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Ask The Muscle Cook: Know A Healthy Muffin Recipe?

Fitness nutrition doesn't have to be the same ol' boiled chicken breasts and broccoli. I can help you turn plain and boring into amazing and delicious!


My assignment for a potluck brunch is muffins. Is there any way I can do it without going down to Sugar Town?

It is certainly possible!

Most muffins are over-stuffed with sugar, making them useless in anyone's muscle-building or fat-loss diet plans. But, with a few substitutions, muffins can actually have some nutritious value.

These muffins have very low sugar content, combined with a high protein count, compared their store-bought brethren.

Maple Pecan High Protein Muffins

Makes 3 Servings (3 Muffins)

  • In a blender, mix all the ingredients (except for crushed pecan).
    Blend until the mix gets thick.
  • Add the crushed pecan to the mix and stir (with a spoon or a spatula).
  • Pour the mix in a muffin tin and cook at 350 degrees F. It usually takes about 30 minutes.
Quick Tip

These muffins freeze well. If you make a big batch, you can freeze them and then just microwave one when you get a craving.

(Receipe Directly from Anabolic Cooking)

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 1 Muffin
Amount per serving
Calories 176
Total Fat 4g
Total Carb 19g
Protein 16g

Maple Pecan High Protein Muffins PDF (76 KB)

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