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Family Man Andy Haman Prepares For The 2010 Phoenix Pro!

As a master's competitor Haman is as good as it gets... In the following interview Haman outlines how he will make his mark at the 2010 Phoenix Pro. Find out more.

Article Summary:
  • IFBB Pro Andy Haman will be competing in the 2010 Phoenix Pro!
  • Andy Haman made an impressive pro debut at the 2009 Europa Super Show.
  • The Phoenix Pro takes place February 20th.

As he prepares for the newly created Phoenix Pro show, Andy Haman, known for his great symmetry, incredible strength and marketable good looks, is juggling many different tasks at once while managing to maintain his muscle-packed physique. As a father of four children - Sam, Daisy, Ruby and Lucy Love, all under 13 - husband of one and personal training business owner a fast-paced life with multiple daily challenges is just part of the deal for Haman.

While a major aspect of Haman's success appears to be the light-hearted approach he takes to life in general, when it comes to his bodybuilding efforts he is all business and is as serious as they come while maintaining a balanced perspective and, of course, having fun along the way.

As a master's competitor Haman is as good as it gets and has won a slew of major titles including National Masters USA champion. With his muscle maturity and experience, along with excellent posing skills (move over Melvin), he is sure to shake the rafters whenever he takes to the stage.

Andy Haman At The 2008 15th Annual Sports/Fitness Weekend & Europa IFBB Super Show. Andy Haman At The 2008 15th Annual Sports/Fitness Weekend & Europa IFBB Super Show.
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Andy Haman At The 2008 Europa IFBB Super Show.
View More Pics Of Andy Haman At The 2008 Europa IFBB Super Show.

With an excellent competitive year in 2008 - where he made an impressive pro debut at the Europa Super Show and placed 10th at the Atlantic City Masters Champs - Haman got off to a pretty respectable start in the pro ranks. Now he is gunning for even greater heights in 2010. A top placement at the Phoenix Pro will ensure he makes good on this promise. In the following interview Haman outlines how he will make his mark on February the 20th.

Andy's Background:

  • Name: Andy Haman
  • Date Of Birth: 8-16-66
  • Place Of Birth: Iowa City, Iowa
  • Nationality & Marital status: Caucasion-Married
  • Spouse/Children: Married with 4 children
  • Years Training: 20
  • Years Competing: 2
  • Academic Background: BS and Masters in Education, University of Iowa
  • Height: 5'11"
  • Off-Season Weight: 290lbs.
  • Contest Weight: 260lbs.
  • Measurements:
      Arms: 22
      Chest: 52
      Waist: 33
      Legs: 34
      Calves: 21
      Neck: 20

Andy Haman Interview

[ Q ] How are you looking right now, three weeks out from the Phoenix Pro? How do you expect to look come show time?

    I look like me: Stupid - Silly looks, insane posing, crazy hair - and, oh yeah, abs from head to toe!

Andy Haman
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Andy Haman Is Known For His Great Symmetry,
Incredible Strength And Marketable Good Looks.

[ Q ] How did you get started in bodybuilding and what attracted you to becoming a pro bodybuilder in the first place?

    I was born in 1966 in Iowa City, Iowa where I attended City High School and was an all American team member and State Champion in wrestling. I compiled a high school record 210-0-10 and went on to the University of Iowa to wrestle for the Iowa Hawkeyes. While there I was a National freestyle champion, Olympic Sport Festival Champion and World Runner-Up in wrestling as a Varsity team member of four National Championship Wrestling Teams coached by the infamous Dan Gable.

    After only a year and half of training five hours per day I captured and won the Masters National title in the super-heavyweight class and overall title to earn IFBB pro status. This was truly a young boy's dream that started in an average Iowa town, in an average Iowa basement to an average Iowa kid with a not so average brother who pushed him to be a pro.

    I studied to become a teacher then retired from teaching to pursue a dream of becoming a pro bodybuilder I have had every since my brother George and I began lifting weights in his basement family room. My father allowed us to take out all the furniture and move in some old benches and weights to train together.

    I give credit to my hero and older brother for influencing me and motivating me to become a better person, student and athlete through hard work. With the help of my 11 year son Sam working with me during evening cardio sessions and the assistance of my daughters Daisy, Ruby and Lucy in the kitchen cooking and cleaning during meal prep, and the 25 years of support and love from my wife Michelle.

