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Choosing The 'Right' Information For Productive Gains!

Sometimes we get stuck in the trivia and couple it with confusion. Forget the trivia! Keep it simple! Move forward and make progress. Learn why knowing the scientific evidence of losing weight will help you!

Choosing The "Right" Information For Productive Gains!

Each week we receive countless emails from baby boomers seeking solutions to achieve their goals. From losing weight, to gaining mass and getting in shape for a 25th reunion to preparing for a contest, a pattern is developing in the questions you send in to us here at

In keeping with our past generational role to redefine concepts such as music, clothing, civil rights and our new passion of redefining age, we want to continue our legendary role by embracing new concepts that reinforce our ability to be savvy and forward thinking. Cyberspace with it's depth of information, not only makes us "hip" for leaving behind our slide rulers in place of technology, but allows us quick access to a vast array of fitness gizmos and experts providing "the solution" to your desired physique.

Pilates, Atkins, ab rollers, step interval, no carbs at night, low-fat, supplement timing, creatine loading, salt loading/depletion, The Firm and Bowflex machines are touted by the fitness experts and in infomercials that mimic research studies to get the consumer to believe sometimes outrageous claims. Unfortunately, these bogus messages are working. For those that watch TV (Richard constantly, Diane never) the simple reinforcement of expensive TV advertising time confirms the success rate of infomercials. For us, your emails provide the confirmation that some outrageous transformation claims are made by so called fitness experts.

Information bombards the consumer. Weight loss! Gain muscle mass! Get in shape for summer! But, as savvy baby boomers, you need to disseminate the information.

Does the research have a legitimate scientific foundation? Is the supplement company funding the research study where the company supplements are responsible for incredible gains? Can the secret to the worldwide obesity epidemic be found in a supplement that sells for $79.95 or in a set of video tapes?

All too often we see people getting stuck on a small aspect of an overall training routine that keeps them from moving to the next level. It appears that with the vast array of good and bad information, little pieces of many training plans are retained by the consumer, which creates a situation of confusion. Sometimes we get stuck in the trivia and couple it with confusion. Forget the trivia! Keep it simple! Move forward and make progress.

Here are a few examples of questions from readers where partial information from fitness experts is quickly embraced without the benefit of reason or scientific evidence.

My girlfriend's mom walks two miles each day, doesn't eat carbs at night, but still can't lose weight around the middle. What should she do?

    This baby boomer has picked up on the idea that walking and no carbs at night is the key to weight loss. Walking can play an important part in an overall weight reduction plan, as it is easy on the joints and a great way to introduce a newcomer to the fitness lifestyle. In order for walking to have a significant calorie burn it must be done briskly, (4.0 mph) and for a lengthy period of time, (60 minutes). The speed at which this baby boomer walks could hold the key.

    In addition, she's grabbed hold of the idea of eliminating carbs at night. Carbs are not the enemy. Complex carbohydrates that have a low glycemic index provide a wonderful source of fuel to power your workouts and your brain. Rather than focus on no carbs at night, focus on the number and quality of the carbs during the day. Most clients, when asked to keep a daily nutrition log are shocked at the quantity and quality of foods consumed each day.

I just saw the Windsor Pilates commercial. Can I replace weight training with Pilates?

    Beautiful and fit celebrities in lush surroundings certainly make for interesting and believable infomercials. Does Pilates, originally designed as a rehabilitation program for injured dancers have a place in an overall training program? Yes. Can Pilates replace weight training? HELL NO! Nothing can replace good old-fashioned weight training with iron dumbbells and barbells.

On A Personal Note From Diane: At 3 1/2 months postop from a massive suprispinatus tendon rupture, I can clearly state that rehabilitation exercises do not mirror or mimic resistance training exercises. I long for workouts that consist of only iron dumbbells, as those pink and purple plastic things just don't seem to have the same effect on whipping this baby boomer body back into shape after surgery.

Last week in an attempt to loosen some stiff joints, I decided to try some non-weight bearing yoga positions. While in a dying swan position, the voice of a favorite bodybuilder, clearly from the slide ruler era asked, "and what's this supposed to do for you?" I enjoy a good challenge. How long do you think it will take me to get Baldwin to participate in a yoga session?

[Richard: I'll participate in a yoga session when I find out I'll gain another inch in my biceps or lose a half inch in my waist! Besides, Diane forgot to mention that I went into and held a position-I call it the hood ornament position: bent at the waist, standing on one leg, with the arms and other leg parallel to the floor--that she couldn't! On the other hand, I've seen her in positions I wouldn't even want to put my body in!).]

I've read that you will burn more fat first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, but my schedule won't allow me to do cardio in the morning. Can I do my cardio at night?

    Unless you are at the competitive level, the different results gained through morning or evening cardio will be insignificant. Don't let the tiny details trap you into inactivity. If your schedule only allows evening cardio sessions, then get your cardio done in the evening.

Remember Baby Boomers... Check Your Sources For Validity Before Believing A Concept!

  • Is the research backed by scientific evidence?
  • What role if any does a supplement company have in funding a research project?
  • Want to learn how to put on muscle mass? Learn from someone that knows. Richard achieved legendary bodybuilding status in the 1970s and 1980s with countless titles under his belt and a physique that graced numerous magazine covers.
  • Want to learn how to lose weight? Learn from someone that knows. Diane made an amazing physique transformation in her 40s shaving away almost 40% of her total body weight.
  • Want to learn how to lose weight and build mass as a baby boomer fighting the ravages of the aging process? Learn from the team that knows. Richard Baldwin and Diane Fields at, the web's premier baby boomer fitness experts.

Train hard, train smart and create your legendary physique!
Richard and Diane

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Train hard, train smart and make it a legendary week!
Diane Fields, Member. Legendary Fitness, LLC.
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