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A Baby Boomer's Journey To The Fountain Of Youth!

You have to read it to believe it. Margaret Smith has made an amazing transformation and shares her story below. And now that she is in shape she wants more... get more right here!

After writing for for nearly three years now, nothing gives us more pleasure than showcasing the remarkable physique transformations of our readers. Often, readers will seek out help in fitness, with an all too familiar tag line in the email.

"I'm 50 years old. Is it too late for me to get fit?"

It is never too late!

Margaret Smith

Margaret Smith serves as a perfect example of the endless possibilities in the journey of physique transformation. As a 50-year-old mother of two children, Margaret described herself as "50 pounds overweight and miserable."

Knowing that she needed to lose weight and required help, Margaret entered a "7 Month Work Out Program" hosted by a local gym and sports program where she was given a free gym membership to Powerhouse Gym in Little Rock, Arkansas and personal training sessions with the gym owner, Jeff Lawrence.

Beginning at 187 pounds and body fat levels of 41%, Margaret found even entering the gym a daunting and intimidating process. However, she persevered and began her program in January, 2002.


    Circuit training in a 12 station circuit, 3 times per week initially did not produce enough of a restrictive caloric environment to result in weight loss on the scale. However, because Margaret kept a daily nutrition journal, her trainer was able to monitor, evaluate and modify daily food intake.

Circuit Training!
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    With a foundation of exercise through circuit training and a new and improved diet, Margaret saw a reduction on the scale and increased energy levels.

    "I started enjoying going to the gym and doing the circuit room. In fact, you could not keep me away. During the 7-month program, I probably did not miss any of my days. I even started doing more and doing cardio and a few machines outside of the circuit room. I was hooked."

    During the 7 months at Powerhouse Gym, Margaret Smith lost 44 pounds. She reduced her clothing size from a 16 to a 10 and reduced body fat levels from 41% to 25%. "I felt great and I felt younger and full of life!"

    Yet, another remarkable baby boomer transformation as seen in the before and after photos of Margaret.

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    Another Remarkable Transformation!

    This could be a wonderful end to our story on a baby boomer redefining the aging process, because Margaret clearly reversed the clock by transforming her physique. However, Margaret was not satisfied. She states, "I wanted more."

Competitions & Injuries

    Another six pounds and one more dress size was reduced when Margaret added free weights, yoga and six training sessions per week to her regime. Then, the training staff at her gym starting talking to Margaret about figure contests. Her first contest was set for May, 2003.

    Injuries ravage the plans of competitors at all levels, however baby boomers suffering the physiological changes of aging are especially prone to debilitating injuries.

    Margaret, was no different when a broken wrist that required three surgeries put her on the competitive stage for the first time with a "cast on my wrist." Clearly, modifications and changes in training were required, however training was able to continue for this determined baby boomer.

    Margaret continues to hit the competitive stage with these photos taken in June, 2005 at the Southern Classic in Jackson MS.

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    At The 2005 Southern Classic.

    Here's what Margaret has to say about her transformation.

    "I haven learned how to eat, exercise and take care of myself. I feel better than I ever have. I hope that I have encouraged others. I hear a lot of encouraging remarks about how I look. Strangers stop me and compliment me on how I look. This alone makes it all worth while!"

    Margaret Smith is currently studying to get her personal Trainer's license and help others to obtain physique goals.

How She Made The Transformation...

Margaret's Stats
Jan, 2002 Aug, 2002 July, 2005
Weight: 187 lb 143 lb 145 lb
Body Fat: 41% 25% 12%

Sample Training Week:





    • Cardio (Choose one):

        StairMaster - 20 minutes
        Elliptical Skier - 20-30 minutes
        Treadmill - 30 minutes
        Speed Walking Outdoors - 30-60 minutes
        Track: Sprints - 20 minutes As much as I love to do a bleacher workout, my knees no longer support this type of activity.
        Stationary Bike - 20 minutes



      Cardio (Choose one from Tuesday list)



    • Abs
    • Cardio (choose one from Tuesday list)

    My trainer, Scott Wells, keeps my workout fun and always changing. He also "pushes" me hard, knowing that I can do more than what I would do for myself.

Diet During Competition:

    Meal 1:
    Morning When I First Get Up:

    • Serving of oatmeal
      (I mix 1/2 scoop of protein powder in my water before cooking oatmeal - either Isopure Zero Carb Vanilla or any flavor of Muscle Milk)
    • Protein Drink - Isopure Zero Carb Chocolate & Vanilla mixed


    • 6 Egg Whites - 1 yolk (scrambled) using PAM spray
      Discontinue 3 weeks before competition
    • Coffee: 2 cups
      (I use 2 tbls of a French Vanilla Protein Drink in my coffee)

    Meal 2:
    3 Hours Later:

    • 3/4 chicken breast or tuna
    • 1/4 or 1/2 cup sweet potato (depending on my carb intake for the day)

    Meal 3:
    3 Hours Later Or Lunch:

    • Chicken breast or tuna
    • Salad with a lite dressing either Balsamic Vinaigrette, Italian or Honey Mustard


    • Different Vegetables (green beans, squash, zucchini, broccoli, etc)
    • Plain baked potato or sweet potato (prefer)
    • Ice-Tea - unsweetened

    Meal 4:
    3 Hours Later - Pre-Workout Snack:

    • 3/4 chicken breast or tuna
    • 1/4 or 1/2 cup sweet potato (depending on my carb intake for the day)
      I try to have some carbs before my workout.

    Post-Workout Drink:
    Immediately After My Workout

    • 1 scoop Vanilla Protein Powder
    • 1 scoop Chocolate Protein Powder
    • 1/2 scoop Perfect Carb Powder

    Meal 5:
    1 Hour After My Workout Or Supper:

    • Chicken breast, baked fish or tuna or a 6 oz filet
    • Plain baked, sweet potato or rice
    • Salad with lite dressing


    • Vegetables (broccoli, spinach, etc.)

    Meal 6:
    1 Hour Before Bed & Depending On When Meal 5 Was Eaten:

    • Protein Drink (1 scoop of protein mix)
    • Sometimes I will skip this if I ate a late supper.

    Treats During Non-Competitive Diet:

    • 2-3 pieces of Hershey's Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate
    • Sharing a desert with someone
    • Ice cream
    • TCBY low-carb yogurt
    • Glass of red wine

    Since I do not ever want to gain weight and get out of shape, my diet stays pretty much the same all year long. I will increase the amount of food that I am eating, but I have found that I am satisfied with eating "clean" most of the time.


What Keeps Me Motivated:

  • Just looking at my "before & after" pictures will always keep me motivated.
  • Strangers complimented on how I look.
  • Strangers saying I do not look my age.
  • Strangers saying that I am their "role model". I am a person just like they are and they see that it is possible to get into shape and look and feel good about yourself.
  • Being healthy. I do not want to be an unhealthy adult.
  • Being able to dress "sexy" and to look good in my clothes!
  • Finding the "Fountain of Youth"! It really does exist!
  • Competitions: I hope to continue competing. You have to stay fit and healthy to be ready to compete. Each time I compete, I learn something new.