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Results Babyboomers Are Capable Of Achieving!

Are you trying to figure out what a legendary physique is? Learn what it means to Richard & Diane and find out why so many Americans are overweight...

As a follow up to last week's column, we want to motivate you by reminding you just what kind of results babyboomers are capable of achieving. Can babyboomers really create impressive physiques in their 40s, 50s and beyond? Hell yes! Where have you been? Life doesn't end at 40! Haven't you heard the glorious news that weight training builds muscle at any age?

Diane and I attempt to back any advice we give to others with scientific evidence rather than hearsay or rumor. For instance, a recent issue of the Journal of Gerontology: Biological Sciences includes an article by Scott Trappe, Ph.D. and colleagues. They signed up 10 70-year-old men who did no exercise to participate in a 12-week program consisting of weight training three times a week. In that short period, these men had a 50% increase in muscle size and strength!

So what's your excuse? What more incentive do you need? Just look at all the retired bodybuilders who still pump iron out of the sheer joy of looking better than guys half their age. For instance, can you believe this photo of Larry Scott taken at 54 years of age?

Bill Pearl competed against a bunch of men in their 20s and 30s to win the Professional Mr. Universe at 41! Check out his condition:

Then there's the incredible JCG, John Grimek, the Monarch of Muscledom, designated the "Greatest Bodybuilder of the First Half of the 20th century," the only undefeated bodybuilder in the history of the sport. He came out of retirement to blow everybody away at the Mr. USA in 1949 at 39 or 40. At 84 years of age he was complaining that it was getting more difficult to squat over 400!

Diane's response: Richard there are many 20 year olds that would love to pump the same volume as Draper does at 60! Hey, remember that little rendevous I had with Dave while he was on tour promoting his book, "Your Body Revival?" Dave discussed some of his best lifts. "Best bench was 440 with no spot. Best squat was Memorial Day 2002 at 440. Best deadlift was 500 a few years ago and the best clean and press was 320." Sixty years old and squatting 440? wonder Dave Draper still possesses a legendary physique. Richard, just in case you need a little reminder about a great afternoon with Draper that you missed, here's a picture of me and the Blond Bomber.

Dave Draper is nearing 60 now and still pumping iron like a 20 year old

Richard: I myself am no spring chicken (Diane likes to say, "He's old," but so far I'm keeping up with her young self!). Here's a recent photo of me at 55 and Larry Scott at 63:

Diane: Nine years and three months older! And don't you forget it! But, let's compare a 55 year old Baldwin bicep to a competitive Baldwin bicep of years ago.

Diane: Babyboomers, clearly you can see that there is no need to throw in the towel once you've hit your forties and beyond. Just keep training, trying to improve your physique each year.

Diane: On the female side, Cory Everson continues to display a Legendary Physique in her 40s! And how about Juliette Bergman's return to the bodybuilding arena with a win at last year's Olympia. It is possible to build lean and sexy muscle mass after the age of 40.

(From Left To Right)
Ms. Olympia, Ed Corney in his 60s, and Frank Zane, also in his 60s.

Diane: Richard and I have an interview set up to talk with Legendary bodybuilder, Frank Zane. We will be discussing training, motivation, his long-term relationship with his wife, Christine, Buddhism and his participation at the Arnold where he has a booth and will be performing with his band, InZane. Babyboomers look for our interview with Frank Zane within the month. Anyone that wants email notification when the Frank Zane interview is posted, email me at and I'll add you to my weekly mailing list.

And to the readers that follow this column each week...No, Richard did not lose the bet for a box of EAS Low Carb Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Bars. Frank emailed me this week. He did keep accurate records of his training.

Richard: We all have one thing in common: we're refusing to surrender to father time without a fight! Join us! I frankly don't understand why 70% of Americans are overweight. Don't they have mirrors?

Diane: You are in big trouble now, Baldwin! My article, "The Obesity Epidemic, Practical Considerations for Training Overweight Clients," in the November 2002 issue of Personal Fitness Professional magazine discusses the fact that overweight people do not use mirrors. This article will eventually show up on the website, But, for now, it's in the magazine. Once again, Babyboomers, if you send me an email and say, "Add me to your mailing list," I'll be sure to send you a note when this article is available online. can read the magazine, NOW!

Richard: LOOK AT YOUR FAT BEHIND IN THE MIRROR! That should be all the motivation you need. Quit eating empty calorie foods! I never saw a fat person that ate only chicken and raw or steamed vegetables! It works for me; try it. You will lose that fat and then you can add more fats and carbohydrates in your diet until you find the weight at which you wish to stabilize.

If I was forced to answer the question, "What's the secret?" I would say, "Stop recreational eating!" If the only fun in life you can come up with is eating, you are NEVER going to have that shapely physique you could have. Nobody looks like those legendary physiques whose pictures we featured this week eating like a "normal" American. But then, who wants to be normal? If you are satisfied with being a normal, overweight American, why are you even reading this? Diane and I are trying to help people become exceptional, "legendary"!

If you haven't already made that decision to be the best you can be, join us today in the quest to physical perfection. By that I mean creating the ideal physique each of us is capable of given our genetic potential. That doesn't mean Mr. or Ms. Olympia; it means achieving the physique that contributes to our self-esteem and satisfaction, a body that makes us smile when we look in the mirror.

Diane: Create your very own Legendary Physique, now! It's not too late, Babyboomers. But, the time is now. Send us an email stating that you want your Legendary Physique photos posted now or send us your transformation plans. We can't wait to hear from YOU!

Richard: It will continue to be our goal to give you all the information about training and nutrition you need to accomplish your goals, and to challenge and motivate you. We have faith in you! YOU CAN DO IT!

Happy training, and drop us a line and let us know how we can help you!
Diane and Richard

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Train hard, train smart and make it a legendary week!
Diane Fields, Member. Legendary Fitness, LLC.
Richard Baldwin, Member. Legendary Physique, LLC.

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