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A Five-Part Series Of Developing The Physique Of Your Dreams!

We now begin Volume 3 - where we will work the ever-dreaded legs. The legs are a personal favorite of mine and I am going to share with you a real bodybuilder's workout. Check it out!

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In volumes one and two, we covered arms and back.

Volume 3 in our *ss-kicking special workout series is a personal favorite of mine. Unlike everyone else, who loves doing chest or arms to get that "beach body" look or the "I want to impress the ladies" look, I am partial to that dreaded word ... Legs.

Let's be honest here: doing legs sucks - but having big wheels is a priority in this f*cked up sport. There has never been a top Olympian competitor that did not have huge quads or full hamstrings.

Any bodybuilder can look like a winner from the waist up, but the tell-all truth is seen from the waist down.

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Sure, it is not the body part that will get you laid, like your chest or arms (even that won't work for those of you who have no game), but it is the body part that will separate you from the rest of the wannabes out there.

The excitement is killing me, so without further ado; let's turn you into "Quadzilla" ... Alright, maybe not. How about just improving on what you already have?

Big Wheels

Before we start getting into heavy movements I must warn you: a legit leg workout is not for p*ssies or quitters; it is not for the people who work out in a "health club," putting 2 plates on the leg press and squeezing out 15 reps without breaking a sweat. It is not for the men who want to go out on a Friday night after doing legs in the afternoon.

This is the real deal, no bullsh*t. You want it, you're gonna have to work for it ... You're gonna have to bust your *ss. Pain is part of the workout. Nausea is also expected. It ain't gonna be pretty and you will be a mess. So for all you wannabe lifters out there second guessing your decision to read this article, quit now. If you got balls, keep reading ...

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Let's start out with a warm-up, leg extensions.

Leg Extensions

    Leg extensions are just preparation for what's to come. Getting our knees warmed up is a priority on all leg workouts. Do 4 sets of 12-15 reps. Feel the movement and squeeze at the peak of every rep.

    Leg Extensions Leg Extensions
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    Leg Extensions.

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    At the bottom of every rep, do not stop short, but come to a 90-degree angle with your knees. You should feel a nice pump after four sets, enabling you to move on to the hack squat.

Hack Squat

    The hack squat is a great exercise to develop the lower portion of the quad - you know, the part that no one really has. Since you are already warmed up and started to break a sweat, no need to do another easy set. Let's get right into blasting those quads.

    We are going to do 4 heavy sets of 10-12 reps, progressively increasing the weight with each set. And none of this half way down bullsh*t either - *ss to the floor - that's my motto for superior quad development.

    Hack Squat Hack Squat
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    Hack Squat.

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    The key to this movement is the range of motion - keeping your back flat against the pad and adjusting your feet on the platform so that your knees do not surpass your toes. After your last set of 10 reps, we are going to perform a dropset, which is a lighter set done immediately after your last heavy set, in which you lower the weight and perform as many reps as possible.

    In this particular instance, we will do a triple drop set. For example, your last set will be done with 5 plates on each side of the hack, then stripping one plate off between each set and doing another 10-12 reps. You will go from 5-to-4 to 3-to-2 plates on the hack squat on your last set, ultimately performing a total of 40-to-48 reps.

    This is not for the mentally challenged or weak. Push yourself to the limit. There are guys training like this every day, trying to beat you, so you cannot settle for less.

    People will be looking at you like you have lost your f*cking mind, but those are also the people who envy the position you are in and want to be as dedicated as you. But what we are looking for is quad development, not compliments ... At least not now.

Leg Press

    After you take a few minutes break, you will waddle over to the leg press machine. This is another great movement that targets your thighs. After getting some blood back in your head and finding out you can still bend from the knees and are not broken, load up the machine with enough weight to perform your first set of 10 reps.

    Leg Press Leg Press
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    Leg Press.

    Do not sell yourself short by not putting enough weight on there. Each set you will add more weight, making you work harder to complete your reps. Remember brainiacs, follow that golden rule: knees come down until you can't go anymore. That's right, down to the chest and pushing back up to the top without locking out your legs.

    Do you hear it? It is the sound of bodybuilders grueling over the last reps of their sets, knowing that with each proper rep comes an improved physique. After performing your 4 sets, take a rest cuz we are going to squat next.


    What am I ... f*cking nuts? No, I'm serious; you can't make this sh*t up. This is the part of the workout where winners continue and quitters call it a day. Good thing is that you won't have to use heavy weight, because at this point 135 pounds feels like 405.

    No workout would be complete without squats. This is the exercise that gives your legs the thickness to make them stand out on stage. You will do three sets of 10 before you feel like collapsing.

    Barbell Squat Barbell Squat
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    Barbell Squat.

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    At this point, I don't have to remind you about your range of motion, especially on this movement. *ss down to China and back up again - that's how low you go. No exceptions.

    Better get the bucket ready, because you're starting to feel queasy. Any serious lifter wishes to have a workout like this each time they step in the gym - you feel sick, but you accomplished something.

    Quads are done - phew!


After a few minutes of rest, hamstrings are next on the list. Don't punk out yet. The hard part is done. After your blowout quad workout, your hams should be somewhat pumped.

Lying Leg Curls

    Let's first start with the lying leg curl, doing 4 sets of 10-12 reps. This should ease some of the pain in the quad area and get the rest of the blood back in your head, enabling you to remember your name.

    Lying Leg Curls Lying Leg Curls
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    Lying Leg Curls.

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Standing One-Legged Curls

    Next, limp your way on over to the standing 1-legged curl machine where you will again perform 4 sets of 10-12 reps. This is a good exercise to target the upper hamstring and give you that split that is so seldom seen.

    Standing One-Legged Curls Standing One-Legged Curls
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    Standing One-Legged Curls.

Stiff-Legged Deadlifts

    Finally, just to get a good stretch in the hams and the lower back, you will perform 3 sets of stiff-legged deadlifts for 12 reps each. Always remember to keep your knees bent, chest out, and back flat when performing this exercise. Believe it or not, after this, you will have completed your first workout on the long road to bigger and better legs.

    Stiff-Legged Deadlifts Stiff-Legged Deadlifts
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    Stiff-Legged Deadlifts.


Hey, you still with me?

So let's recap our workout, shall we?

What's the matter? You think I'm f*cked up don't you? Just answer this question for yourself: Do I really have what it takes to be a bodybuilder or am I a p*ssy? Everyday, there are people foaming at the mouth to be in the position that others have already achieved in their career by doing workouts like this day in and day out.

So, stop working out with your girlfriend and start working out with the one person who can push you to where you need to be ... Yourself. Cut the sh*t. This ain't no p*ssy sport ... Only the strong-willed survive in this game.

If you decide that you have the balls to, join me again, I will bring you through a chest workout the way it should be done. So look for it in Volume 4 of this bodybuilding saga. Until then, keep eating, keep growing, and keep on training. Later.

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