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Athletic Performance Improvement Series - Football Training!

In Part 1 of this series, I provided information about what the Athletic Performance Improvement Series is, John Wilkins and football training, speed training, results, video clips and more ... Check it out!

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Health & Body's Football Speed, Strength And Conditioning Training Program For Championship Athletic Performance.

The Athletic Performance Improvement Series™ is intended to bring to you specialized training programs used by fitness and sports trainers that are proven to get results. The idea is to bring personal fitness training to you via the internet and DVD's. This will help you to get the best results from your time spent training, while not having to spend a fortune traveling to these specialized facilities.

Just take a look at the exercises presented at the end of this article and you can see it is a comprehensive and sport specific performance improvement program, which is beyond what the average athlete is doing. This is what it takes to become a super-athlete.

Did You Know? This Football Training Series
Will Be Available On DVD Soon!

When you look back at your athletic career or hear stories that other athletes tell, a common part of the tale is about how "if I knew then, what I know now ..."

With this specialized football speed, strength and conditioning program you can get to the point that has helped other athletes advance to their elite level of football performance.

It is not enough to have the desire and go through the motions; you need to follow a complete training method that is proven to result in improving football athletic performance. Following a sports specific training program is usually the difference between being the top level player on the field and the rest.

On the DVD and video clips, the expert personal fitness trainers review details about each exercise; you can preview for yourself from watching selected video clips of the exercises at the end of this article. This 2-part promotional article gives you the details you need to decide if this specialized football speed, strength and conditioning program is right for you. It is designed for high school and college level football players, and the people involved in training football players, from parents to coaches.

In general, this program is for the serious competitive athlete who wants to be their best in sports and life. As you will discover from listening to the interviews, the football players who followed this program are able to reach their true potential.

Some of the athletes even improve their game to a point where they qualify for athletic scholarships and go on to play college football. This training program also helps already elite athletes to stay at the top of their game. Being the best you can be at your sport will help you to achieve your athletic goals.

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Being a champion is something most athletes strive for and train long hard hours to be the best they can be. But, despite this desire to win and tremendous training effort, most athletes never reach their true potential.

Why? Many times it is a result of following incomplete training approaches, combined with inadequate nutrition.

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In football, like most strength sports, there are plenty of myths and confusion about which exercises are best to improve athletic performance. For example:

  • Do you ever find yourself experimenting with different strength training or bodybuilding programs?

  • Are other players stronger and faster than you are?

  • Are you spending too much time on how your muscles look, instead of how well they work for athletic performance?

  • What about your speed, flexibility and plyometric training?

  • Does your training program get you the physical conditioning you need to maintain peak performance during the entire game and breeze through practice?

Overview Of John Wilkins And Health & Body Personal Training Facility

John Wilkins is a personal fitness trainer and former championship high school and college football player who sought to develop the ultimate football speed, strength and conditioning program. He spent about 2 decades of research and development to determine the right mix of exercises that enable football players to improve their athletic performance.

Like you, John had the dream of becoming a champion football player - and he did. John played championship level football for 14 years, from grade school to college. He achieved All State for running back and punting, and played Division II college football from 1989 to 1993 - where he started to develop his pioneering and effective football strength training and speed training programs.

During his years playing football, in addition to the standard training his high school and college football coaches prescribed, John attended seminars, workshops and training camps to get that competitive advantage. John spent time experimenting, developing and testing additional training methods to improve his speed, strength, agility and conditioning to be his best, figuring out what exercises worked best to improve athletic performance on the field.

These approaches included the best that football strength and training methods had to offer, and also other sports, like sprinting.

Awesome Muscles Podcast
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Audio Interview With
John Wilkins!

Listen in as your host, Dan Gastelu, speaks with John Wilkins about in the in's and out's
of football training.

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As John's experience progressed during his college football years, even his teammates came to him for advice about strength and speed training, and his teammates used his training approach to help them get to the next level of elite football performance.

At this point John knew he was on to developing something special, and set out to create a training approach that can help all levels of football players improve their athletic performance. He created a program that went beyond even what his college football team and other football teams were using; something truly special, which you can see when reviewing the 69 exercises presented in this article series.

With four years of college football experience, a deadlift of 800 pounds, a bench press of 540 pounds and a squat more than 600 pounds, people would approach John in the gym, looking for advice on training. After college John started his personal fitness & sports training business, called Health & Body. His dream was to offer top quality personalized training and nutrition for everybody.

Today John's personal training business has grown significantly, and his clients range from male and female, young and old, competitive athletes to fitness minded people. After founding Health & Body over a decade ago, the personal training facility has grown to 14 personal trainers working 1-on-1 with the clients.

In addition to personal training, John and his personal trainer co-owners, wife Cathy Wilkins, Steve Crane and Rose Crane, run a variety of specialized programs for athletes, including the Football Speed, Strength and Conditioning program.

