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The Money Mentality!

If you want to transcend your limits, if you want to blow the minds of the small thinking cats in your town, follow me and the other boys at Get the Money Mentality and become an Animal.
I do not compare myself to the normal people I see everyday. So I'm the biggest dude in my gym... Big deal. If being the biggest and strongest in Graz, Austria had been enough for Arnold, he would've never been a 7x Mr. Olympia, he eventually propelling himself to a life of otherworldly achievement. Big picture thinking. This is the bottom line.

This is how you take it to the next level. If you want to transcend your limits, if you want to blow the minds of the small thinking cats in your town, follow me and the other boys at Get the Money Mentality and become an Animal.


Doing what needs to be done day in and day out like it is your life's work. Unconditional love of the lifestyle. Banging your head in the gym. Eating right all the time. Every time. Structuring your entire schedule to accommodate your training and diet. It is all or nothing, balls to the wall, every single day. You eat it, you drink it, you breathe it and when you sleep at night, yeah, you dream about it. You are a bodybuilder and you've paid the price in pain and sacrifice to be one. The bodybuilding lifestyle is the champion's wife.


You are meticulous about your training and diet. You do not miss a workout and you never miss a meal. You take your supplements every single day. You live on a schedule designed to maximize your bodybuilding potential. You are a machine. You are obsessed and you have no problem with that (though everyone else seems to). You are an easy man to track down: you are at work, in your real office every day. The gym. The one day you miss your training session, the next guy, who wants it more than you, will have his best workout and you'll never make up the difference. You gotta believe that.


My mind's eye sees my ideal physique 24/7. That image is always there, lingering in the back of my consciousness. It motivates me to train harder, to eat better, to go that extra mile. The tiny goals are set day in and day out: get that extra rep on my heavy set of squats, drink that extra shake, add that 10 lb. to my bench. Better than last week, every time. Long term you need to envision yourself a month from now, a year from now, five years down the road. Your first contest, going to Nationals, winning your pro card.

Is it realistic for me to chase Ronnie Coleman? Maybe not but who gives a f*ck. This is my quest and if it fuels my fire, then it is well worth it. The way I see it, you shoot for the stars, if you end up on the moon you're still 238 thousand and some odd miles past the guy sitting next to you, and let me tell ya, that ain't half bad. Your only limitations are self imposed.

Positive Thinking

Disappointment and failure are necessary components of true achievement. These are the demons that constantly torment the great man. But they can be quickly brushed aside and forgotten. To strive so hard and want so much out of life you've got to be prepared for the pitfalls - a weak training session, an injury, a loss in competition. You have to know in you heart that these downfalls will only serve to make you bigger, stronger and more complete in the long run.

Forever the optimist, you trudge forward, learning from your mistakes, proud of where you've been and the excited about the direction in which you're now headed. You've got no time for negative fools and their conformist bullshit. Their negativity is fuel to your fire. Keep your head up, Animal... You're on your way.


It's not arrogance. You're not cocky or vain. You've paid your f*ckin' dues man and walk with your head held high. You've put your work in and reaped the dividends. You know who you are and what you're all about. People sense your presence when you enter a room. Your self-assured aura is electric and it attracts people to you. In the gym, you call the shots in your training sessions, people want to train with you, they look to your strength and your physique as something to emulate.

Others have watched at a distance envious of all you have accomplished and of the price you are willing to pay. All the while, you remain humble, for you know deep inside how far you have left to travel how distant your goals still seem. You feel honored to be the lead wolf in the pack. You can't imagine it being any other way.

You get the picture? These are but a few key elements of the Money Mentality, the winner's mindset. The Animal thinks like a champion every moment of his life. He is willing to put it all on the line in pursuit of his destiny. He is the battered gladiator in the arena of life fighting for what is rightfully his. The Animal is prepared for this battle, the countless hours in the gym have forged him into twisted steel; the lion in the ring is no match. He knows that after this struggle there will be another followed by yet another and from these he will eventually emerge victorious. The Animal lives for the challenge. Bring it.