, Florida easily won the Over 40 class and was strong enough to have been a serious contender in the open figure, because many spectators believed Cheryl was the strongest figure contestant in the entire contest.

Lynn Renaud

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Lynn Renauld.

    Lynn Renaud at 51 shows the audience the new look of the golden years.

Diana Cook

    On the female bodybuilding front, only four competitors were in the entire contest, with one a crossover from figure. Jenny Tremblay, 39 of Brandon, FL won the Women's Open Lightweight Class and Diana Cook, 40, won the Open Light Heavyweight Division. Janet Malure, 50, was the only female Master's contestant.

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Light Heavyweight Winner (Right).


In contrast to the lackluster competition in women's bodybuilding, on the men's side several classes were exceptionally competitive. Welterweights and teens were two very strong classes that had gym rats buzzing for days.

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Bay County Division.

    Newcomer Josh Miller, Gold's Gym, Panama City, Florida presented a notable physique in his first contest. Winning both the Men's Bay County and the Men's Teen at just 19 years of age, has Miller contemplating contests in 2006 and 2007.

Josh Miller

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Josh Miller.

    Newcomer Josh Miller makes an impressive debut in his first contest, winning the Men's Teen and Bay County Classes.

    Mr. Miller was well prepared by his Gold's Gym trainer, Nat Pennington, looking relaxed and presenting a much-practiced posing routine that made the audience forget his novice status. Miller easily won the Bay County Class, but his contest prep work really yielded results in the extremely competitive Teen Class. We look forward to seeing more of this newcomer in years to come.

Leader Chang

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Steve Smith & Leader Chang.

    Men's Open Bantamweight was a small class with Leader Chang, 20, defeating Steve Smith, 40.

Kenneth Weiss

    Kenneth Weiss, 46, from Holly Hill, Florida, took the Men's Open Lightweight class, beating Shane Pritchard, placing second and Chadley Moore, third place.

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Kenneth Weiss Accepting Trophy.

    Kenneth Weiss is seen here accepting his trophy from the Max Muscle model.

Kevin Key

    The Men's Teen Class was not the only impressive class at this recent contest. Welterweight, Kevin Key, 2nd from the left showed great progress this past year.

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Kevin Key (2nd From Left).

    Kevin also improved his posing routine, which help show off his physique with national potential. We both feel that if Mr. Keys continues his current rate of progress with packing on size, Kevin can be a real contender in the middleweight class.

    Continuing size improvements, a few adjustments to his posing routine and a posing suit that elongates his legs will help us see this very promising bodybuilder on the national stage.

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Kevin Key Wins Welterweights.

    Kevin Keys, 2nd from right wins the Welterweights.

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Men's Light Heavyweight Class.

    Left To Right:
    Ken Klebeck, 3rd, Matt Fenex, Class Winner, and Tom Breckwoldt, 2nd.

Rick McMillan

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Rick McMillan (Middle).

    Heavyweights were also very competitive, but the class and overall winner, Rick McMillan, 34, of Tallahassee was a clear stand out in this strong class. Mr. McMillan is seen in the middle of this class.

Eric Diffenderfer

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Eric Diffenderfer (Left).

    John Mier, 32 and Eric Diffenderfer, 25 (1st, on left) represented the Super Heavyweight Class at the Florida State contest.

Dave Perry

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Dave Perry.

    Dave Perry, Gold's Gym, Panama City, Florida celebrates his 2nd win of the year by taking the masters Men's Bodybuilding Over 50 Class.

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Over 50 Class.

    This was another impressive class at the contest, especially considering that participants ranged in age from 53-58.

Jimmy Williams

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Jimmy Williams.

    Jimmy Williams, 42, Sanford Florida makes an impressive win taking both the Master Mens' Over 40-Heavyweight and the Overall Master's Over 40. Mr. Williams has a notable physique, one that is envied by up and coming bodybuilders twenty years his junior.

Rick McMillan

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Evening Posedown.

    We witnessed a very tight decision during the evening's pose down. Welterweight, Keys fought hard, however #46, Rick McMillan, had the edge in this tough battle.

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Rick McMillan.

    IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, Mark Dugdale presents Rick McMillan with the Overall class trophy.

Mark Dugdale

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Mark Dugdale Guest Posing.

    Mark Dugdale guest poses at the contest. After sitting through the entire contest, (prejudging and night show) with Richard judging the contest and Diane taking photos, we sit here weeks later discussing the physiques of pro bodybuilders.

    Clearly, much has changed from the bodybuilding era of yesterday where competitors were within several pounds of contest shape on a year round basis. When a sport is judged solely on a physique, are the professionals in the sport doing the sport an injustice with the wild weight fluctuations in the off-season?

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More Mark.

    Perhaps we are just nostalgic for the era from which we come and feel comfort in remembering when a bodybuilder looked like a bodybuilder on a year round basis.

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    Shouldn't the elite in the sport possess the ultimate physique more than one or two days per year?

    Any thoughts out there from our readers?

Train hard, train smart and make it a legendary week!
Diane Fields, Member. Legendary Fitness, LLC.
Richard Baldwin, Member. Legendary Physique, LLC.

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