About The Football Speed, Strength & Conditioning Program

The Football training is divided in to two programs of exercises. The first is under the heading of the "Excel Speed School™". This is a special athletic performance program for all running athletes, and modified for each sport. The version contained on the DVD and reviewed in this article is for football players.

The second program of exercises is strength training for football and will be reviewed in part 2 of this article. This program is developed for football specific strength training that builds the muscles and functional strength that increase your football playing abilities and performance.

The program used at Health & Body is suitable for all levels of football players however the DVD and CD program contains more advanced exercises and therefore is intended for high school and college-age football players.

In addition to this written overview, you can also listen to the interview with John Wilkins for more details about the program and the "why and how" of its creation.

The Speed Training is preformed 2 to 3 days per week depending on the time of year and your level of conditioning. It takes 60 to 90 minutes to complete this part of the training program. As explained in the instruction manual, sets, reps and duration of exercises depend on your level on conditioning, and there are programs for beginner, intermediate and advanced athletes. As with the strength training program to be reviewed in part 2, these programs can be used all year, including preseason and during the season.

The speed training program includes the following categories of exercises important to developing lightening fast speed, agility, core strength, flexibility, balance and conditioning; the right exercises for increasing football performance.

Core Body Strengthening Exercises:

    Essential for stabilization of the trunk and joints, which is the foundation of the ability to develop explosive body movements required for peak football performance. Throwing and striking sports require an effective transfer of force from the ground up to achieve maximum acceleration of the upper body. Therefore, the transfer of this vital force is a function of how best the upper body and lower body are connected by the "core" or trunk.

Dynamic Stretches Exercises:

    Functional flexibility is essential for athletic performance, is vital to building effective range of motion and muscle contraction and relaxation performance and coordination between the muscle groups. In addition to this specific set of dynamic stretching exercises, stretching is also part of the other exercises provided in the entire program.

    These special dynamic stretches are specific for building performance flexibility of the lower and upper body based on situations encountered on the playing field. The dynamic stretches are functional for football, to help increase performance and reduce muscle pulls. Stretching Guide. Go!

Dynamic Warm-up Exercises:

    Warming-up or movement preparation increases the core body temperature, activates the nervous system, actively elongates the muscles and stabilizers, and builds technique and effectiveness of movement. These exercises work in building functional joint mobility and dynamic flexibility.

    The movements start slowly and progress in to explosive fast movements that activate your body's athletic performance systems essential for elite level football competition and practice. This set of exercises also includes lower body plyometrics, for lower body explosiveness.

How Important Is Warming Up? How Important Is Warming Up?
Much of the time you will see people stretching out their legs before a run, or stretching out any body part before they train it. It's also popular for people to begin warm-up sets before they really get into the workout.
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Upper Body Plyos:

    The primary goal of plyometric exercises is to enable the muscles to reach maximal force in the shortest period of time, therefore generating explosive power. Developing rapid and powerful upper-body movements is vital when playing football and is often underdeveloped when following "other traditional" programs.

    These explosive movements and upper body conditioning exercises are vital for during the plays while standing and to bound back off of the ground quickly and effortlessly, play after play.

Sleds For Power & Explosiveness:

    Sprint loading is another part of the comprehensive training program for improving running acceleration, speed and power. Proper use of the weighted sleds will make your running strides faster and stronger. The loaded sprinting exercises also builds running resiliency to better withstand the rigors of colliding with other player and improve running speed, power and balance under game conditions.

The comprehensiveness and sports specific design of this exercise program typically exceeds most high school and college level training programs. In addition to improving athletic performance, the level of conditioning to beat fatigue is equally important.

To help athletes overcome the pain-fatigue mental and physical barrier, John structured the speed and strength exercise programs to attain a level of conditioning that actually makes practice and competition easier.

As he discusses in the audio interview, John uses all conceivable athletic training approaches to accomplish this high level of anti-fatigue conditioning, plus an approach developed and used to train the U.S. Marines to deal with and overcome the most grueling physical activity induced pain.

    The Result - Improved Football Athletic Performance.

From viewing the exercises below, it is easy to see how this specialized Football Speed, Strength and Condition program improves athletic performance. This program gets you to tap in to "new muscle" development, develop that spirit of elite athletes, and champion mind power to be the best you can be, and play at your peak level.

Typical results experienced by high school and college football players who follow the program include:

  • Improved playing ability
  • Making the first team
  • Becoming a champion player

Some of the high school players improve their football playing ability to the point where they go on to get football scholarships in college. Also another important benefit of the training program is conditioning your body for injury prevention and reduction, which translates to be able to maintain a longer and successful football playing career.

The training program improves the primary athletic performance movements and actions, plus getting prepared for different situations and dynamic conditions that occur on the playing field.

Here is a summary of just some of the benefits to improve your football athletic performance.


