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Just Do It. It's Time To Begin Again!

Richard and I have religiously posted weekly articles on geared to help our fellow baby boomer lifters, looking to enhance the quality of life. But, what happens when life gets in the way of our workouts? Read on to see...

Just Do It!
It's Time To Begin Again!

For just under a year, Richard and I have religiously posted weekly articles on geared to help our fellow baby boomer lifters, looking to enhance the quality of life. But, what happens when life gets in the way of our workouts? Not excuses, but real life experiences that make workouts impossible.

We've been hearing from many of you, questioning our sudden disappearance over the past few weeks. Both Richard and I are happy to announce that we are back on a regular basis with articles, the latest research and work on a legendary website. But, we must confess. Just like you, life got in the way of our work and our workouts.

Many of you know of my surgery to repair the ruptured supraspinatus tendon that's left me with a hardware store of anchors in my shoulder. Unfortunately, just as the tendon was healed to the point where I could endure a semi-normal workout, another unrelated and unexpected surgery kept me out of the gym for another month. And just when I received clearance to head back to my place or worship, it was time to make my long awaited relocation from Connecticut to Florida.

When my plans to finally head back to the gym were sidetracked by lengthy waits for service people at the new house, I complained to Richard. "When will I ever get back?"

"Just do it! Just start again tomorrow."

That Baldwin guy has a way with words! Just start again tomorrow. Now why didn't I think of that?

Richard's message is about just getting back in the habit of regular workouts. Don't worry about having mass building workouts, but rather just get started on some fitness habits again.

Please be clear, the message this week is not one of excuses, but rather what to do when real life situations won't allow for workouts because of injury, illness, family and business crisis.

Dear Diane,

I used to workout all of the time and was in awesome shape. But, recently the demands of my job have kept me out of the gym. I've gotten soft and miss my old body. I see that you are in the fitness industry and would like some suggestions on how to motivate myself to get back to the gym, so that I can get back in shape.

Tracy D.
High Point, NC

Hi Tracy!

In your situation where you once had a legendary physique, you need to recall those emotions you felt as you walked around the gym. Richard often refers to his competitive days as, "walking the earth as Gods." Once you recall those feelings, there is a sense of angst when you are no longer in peak condition. Just go back to the gym, one day at a time and work towards regaining your former physique. Then set additional goals to improve upon your physique of yesterday.


Richard's Fitness Tips When Life Creates Obstacles

  • Reset goals from improving to maintenance. Don't beat yourself up when injuries or family commitments make it impossible to work out effectively for building muscle mass. Work around the injury to the best of your ability the help improve the speed of your return to a full fitness commitment. Keep a few sets of dumbbells on hand at home to get a pump into the muscle for a quick home workout when time is very short to stop the process of deconditioning.
  • Watch your diet! Fewer and less intense workouts translate to a less efficient metabolic process. You must consume fewer calories to maintain your present levels. And remember, the quality of the calories must remain high with lots of lean protein, moderate amounts of complex carbohydrates and low levels of fats. This is not the time to start munching on junk food, as you don't want to add the burden of high body fat levels when you do return to your normal gym routine.
  • Get outdoors for movement. When attending the gym is impossible, at least do what you can to move and burn calories. It will help both mentally and physically.
  • Set goals. Determine the date to get back to your fitness routine and get motivated again through music, books and photos of inspirational physiques.
  • Be accountable to your goals. Get a friend and plan a date to hit the gym. When someone will be waiting for you at the gym, you'll be more committed to maintaining your goals.

Diane: Most importantly, time away from the gym provides an opportunity for reflection on the importance of fitness in daily life for health, longevity and quality of life.

I've been back at the gym for a week now and have those initial first week re-engagement workouts behind me. I'm looking forward to charting progress into my training journal at tomorrow's workout.

And lucky me, I've landed at a great gym. Thanks to Mike and his staff at Gold's Gym in Panama City, Florida for the very warm welcome. You've made me feel so comfortable in my new surroundings.

But, before I sign off this week, it's time for a few good-byes to my friends at Powerhouse Gym in Brookfield, Connecticut. Rob De La Vega, you are an awesome gym owner that became a great friend. Thank you for your help and support in my transformation.

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And to the gang at Powerhouse... PJ, Vanessa, Sniffen, Kirk, Steve, Tracy, Lily, Tony, Alex, Mike, Larry, Jeff, Darren, Big Bill and Suzie... many thanks my friends!

Train hard, train smart and create your legendary physique.
Richard and Diane

Train hard, train smart and make it a legendary week!
Diane Fields, Member. Legendary Fitness, LLC.
Richard Baldwin, Member. Legendary Physique, LLC.

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