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Chimaira Drummer Andols Herrick Explains Training & Touring Lifestyle!

Chimaira drummer Andols Herrick - I thought it would be very cool for our readers to get to know a real life rock star who is also a member of the iron fraternity. See how he trains and more while following a demanding schedule!

Article Summary:
  • Chimaira formed in the summer of 1998 & Andols joined in 1999.
  • Andols listens to hardcore or death metal when working out.
  • His top 3 supplements are Redline, Zero Impact Bars, and Xtend.

Andols Herrick is the drummer for the band Chimaira. Chimaira is a great metal band that I started listening to in 2004 after a friend recommended the song "Army of Me" to me and ever since then I have been a fan of Chimaira.

Recently I discovered that not only was Andols an avid bodybuilder but that he had also followed my bodybuilding career for the past few years. I found it extremely cool that he had followed my career while I had been following the band's journey. I thought it would be very cool for our readers to get to know a real life rock star who is also a member of the iron fraternity.

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Andols Herrick & Layne Norton.

[ Q ] Andols, tell us a little bit about Chimaira. When did the band form and what type of genre would you classify your music as?

[ A ]

    Chimaira formed in the summer of 1998, and I joined the band in early 1999. We would classify ourselves, quite simply, as a metal band. Our sound has definitely evolved over the years, with our 2003 album "The Impossibility of Reason" being the one where we found ourselves musically, in my opinion.

[ Q ] How did you get involved with the band?

[ A ]

    One of the guitarists, Rob Arnold, and I were in a band together in high school in the mid-1990's. He joined the band at the end of 1998 and brought me in a few months later in February of 1999.

[ Q ] Who were your musical influences?

[ A ]

    In the early days I listened to Metallica, Anthrax, Slayer, and Sepultura. Those bands ended up being gateway bands for even heavier stuff like Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death, and Morbid Angel.

[ Q ] You left the band for a period of time. What prompted that and why did you later return?

[ A ]

      At the time I was really burnt out of touring, and my drumming was falling apart. I was pretty miserable 24 hours a day. I left in the beginning of 2004, which is when I really started to get serious about lifting and eating consistently.

In 2005 I was involved with a project with our old record label, Roadrunner Records, who did a special 25th anniversary CD with artists from different bands recording original material. I got to play on the songs Robb Flynn (of Machine Head) wrote.

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I Was Really Burnt Out Of Touring.

    They also did a show in NYC at the end of that year with as many Roadrunner artists they could get, and I was involved as well. That really rekindled my love of playing. At the same time, the rest of the Chimaira guys were having personal issues with their drummer, and I was asked if I would be interested in rejoining. It was a decision that took all of 2 seconds.

[ Q ] The "rock star" life is known for sex, drugs, alcohol, and crazy parties. Three out of those four things do not go well with the bodybuilding lifestyle. How do you manage to balance the two?

[ A ]

      This is actually really easy for me. I have a girlfriend I love, my only drug of choice is


      , I only


      when I have to fly somewhere, and I'm not a fan of crazy parties.

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I'm Not A big Fan Of Crazy Parties.

      The reality is, if there are crazy drunken antics going on in the front of the bus, I'm probably in the back lounge reading news websites or scouring the


    on this very website. I could very well be the most boring band guy in the history of metal.

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[ Q ] Life on tour must be hectic with all the traveling and late nights. How do you manage to get your meals and workouts in? Have you ever taken a protein shake between songs?

[ A ]

      Getting workouts in is actually easier than the


      part. Myself and a few of my band mates will find a Gold's, Bally's, or 24 Hour Fitness that is closest to the venue every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I used to jump rope on the off days, but its been awhile.

As for meals, I usually get five in a day. A lot depends on the location of the venue, and what's available to eat in walking distance. Protein shakes usually account for 2 or 3 meals. I'll do two scoops in 10 oz of water, and maybe a spoonful of natural peanut butter or a handful of almonds with it.

On our last tour, when we headlining and playing an hour and fifteen minutes every night, I actually did 5-6 scoops of Xtend in a shaker bottle and drank that in between songs. My old drum tech dubbed it "freak juice." Actually, in an interview I did with Drum magazine last year, you can see the shaker bottle sitting next to me in one of the live pictures.

