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Power Nutrition Q&A - Part Nine!

In this issue of the power nutrition q & a you will read about responses to previous articles in the power nutrition series and learn more about the cleanse...

Note: This is part nine, Click here to view all parts!

[ Q ] I just read your column about the guy who did a liver cleanse program. Are those pics for real? They were quite disgusting to say the least.

It's hard to believe that those things can be lodged up inside your organs. Well, after taking a look at those pictures it sure has made me think twice about what I stick in my mouth.

That was a real shocker to say the least. You had my attention with that column that's for sure. I know that you do a lot of cleansing with your athletes to keep them healthy and get rid of toxins.

I was wondering if it was possible for me to get hooked up with such programs. I heard on the Internet that you are launching a new cleansing system for powerlifters and I am interested in knowing more.

Vito Dicenzzo

    [ A ] Yes those nasty pics that you saw were the real deal my man! Yes those are the sweet little toxic stones that you build up from eating like a garbage disposal and not properly monitoring your "Pharmaceutical Enhancement" program. I have gotten tons of emails about this one and I should have considering it was one heck of a shocker for a lot of powerlifters.

    I have gotten tons of lifters contacting me wanting to know what they can do to cleanse their bodies of all the impurities they have built up from their unhealthy lifestyle. My power cleanse program is one system that you have never seen before. It is designed for the strength athlete looking to cleanse different organs of impurities and toxins that have built up over the years.

    Yes, year after year of eating those greasy hamburgers and fries can take a toll on your organs. Let's not forget those that use pharmaceuticals to enhance their performance. Those "Enhanced Lifters" out there should also keep in mind all the nice toxins that can build up over the many cycles you have done. My power cleanse is a unique system that will help you attain a better level of health and well being.

    Not to mention it will no doubt have a positive affect on your performance as well. When different organs in the body like your colon and liver are polluted to the max from toxins and impurities, they cannot work at their optimal rates. What this means for you is that you won't absorb your food, supplements or "Pharmaceutical Arsenal" not nearly as effective as those who get rid of toxins.

    It is a compilation of different cleansing protocols along with a multitude of detox programs to keep you healthy and improve your performance on the platform. These unique systems will layout different protocols for cleansing different organs in the body guiding you along the way to a healthier body.

    I know that some of you guys out there probably doubt me, but take a closer look at the pictures that were in the Liver Cleanse column and you will think again about what I have to say. My power cleanse program is unlike any other system out there geared for the competitive strength athlete.

    It will address the needs of those who are looking to purify their body from a lifetime of bad eating habits as well as those who are chemically enhanced. I know many of you will think that this program is some new age mumbo jumbo crock but that is not the case. If you are a hardcore powerlifter who cares about his performance and long-term health then a power cleanse is just what you need to get the job done.

    Your friend in Strength,

[ Q ] I am a big fan of yours having read all your articles over and over. There is so much valuable information in your column that it's hard for me to remember it all. I do try to apply your nutritional ideas to my eating plan, and I have made some very good results not only in my lifting but the way I look as well.

Hey, I am no bodybuilder, but just because I am a powerlifter I don't want to be labeled a "Fat Guy". I think the reputation of powerlifters being big, fat lethargic individuals has to change. With your column and ideas I see that you don't need to sport the extra spare tire to lift big. What is your idea about not having to hold that extra roll of flab to get the new PR.

John Ovalty

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    [ A ] John I couldn't have said it better myself. If you take a look at lifters now compared to twenty years ago you will see that they carry a lot less fat. Yes, fat will give you more leverage in some circumstances like in the squat, but it can really hurt other lifts like your deadlift. Powerlifters are getting leaner and leaner all at the time and their lifts are still going up with records being broken all the time.

    A few good examples would be some of my private clients. This would include Ron Palmer, Phil Harrington, and Hennis Washington III just to name a few. Phil is between 5-8% body fat year round and he is closing in on a 900 pound squat in the 181 class. How is that for strength? You don't have to sport a spare tire to lift big.

    This is a big misconception that needs to be reevaluated because not only will it not have a positive affect on your lifts but it will also increase your chances of health conditions down the road. Now don't get me wrong here. A thick dense midsection is not the same as a big roll of flab hanging over your belt.

    I am not talking about keeping a tiny bodybuilding type waistline here but I am talking about it being void of layer after layer of adipose tissue. There is a big difference between a thick dense powerlifting core waistline and a spare tire and love handles that make you look like a couch potato not a strength athlete. Muscle is a lot more effective than fat for lifting heavy weights any day.

    The science of nutrition is at the forefront of why strength athletes are getting in better shape year after year. Strength athletes are getting stronger, faster, and leaner and the majority of this has to do with their nutritional regiments. Many may argue that it is the new power gear that is out on the market or a new drug program that has done wonders for higher totals.

    The fact is the nutritional programs have changed like night and day in our sport over the last decade and even more over the last couple of years. The science behind sports nutrition has greatly improved the strength athlete's performance to unseen heights.

    These new ideas have taken their bodies and have turned them into fine tuned machines not fast food depots. So if you are guilty of bad nutritional habits put down that pint of ice cream and get on track because your powerlifting success is depending on it.

    Your friend in Strength,

[ Q ] You are the Man! What's up with ignorant attitudes? I am sure that you get tons of emails from idiots trying to disprove your theories. I am a big believer in your ideas because I have seen them work first hand. You really spice up the articles that I read, that's for sure.

