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Hardcore Aussie Muscle News: 2007 Competitor Updates!

2007 proved to be a great year for Australian competitors. Get an update right here about some of the locals and some of the world's best!

Australian Competitors

arrow Deb Czempinski

Deb Czempinski Deb Czempinski
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Deb Czempinski - 2007 Arnold Classic.

    Deb is from Western Australia; her best asset is her posing round helped along by her gymnastics background. Deb recently moved to the US in an attempt to get a bit more exposure and I am sure she will do that and continue to improve on her placings.

arrow Rosa-Maria Romero

    Rosa-Maria Romero is a star on the rise, she placed 4th at the IFBB World Amateur Championships in Barcelona, making her the highest placed Aussie female at an IFBB World championship.

    Rosa is now an IFBB Pro and has kept herself busy with doing photo shoots with world renowned bodybuilding photographers, Bill Dobbins and John Stutz and also appearing on local Australian television shows as a presenter.

    Rosa hasn't just dominated the figure stage, she is, "One of Australia's leading Sports Models appearing in over 40 publications world wide..." recently described in Oxygen Magazine and has been featured on 4 magazine covers.

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Rosa-Maria Romero & Sam Iliopoulos.

    Rosa earlier this year married her couple's partner Sam Iliopoulos, Sam is also a competitive bodybuilder; they won the Australian Nationals couples title in 2006 demonstrating one of the most amazing routines seen, with assistance from one of the Dancing with the Stars professional dancers.

arrow Gabriela Cioban

    Gabriela Cioban from Victoria continues on her winning ways with wins at the 2007 Miss NABBA International tall class figure, IFBB Victorian State, Australian Nationals and Australasian Championships Tall class figure.

Gabriela Cioban
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Gabriela Cioban.

    This girl oozes elegance and beauty; a true champion in figure competition; we just wait her assault on the international stage. Keep an eye out for Gabby! Whilst Gabriela is wowing them on the figure stage, her partner Chris Duffy won through at the WFF Southern Hemisphere Championships winning the Class 1 division and the Overall WFF men's title.

arrow Sandra Lee Jose

    Personally I have had a wonderful successful year with winning 3 out of 3 competitions, including the IFBB Australian All States Championships, IFBB Australasian Championships and a Gold medal at the World Police Fireman's Games, (which attracts thousands of emergency services personnel from all around the world every 2 years for a mini Olympic games, this year held here in Adelaide, South Australia, in the open female bodybuilding and of course joining the crew at Hardcore).

Sandra Lee Jose. Sandra Lee Jose. Sandra Lee Jose.
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Sandra Lee Jose.

arrow Amanda Kobilanski

    A new face on the figure stay was the introduction of Amanda Kobilanski (trained by me). Amanda made an impressive entrance by taking out her first show, the WFF International Open Figure. She went on to score four second place trophies - including second at the IFBB Australian Novice Figure and INBA Australian Championship and a win at the Bendigo Country Classic Invitational.

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Amanda Kobilanski.

    Both Amanda and I have joined the guys at BSc © BodyScience ©. BodyScience Australia is gathering a talented team of not only the top champion bodybuilders but they also sponsor Geelong Football team, the Australian Football Leagues 2007 premiers.

arrow Charlie Duca

    Charlie Duca ex IFBB Pro Men's Champ blitzed another couple of shows this year winning the Bendigo Country Classic Invitational in August 2007, and the NABBA Overall Southern Hemisphere Bodybuilding Championship. He is also another member of the team at BSc.

2006 Australian Pro Show
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2006 Australian Pro Show.
The promoter of the Australian Pro Show, Tony Dothery said that at the 2006 Australian Pro Show, Lee Priest will be back to defend his title.
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arrow Con Demetriou

    Con Demetriou made his reentry to the bodybuilding stage in 2006 at the Bendigo Country Class Invitational, making everyone stand up and say - Wow! Where did he come from? Con has a majestic but classical bodybuilding physique. After winning numerous titles 10 years ago he walked away from the sport, wanting to experience other areas of his life.

Con Demetriou
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Con Demetriou.

    He has now returned and returned with vengeance. Con has won everything he has entered the man is unbeatable, including winning the newly introduced Elite Class at the IFBB Australasian titles in March. At the IFBB Australian Nationals this year Con was awarded his Pro card by Paul Graham and is due to compete at Tony Doherty's Pro show in March of 2008. Con is currently training hard to take on the international stage.

arrow Lachlan Maxwell-Wright

    Also hitting his best on stage this year was Lachlan Maxwell-Wright a former powerlifting champion, he brings a thickness many lack. Lockie took to bodybuilding in 2003 and won the IFBB Australian State titles under 90kg and the IFBB Australian National titles but didn't seem to be able to pull it together until this year.

    At the IFBB All States Championships he showed that bodybuilders just get bigger, better and harder with age taking out 1st place in the 0ver 80 kg class.

Australian IFBB Grand Prix
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Australian IFBB Grand Prix. I went to the IFBB grand prix yesterday in the gold coast and saw the best competition I have seen for ages!
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The IFBB Grand Prix Pro Show

Australia was once again the home to the IFBB Grand Prix Pro show. With the stage shrouded in darkness, 11 silhouettes being lit up with flashing pyrotechnics the announcement "The Biggest Badest Bodies in the World" kicked off the 2007 Australian Grand Prix.

The show started with a bang and this year Tony had a trump card in his pocket, as well as a fantastic line-up he had an assistant competitor, the one and only Chris Cormier.

Chris Cormier Chris Cormier
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Chris Cormier.

Tony, always looking at improving his contests for the athletes and spectators, chose the Dallas Brooks Hall for this years show. The staging allowed the fans a chance to be closer to the action than ever before and they showed their appreciation with more vocal support, cheering, and clapping than previous years.

Adding to the 2007 experience was the interaction between the competitors, at times was comical and then serious and heart felt. Chris added a dimension that only a pro bodybuilder can add, his input on each competitor and his personality added entertainment value.

arrow Dexter Jackson

    It was obvious from the beginning that this year Dexter the Blade Jackson had nailed this competition. What can you say about this walking ball of genetics. His physique is flawless, in fact it is hard to imagine a more balanced and aesthetic physique to look at. His posing looked effortless and was entertaining. Although he was sick with the flu his condition was still very good, and for me this was the clear cut winner

Dexter Jackson Dexter Jackson
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Dexter Jackson.

arrow Jay Cutler

    We also welcomed with open arms the current Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler to our stages and homes. Over all the years of seeing and meeting the pros and overseas champions I must say Jay is the man. He is what all professional bodybuilders should aspire to (and amateurs). He gave time to every single person, he spoke honestly and upfront, he was friendly and down to earth. And to top it off his condition and performance on stage was spot on.

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Jay Cutler & Tony Doherty.

    His first appearance was in Melbourne, Australia at the State Titles where he blew the audience away with his magnificent physique, and won the hearts of everyone (especially the girls) in the venue. Jay continued on his tour of Australia with the same result and left with a new huge fan base.

arrow Bev Francis

    Just a little note of faces showing up at competitions - a special guest just decided to venture into the State Titles to check Jay out in Melbourne that day, Bev Francis. Probably one of the greatest females or males for that matter that Australia has produced and I didn't waste time introducing myself, meeting the lovely lady and getting a photo with her. What a buzz that was, she was an absolute pleasure to meet and one beautiful lady.

2007 Australian Pro Grand Prix! The 2007 IFBB Australian Pro Grand Prix bodybuilding contest was held in Melbourne, Australia on March 10th. Full results and more.
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