  • The right exercises for football
  • Tips from the expert trainers
  • Improves vital sports performance factors
  • Superior flexibility
  • Outstanding dynamic balance
  • Championship agility
  • Reduce injuries
  • Playing football longer and harder
  • High intensity
  • Longer duration
  • Elite athlete level functionality
  • Using the power of the entire body
  • Attaining elite athletic conditioning
  • Plyometrics
  • Jump higher and farther
  • Athletic performance enhancing reps
  • Development of Muscular balance
  • Strong foundation and stance
  • Increase muscular recruitment
  • Shorten recovery time

  • Fastest sprinting speed
  • Maximum acceleration
  • Top speed
  • Lightening quickness
  • Fast Explosiveness
  • Awesome Strength
  • Peak power output
  • Elite muscular endurance & resiliency
  • Enhanced work capacity
  • Maintain peak performance, play after play
  • Powerful blocking power
  • Break-away strength
  • Cardiovascular condition
  • Masterful coordination
  • Improved total athletic performance
  • Maximum core strength
  • Breaking the exercise-pain barrier
  • Reaching your full athletic potential
  • Enhanced mental focus
  • Benefits other sports performance too

Preview Images & Video Clips

The following images preview the exercises of the speed training program. Several video clips are available here to view for free. For the entire program you can purchase the DVD which contains all of the exercises, and comes with a CD that contains the exercise instruction manual, and a special bonus guide, Nutrition and Sports Supplements for Football.

The instruction manual provides the details on what days of the week to perform the exercises, the sets, duration and reps to be performed, and training programs for beginner, intermediate and advanced athletes.

Athletic Performance Improvement Series DVD Coming Soon...

Ryan Pepe

Ryan Pepe is the athlete who is performing the exercises on the video clips. He is a college football running back. Ryan started training with Health & Body in high school, and quickly improved his athletic performance the first year. When entering the program, a special concern that Ryan wanted to overcome tight leg muscles and muscle pulls. After following the specialized football training exercises, this problem was reduced, and in addition to improving his overall athletic performance to the elite level.

Ryan's competition season weight was about 175 pounds, but from his dedication and specialized training, he has reached his peak potential, which has enabled him to be awarded an athletic scholarship for college football. In other words, pound for pound, he is a more effective football player compared to larger players. Ryan has also started playing on the college lacrosse team.

You can listen to what Ryan has to say about how the Health & Body Football Speed, Strength and Conditioning training program helped him to be his best, and live his dream going to college and playing college football, in his short audio interview.

Note that when watching the video clips, Ryan is an expert in performing the exercises after years of supervised training. While most athletes can do the exercises, depending on your health and level of conditioning it may take several months or years of practicing them to advance to the level that Ryan has achieved.

Ryan Pepe Interview
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Audio Interview With
Ryan Pepe!

Listen in as Dan Gastelu interviews Ryan Pepe about how he handles football training for serious athletes.

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Steve Crane & John Wilkens.

Football Speed Training: Core Body Strengthening:

Sprint Abs Sprinter Abs

V-Ups V-Ups

Hip Flexor Stretch Hip Flexor Stretch

football football football
football football football
football football
Click Images To Enlarge.

Football Speed Training: Dynamic Stretches:

High Knee Pull High Knee Pull

Leg Swings Leg Swings

Rock Climbing Stretch Rock Climbing Stretch

football football football
football football football
Click Images To Enlarge.

Football Speed Training: Dynamic Warm-Up:

Side Shuffle Side Shuffle

Skip For Distance Skip For Distance

Power Jumps For Height Power Jumps For Height

football football football
football football football
football football football
Click Images To Enlarge.

Football Speed Training: Upper Body Plyos:

Close/Wide Pushups On Bosu Close/Wide Pushups On Bosu

Mountain Climber, Up, Down With A Power Jump Mountain Climber, Up, Down With A Power Jump

football football football
football football
Click Images To Enlarge.

Football Speed Training: Sleds For Power & Explosiveness:

football football
football football
Click Images To Enlarge.


Part 2 of this article will review the 26 football specific strength training exercises. About half of these exercises are conventional, and the other half are highly specialized and unique, such as using the hex bar, bosu ball squat, press circuit with plate, wheel turns with plate, lunge circuit with bar, tire flips, and more.

The football strength training program is performed 3 days a week and uses reps and sets for improving functional football playing strength.

Football Speed, Strength & Conditioning DVD Football Speed, Strength & Conditioning DVD
This exercise program includes both a DVD and a CD-ROM full of conditioning exercises for improved football athletic performance.
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Article Copyright © 2006 SUPPLEMENTFACTS International LLC. All rights reserved. Video Copyright © 2006 Health & Body and SUPPLEMENTFACTS International LLC. All rights reserved. Excel Speed School is a trademark of Health & Body. Athletic Performance Improvement Series is a trademark of SUPPLEMENTFACTS International LLC.

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