I love your "tell it like it is" attitude especially when you are giving it good to some ignorant moron who thinks he knows everything. I have to give it to you. Not only are you informative but you are funny as hell. I like the way that you tackle new and off the wall topics like the liver cleansing column.

Keep up the good work because you add a new dimension to not only this great article archive but the sport of powerlifting as well.

    [ A ] Thanks for the kind words. I am glad you liked the way that I told off "Mr. Furball" in a previous column of mine. Generally, I am a really nice guy to people but when I have to deal with a pure moron like that guy then its going to be a different story.

    I guess there are a lot more idiots out there then I thought. In regards to spicing up the magazine with my column I appreciate your compliments! I try really hard to keep powerlifters on the cutting edge of the nutritional sciences to improve their performance and help them take their total beyond what they ever thought possible.

    I try to breakdown the entire scientific lingo and put it into words that you the powerlifter can understand. At the same time, I try to inform you how to incorporate all these ideas into your current nutritional plan.

    What good is it to give you a textbook full of scientific info if you don't know what the hell I am trying to say and then not having a clue how to apply it to your powerlifting needs? It would just be a waste of paper at best.

    I try to put everything I write into real world situations that you can use to jack up your total. I try to give powerlifters a new outlook on sports nutrition as well as the insight of some of my own ideas on what powerlifters need to do to constantly raise the bar higher. If any of you out there have any topic suggestions for articles or anything you would like addressed in a future issue please email me and let me know!

    Your friend in Strength,

[ Q ] Your column has really got lifters thinking about the whole nutrition thing not only about their performance but also from a health perspective. I too got lost in the "Need a Bigger Total" tunnel vision that so many powerlifters suffer from but that all changed when my training partner who is 46 years old had a heart attack.

This shocked the hell out of me because it happened right in front of me in the gym. The rush of the paramedics, the lifeless look on his face and the whole shock of it all really sent me for a loop. I am happy to say that he survived the heart attack but the doctor said he was very lucky since most people that have such a severe attack die before they hit the floor.

It has really opened my eyes and made me really think about life differently. I hope this doesn't sound soft but it really scared me when that happened to my partner. He has 2 kids and a wife and a whole life outside powerlifting ahead of him. I myself suffer from high cholesterol and high blood pressure so this has made me take a better look at what I need to do to improve my health.

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I just had my bodyfat checked and I am at 36%. I weigh 268 pounds right now. This means that I am carrying 96.5 pounds of pure fat on my body right now. This scared the hell out of me because I know this can't be good for my heart in the least. I know this is way over the limit and is a cardiovascular nightmare just waiting to happen.

I would like to work with you for program design to help get my health on track. I want to make some changes before I end up in the same boat as my friend. The sad thing is I might not be as lucky as him. Please consider taking me on as one of your private clients because I want to make it to be a grandfather one-day and if I keep up with the way I am going I know I will just be another American heart attack statistic. Please contact me as soon as possible because I want to get started right away.

Andrew Wong

    [ A ] I can fully understand where you are coming from with what happened to your friend. I work with a lot of top level athletes and many times the only thing that is in their mind is to be the best. Now don't get me wrong, if you are going to be a champion at any sport you have to have this attitude or you will never make it to the top.

    But the sad fact is you can't sacrifice everything to get to the top only to fall off the scene of stardom just after getting there because of health conditions. I get tons of emails from people in the same situation as you. They suffer from medical conditions like high cholesterol, Type II Diabetes or High blood pressure and yet they do nothing to fix the problem.

    Yes they throw back some meds that their doctor prescribed them but that's it. Believe me there is a lot more to optimal health then using drugs to bring down your cholesterol all the while you are sucking back fast food and donuts like the world is going to end. I see people like this all the time and it makes me shake my head in amazement because they don't realize what they are doing to their long term health.

    Hey I am not saying that you can't cheat here and there with your diet but the way a lot of powerlifters eat it is a non stop 24 hours, 7 days a week gorging feast of foods that ultimately lower your life expectancy. There is a fine line between enjoying yourself once a week to a cheat meal and living a life of fast food, processed junk foods, refined carbs, saturated fat and unlimited amounts of sodium on a daily basis. This will only lead to a place where our friend in the photo is now resting.

    Your friend is very lucky that he survived such an ordeal because there are thousands every year that are not so lucky. I have tried time and time again with my column to open the eyes of the powerlifting community to the importance of sports nutrition not only for performance enhancement but also for preventative health maintenance.

    Powerlifter USA Magazine
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    I know a lot of you die-hard powerlifters will read this and think, "Hey this nutrition guy is a real wuss." But the fact is a heart attack can take you from the stardom of powerlifting success to a guy lying in a hospital bed with tubes stuck in your nose and arms just to keep you alive. You might think, "Hey that won't ever happen to me I can squat over 900 pounds, I am a beast" but think again.

    You are only as strong as your weakest link and if your cardiovascular health is that weak link then you are setting yourself for some big trouble down the road. I guarantee it! Just look at all the different powerlifters that you see dying at a young age. All you have to do is look at many of the different issues of PLUSA to see a dedication of different lifters that passed way before their time.

    It's situations like the one you mentioned above that really make you appreciate things and look at life in a bigger picture of things. I love powerlifting as much as the next guy so if you want to increase your performance and live long enough to lift as a Masters competitor, then cleaning up your nutrition plan should be priority number one.

    Contact me and we will set up a phone consultation so that we can go through some things about your customized program design. I look forward to hearing from you and taking your performance and health to new heights.

    Your friend in Strength,

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Note: This is part nine, Click here to view all parts!