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Exclusive Arnold Interview!

Listen to our webcast chat with the man who defines our sport, our industry, and our lifestyle

Imagine, for a moment, what bodybuilding would be like today without Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Nah. No one sport has ever been so synonymous with one individual, so it's not even worth contemplating. Arnold is bodybuilding, and bodybuilding is our namesake.

Which is why Arnold Schwarzenegger is part of our very DNA. was proud to present Arnold's own namesake, the Arnold Classic, to viewers around the world this past Saturday. That pride swelled even further, truth be told, when the Austrian Oak stopped by to chat with webcast hosts Dan Solomon and Lee Labrada--a legend in his own right--after the contest has been won by Branch Warren.

In this exclusive, wide-ranging "Q & A-rnold," the former Mr. Olympia champion was in rare form, much to the delight of a record-setting webcast audience. In case you missed it, check out the replay right here!

Watch The Video - 05:01