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Creating A New You In The New Year.

Long-term commitment to creating a new you in the upcoming year requires a lifestyle change where the popular notion of instant gratification is left behind forever for the much greater reward of health, wellness and longevity...

Creating A New You In The New Year.

Have you noticed the increased crowds at the gym? Each year, countless numbers of people make resolutions of fitness, resulting in significantly more gym members competing for equipment during peak hours in January and February.

Many will begin a fitness program this month, but few will remain just a few months from now.

Long-term commitment to creating a new you in the upcoming year requires a lifestyle change where the popular notion of instant gratification is left behind forever for the much greater reward of health, wellness and longevity.

Many want the reward of a legendary physique. However, few are willing to take the necessary action that produces the change.

Baby boomers are members of a demographic group that understands the concept of greater awards associated with delayed gratification.

As a group, baby boomers are now reaping the financial rewards of decades in a career and prepare to enjoy fulfilling retirements that grow ever closer as boomers rapidly approach the age of 60.

In addition, to go along with successful careers, retirement planning and the newfound freedom resulting from empty nest status, these boomers are committed to a lifestyle of health and fitness.

Come March, membership numbers will be down, but the gym will still be heavily populated by boomers that incorporate resistance training, cardiovascular exercise, and sound nutrition into their fitness regime.

An hour in the gym today results in decrease risk of disease, and increased longevity, cognitive ability, and sexual functioning. You can't beat that for an outstanding return on investment!

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One baby boomer reader that has been following our column for several years and enjoying a legendary physique is enjoying the added benefit of a fit physique with an upcoming photo session for a fitness video.

Susan's resolution to achieve an ultimate level of fitness provides us with an opportunity to discuss nutrition plans that will help both Susan and all of our baby boomer readers prepare to create a legendary physique. Susan writes:

Hi Diane,

I am excited, motivated, scared, confused, thrilled, and even a tad embarrassed. My "portfolio", such as it is, was spotted by a photographer that wants to use me for strength demonstration videos. He also wants me for fitness and swimsuit photography.

I want to see how fit I can get in 3 months! The big shoot is March 27, so I have time to prepare. I'm just not sure how! I've been winging it for years and I think I look okay, but I need to get very lean, which means losing 10-15 lbs of fat. I'd love to pack on some more muscle, but I've heard that you can't do both.

I know I should get my protein up (I'm around 25-30% these days) and get the carbs down... my fat intake is usually around 15-20%. Other than the occasional protein bar, vitamins, and creatine, I don't use many supplements. I'm not afraid to lift heavy! But, I don't want to injure myself! I also know that diet is 75% of the equation and the hardest part for me.

Any suggestions? Many of the other women in these videos/photos look incredible... I just want to feel good AND look good standing next to them! I love your writing! Thank you for your encouragement to 'boomers to be fit and healthy at any age!



Hi Susan,

First of all, congratulations to you on your upcoming video work. Since you've shared photos with me in the past, I know that you already possess an outstanding physique.

Setting a goal of losing 10-15 pounds to achieve ultimate fitness within your timeframe is reasonable and achievable. So, let's get started on a nutrition plan to help you and all baby boomers achieve a legendary physique.

Susan, the nutrition plan is the largest and most important factor in physique development. It's not simply a matter of cutting calories in order to get lean, but rather the combination of caloric restriction with the quality of calories and the amount consumed at each sitting.

Simple calorie cutting will create the deficit necessary to drop pounds, but the quality of the calories results in both the weight loss and definition of lean muscle mass when resistance training is part of the daily routine.

Susan, in your case, daily consumption of 1200-1500 calories will create the caloric reduction to meet your weight loss goal. Consuming these calories throughout the day, in five small meals, is recommended for maximum metabolic efficiency.

However, changing your current nutritional ratios by increasing protein levels and reducing carbohydrates will help the pounds come off while defining the lean muscle mass.

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When preparing for a photo shoot a protein intake of 45-55% is recommended to help with weight loss goals while building lean muscle mass. Use this handy calculator to determine your own personalized protein needs:


Enter your total daily caloric intake (in kcals) and press "Calculate".

Your Total Daily Calorie Intake:
Your Protein Intake Should Be:

To Grams Per Day.

At this stage, lean beef such as flank steak should be limited to one serving per week to stay within the overall caloric recommendations. For our male readers, several servings of lean beef will work with the high calorie levels for men seeking weight loss goals.

Carbohydrates at this stage need to be reduced to 30-40% of total calories. You will need to re-evaluate this recommended carb level a month prior to the photo shoot and again at two weeks out.

A severe carbohydrate limitation is usually warranted just prior to photos. Carbohydrates levels can then be slowly adjusted upward as part of an ongoing maintenance program. Good sources of carbohydrates include oatmeal, sweet potatoes, brown rice, berries and green vegetables.


Enter your daily caloric intake (in kcals) and press "Calculate".

Fats need to be reduced to low levels of 10-15% of total calories. Many fats will occur naturally in foods. Fat grams add up quickly so be aware when using condiments to enhance food flavors.


Enter your daily caloric intake (in kcals) and press "Calculate".

Nutrition Plan

The New You Nutrition Plan.
Meal Food
Meal One

Oatmeal, strawberries, and whey protein.
         - or -
Egg white omelet with fat-free cheese and whole wheat toast.

Meal Two

Cottage cheese and berries.
         - or -

Meal Three

Grilled chicken with sweet potato.
         - or -
Grilled fish with brown rice.

Meal Four

Low-carb yogurt and whey protein.
         - or -
Protein bar.

Meal Five

Grilled chicken with salad.
         - or -
Grilled fish with green beans.

* This basic 1200-1500 calorie nutritional plan can be adjusted to meet your individual nutritional needs. Total calories can be increased by increasing serving size, being careful to maintain protein, carbohydrate and fat ratios.

Susan, to insure your success, a nutrition journal will help you keep track of nutritional ratios as well as creating an element of accountability. In addition, your nutrition journal will provide you with a permanent record of your success.

Along with all of our baby boomer readers, we look forward to seeing the results of your efforts in an April Bodybuilding for Baby Boomers article that will feature your photos.

We've already received emails from babyboomers that have committed to lifestyle changes that yield results that help our generation redefine the aging process. We'll be featuring photos and stories of many boomers that create legendary baby boomer physiques in the upcoming months.

If you have a story to share, send an email and photos to

Train hard, train smart and make it a legendary week!
Diane Fields, Member. Legendary Fitness, LLC.
Richard Baldwin, Member. Legendary Physique, LLC.

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