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Ava Cowan - Getting Ready For A Photo Shoot

Getting ready for a photo shoot may seem over whelming to the new comer, eager to showcase their newly fit physique. I will discuss the important parts of preparing for a photo shoot. These include training, diet, skin care, and what to take.

Getting ready for a photo shoot may seem a little over whelming to the new comer that is eager to showcase their newly fit physique. But just like every other career choice, there are some basics that are necessary if you want to be successful. Having a great body, though important, is only a piece of the equation.

I firmly believe that being prepared is the most important part of being a successful model. It can mean the difference between taking an average unnoticed picture and getting the front cover of a magazine. You must assess your physique and plan accordingly. Then you must be prepared mentally to create a breath taking image.


It is my opinion that if you wish to put yourself in front of a camera you must look like you belong there. That means some sacrifice. There is no easy way around this; you must implement a consistently clean diet everyday.

Additionally, I always added extra cardiovascular training two weeks before my scheduled shoot. Ideally, you may increase your length of cardio a month before, but that varies for each individual. Since everyone is currently at different levels of cardiovascular fitness, that amount will vary.

Keep in mind that my two week rule works because I am never more than two weeks away from being ready if I eat perfectly, which is every 2-3 hours, and hit the cardio machines hard.

Remember, always increase your intensity, duration then frequency. I also never do the same piece of cardio equipment twice. Because of the SAID principle, or:

Adaptation to an

This is true at anytime, with or without the photo shoot.

The body adapts to the demands that are imposed upon it. I like to use fat as a primary fuel source by doing cardiovascular training, engaging different muscle groups as I train.

I am never more than two weeks away from being ready if I eat perfectly, which is every 2-3 hours, and hit the cardio machines hard.
"I am never more than two weeks away from being ready if I eat perfectly, which is every 2-3 hours, and hit the cardio machines hard."

Quite simply put, if I am on any machine for an hour, I am going to maximize a muscle area that I feel is weak or could use some additional conditioning. If I always change this up, I am going to give different parts of my body the attention they need while maintaining a balanced look. As you know, symmetry is beautiful!

Keeping the body fueled through out the day is the only way to look and feel great! I limit my simple carbohydrates to earlier in the day or before/after my workouts. And I always have a quality source of lean protein with each meal.

I believe in eating real food, and only have one protein shake a day. Remember, the digestive process burns calories. When the body assimilates food, you are actually burning calories. So eat real food!

Another point that may seem redundant is to drink a lot of water. It is said time and time again because it is so very important. The body retains water if it feels as if you are not getting enough. This is the way the body prepares for a perceived shortage.

To wrap up the nutritional aspect of your preparation, limit or eliminate unnecessary sodium. Sodium can cause edema, or water retention, and you want to show off your hard work.

Body Details

Now that you are on track with the basics of being bikini ready, it is time to focus on some of the details of your body. You must exfoliate your entire body.

There is no need on spending a ton of money on expensive exotic body scrubs. You can make your own. Just put granulated sugar in a jar, and add some coconut oil to it until it saturates all of the sugar. Keep it in the shower and use regularly to keep skin soft and you will smell incredible!

You have to have a nice tan, there is no way around it. St. Tropez bronzer works exceptionally well. Remember to use your sugar scrub first! Make sure your eyebrows are shaped, legs shaved, roots are colored, and you show up with a well rested, clean and moisturized face.

Supply Checklist

Here is a list of items to have in your organized bag as well. I personally keep all of my suits in separate baggies so I know what I have and where it is. That is a part of being prepared as I mentioned earlier.

Being organized will keep you calm and cool, two things that are imperative to looking your best. Use the checklist below, the night before your shoot:

Your Checklist
  • Clothing
  • Baby oil
  • Jewelry
  • Sunglasses
  • Hats
  • Safety pins
  • Makeup
  • Powder
  • Towel
  • Shoes
  • Brush/comb
  • Hair holders
  • Mirror
  • Water
  • Meals
  • Portfolio
  • Directions to shoot

A Good Attitude

I cannot stress to you enough the importance of having a good attitude. When you have a good attitude your whole demeanor becomes relaxed and accessible. If you take responsibility for yourself in life people will respect you.

There is nothing more important than showing up on time to a shoot. It sets you apart from everyone else and shows that you are responsible that you respect other people and value their time. A good reputation is paramount and will become your calling card.

You want to make friends in this business so show up on time, come prepared and leave your personal problems in the car. If you implement these values, you are on your way to creating some solid business relationships.

Now that you are there, your make-up is on, and your outfits are picked out, it is your job to make this moment and bring it to life. You must know yourself, be comfortable in your skin, and remember what you are selling. What do you want the world to see?

Hopefully you have that carefully planned out. If you want to create something memorable you must get specific with your thoughts. The more specific you are in your mind the more visceral the reaction will be.

If you want a wholesome look, think about something that has happened in your life that makes you smile. The same applies to making a picture sizzle, imagine that someone who makes your heart race. Get specific. And finally, remember to switch up facial expressions and poses. Practice in front a mirror and become an expert.

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