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Get Started On A Babyboomer Lifetime Resolution!

Many went ahead and turned the holiday season into an eating orgy, rather than a few holiday meal splurges. Learn why and how to fix it...

Uh-oh! Most of you didn't listen to us. (But some of you did listen and we will share one reader's extraordinary physique photos later in this article.) Many went ahead and turned the holiday season into an eating orgy, rather than a few holiday meal splurges. You've added pounds to a physique that already had a few pounds to lose.

That six-week period of holiday parties and feasts with extra alcohol, cookies, cakes and candies have left you not only out of shape, but dragging.

The extra carbohydrates are bouncing your insulin levels from extreme highs to lows, making you sluggish, dehydrated and smack in the middle of that vicious cycle that makes you crave even more sugary carbohydrates. What's a babyboomer to do? Ah, there's hope for you repentant sinners in this article!

Don't make a New Year's resolution! Be unique, better yet, be legendary this year by not going along with the throngs of people that will make New Year's resolutions that will be broken long before the first of February. Instead of a New Year's resolution, let's make a babyboomer's lifetime resolution to be fit, healthy and yes, legendary because we've found the fountain of youth. Cardiovascular activity, resistance training and sound nutrition over the long-term not only create a fit physique, but also a younger looking body.

Get Started On A Babyboomer Lifetime Resolution By:

  • Visualizing your goals. Once you have your goal clearly in mind, use the tape, scale and mirror to determine where you are and to chart your progress. Try some tricks to help you focus on your goals. For instance, hang up that pair of jeans you can no longer fit in so you can see them when you get up in the morning and go to bed at night.

    Find pictures of your dream physique in the fitness magazines and keep them close at hand. You'll think twice about cheating when favorite fitness stars are staring back at you. Check out our motivation articles here and here.

  • Developing discipline by setting specific times to eat, sleep and train. Your goal needs to be a priority in your life. It takes practice to develop new fitness habits, so don't beat yourself up if you slip up now and then! None of us are perfect, but you must take responsibility for your condition and immediately get back on track. Guilt is only good if it leads to action. Eventually eating and training right will become habits, like brushing your teeth or going to work. Help yourself to create a fitness lifestyle environment by cleaning out the pantry and refrigerator. Look, throwing away $25.00 worth of cookies and holiday candy will not save the starving children of the world, but if it hangs around your house, it will make you fat. Get rid of it NOW!

  • Writing it down! Training and eating journals are critical elements of your success. Both of us have found that even the most undisciplined of our clients responded to writing down their routines and food intake. Who wants to screw up when it is recorded for posterity?

  • Surrounding yourself with people of like goals. If all your friends do is eat and talk about food, get some new friends to spend time with too. This may sound harsh, but it is simply impossible to be committed to a lifetime of fitness if your friends are committed to drinking and overeating.

We introduced you to Tim Hampton from Cincinnati, Ohio, in week eight as someone well on his way to a legendary physique. Tim capped off a great year by continuing his incredible transformation through this holiday season by losing even more weight, taking his grand total to an amazing 105 pounds with a 2000 calorie diet supplemented with EAS products. According to Tim, "I have really come to love bodybuilding. I almost never miss a workout. I can't stand it when I do. Time to get serious!" With his commitment and attitude, Tim was able to achieve these results in the last eight weeks:

Before After
Weight 192 lbs 175 lbs
Waist 35 inches 30.5 inches
Chest 38 inches 43 inches
Legs 22 inches 24 inches
Arms 13 inches 15 inches
Neck 16 inches 17 inches

Look what Tim gave himself for Christmas this year! First he lost the excess weight; then he began to build a new legendary physique! He did it with discipline and desire and so can you!

With this story about Tim to inspire you, get started today on a legendary physique of your own! Click here to e-mail us your legendary babyboomer physique photos. If you would like to sign up for our weekly newsletter, click here.

Happy New Year!
Diane and Richard

P.S. By the way, the only thing I caught Richard sneaking and eating so far was a carrot!

He's soon going to visit his mother who makes cheesecake for him, so I'll keep my eye on him!

Train hard, train smart and make it a legendary week!
Diane Fields, Member. Legendary Fitness, LLC.
Richard Baldwin, Member. Legendary Physique, LLC.

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