    Best Lifts:

    Captains of Crush Gripper! - Learn More

    • #3 closed!
    • #2 for 20 reps

    Bodybuilding Titles:

    • Mr. Teenage Iowa
    • Mr. Natural Iowa
    • Mr. Natural Chicago
    • Mr. Natural Midwest
    • Mr. Natural Colorado
    • Mr. Colorado
    • Masters National Champion

    Personal Motto/Saying:

      "It's all lighting - the harder I train the luckier I get."


    • Photography
    • Cooking
    • Traveling
    • Drawing and playing with my wife - oops! And kids!

    Goals in life:

      Have my children grow up happy, healthy and honest.

Andy Haman
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Andy Gives Credit To His Older Brother
For Motivating Him To Become A Better Person.

[ Q ] The 2010 Phoenix Pro line-up is quite strong. How do you feel you will stack up in this show? Do you have any predictions at this point?

    I will stack up well with most, especially if some come into the show a bit off.

    I will be in shape as usual and hope my look can catch the attention of more fans, friends and the vote of the judges. I really am happy to be still competing at this point and take every chance to have as much fun as possible. Winning has been so much of my athletic career that more than anything in this relatively new sport for me, I am glad to be still in the game.

[ Q ] Could you provide an outline of the training program you have used to prepare for the Phoenix Pro?

    One body part per day, 8-12 reps per set, 3-4 sets per exercise, lots of tri-sets and supersets. I do one to 1 1/2 hours of cardio every day and abs every other day. I also have a zero carbohydrate diet.

    What Is A Superset?
    Two exercises are performed consecutively without any rest.

    What Is A Triset?
    Three exercises are performed consecutively without any rest.

[ Q ] What changes, if any, have you made to your training program from previous years? Why is this?

    You know, for me, changing things around is a must as I have been training for over 25 years. I have a large family and often my schedule is different as we have gazillions of activities and events to taxi the kid's too - so, yeah, changes are evident and necessary.

    One major change for me was to lower some of my weights in training, and more specifically my pec training has been more about quality work versus quantity of weight lifted.

Andy Haman
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For Andy, Changing Things Around Is A Must.

[ Q ] Are there any areas of your physique that you are looking to improve on for the Phoenix Pro and, if so, how will you address these?

    I am forever trying to improve my glute/ham tie in and lower back conditioning - I'm implementing more lunges and straight leg dead lifting to enable this to happen, and, of course, increased cardio as well.

[ Q ] Could you provide an outline of the nutrition plan you have used for the 2010 Phoenix Pro?

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[ Q ] How do you ensure you achieve an ultra defined physique the final week before a show?

    Sticking to my diet, lowering my water and hope for good lighting at the show. (It's all lighting!).

[ Q ] Have you worked with anyone for your Phoenix Pro prep? If so, how have they helped you?

    I have prepared for this show strictly with my wonderful dietician: Michelle, my wife.

[ Q ] What aspects of you physique will capture the judge's attention and give you an edge come February the 20th?

    My physique is unique for most of my fans because it is aesthetically still somewhat normal and attainable. My arms are always big, which everyone likes, my abs are flat and hard and uniform which everyone likes and I still have my hair!

Andy Haman
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My Physique Is Unique For Most Of My Fans
Because It Is Aesthetically Still Somewhat Normal And Attainable.

[ Q ] What has your basic training philosophy always been and how has this approach benefited you through the years?

    Consistency, hard work and having a good time with it all: it's too hard to train and not enjoy it and have some fun along the way. Too many people are way too impersonal and unapproachable, and for us that's just not it.

[ Q ] What are your immediate bodybuilding goals?

    Meet as many fans and friends as possible, help new and old athletes and win a best poser award (yeah, right). Win a pro show, qualify for the Olympia and retire and continue eating my Pop Tarts.

Andy Haman
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Andy's Training Philosophy:
Consistency, Hard Work And Having A Good Time With It All.

[ Q ] Is there anyone - including sponsors - you would like to thank for having helped you to reach this stage in your journey?

    I would like to thank the Dymatize family for their support and relationship over the past year, and my family and children for their help in food prep, understanding and company through so many workouts. Also my brother George for his inspiration and my parents. Big Mike for his kindness. And my lovely wife Michelle who, since 1981, has been my best friend, support team, number one fan and the love of my life!