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[ Q ] When you told me you had followed my bodybuilding career for a long time I thought it was very funny because I have been listening to Chimaira and following the band for a long time. Who are some other bodybuilders who you follow?

[ A ]

      Well let me say that your threads are always enlightening, and take a long time to read through since they are always like 1000 pages long! Thanks to you, I never buy


      , although I am guilty of the medium intensity morning


      . I have done one of your


      cardio sessions before, and it definitely makes you hate life for that 20 minutes!

I've been a fan of Victor Martinez since he won the Night of Champions back in 2003. Branch Warren is pretty ridiculous as well. Of course, I have to give it up for Ronnie Coleman. I remember I was in Lisbon, Portugal in 2003 when I was checking out the results of the Olympia, and the picture of his rear lat spread was unbelievable. Our singer often greets the crowd with "Yeeeeah, Buddy!"

[ Q ] If you had to pick Chimaira's most motivational songs for working out, which ones would you suggest?

[ A ]Impossibility of Reason:

      Power Trip, Pure Hatred, Eyes of a Criminal, Cleansation

Self-Titled: Nothing Remains

Resurrection: Title track, Needle, Worthless, Empire

Chimaira - Resurrection!
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Chimaira - Resurrection!

  • Mark Hunter: vocals
  • Matt DeVries: rhythm guitar
  • Rob Arnold: lead guitar
  • Jim LaMarca: bass
  • Andols Herrick: drums
  • Chris Spicuzza: keyboards

[ Q ] Do any of your fans at shows comment on your build?

[ A ]

    They do from time to time. I've had people tell me I used to be a stick in comparison, which I think is funny cause I'm the farthest thing from some super-imposing, 250 pound mass monster.

[ Q ] What are your favorite songs from other bands to workout to?

[ A ]

    I usually listen to hardcore or death metal. My number one workout band is Hatebreed. In the same vein would be bands like First Blood, All Out War, and Icepick. For death metal, the best band is Cannibal Corpse, especially their last album Kill.

What Is Your Favorite Kind Of Music To Workout To?


[ Q ] Do you feel bodybuilding helps you in any way to be a better musician?

[ A ]

      I don't think that lifting does all that much for drumming, although the


      aspect helps a lot, especially the jumping rope and


      . I think I'm fortunate that




    don't cripple my performance later in the evening.

[ Q ] Have you ever considered competing in bodybuilding?

[ A ]

      No, I'm not big enough for any sort of competition. As long as I can keep making


      gains and bust through some long-standing


    , I'll be happy.

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I'll Be Happy As Long As I
Can Keep Making Strength Gains.

[ Q ] Can you give us an overview of a typical day of eating for you when you are at home and also when you are on tour?

[ A ]

      Lately I've been trying to keep things simple with going

low carb

      on tour, since I started getting out of hand with eating everything in sight. At a sitdown restaurant I'll usually do a burger, no bun, and a salad.

At truck stops it's usually chop steak and eggs, or an omelet with bacon or fruit on the side. I also do the protein shakes like I said earlier. I can always find something acceptable at any fast food place as well. I also supplement with a multivitamin, flax oil, fish oil, and extra fiber.

At home I obviously have more freedom to make stuff, but I never get particularly fancy. I like bison burgers and turkey burgers, eggs and turkey sausage, pork tenderloin, and fresh cut fruit. Black bean soup with an added half pound of bison meat is a new favorite. I still tend to eat out a lot, for the sake of convenience.


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Christopher Mohr

      I can


    better than anyone. I love eating at Chipotle, Coldstone, Cheesecake Factory, Buffalo Wild Wings, etc. I've been trying to limit it lately though, since for a while it had become an almost daily occurrence.

[ Q ] What is your workout split like at home and on tour?

[ A ]

      I've been doing the same split on tour as I do at home, only each gym is a crap shoot as to whether it has the exact piece of equipment I need that day. Sometimes I have to make substitutions, like maybe the

Hammer Strength wide chest press

      instead of the

decline press


I've been doing a Chad Waterbury style 8 x 3 routine, with 60-75 seconds between each set of 3 reps. I really like it because I feel when I get close to failure, its really easy to cheat your reps. Maybe you don't go quite deep enough on those last two squats, or your last chin up isn't quite a full contraction. This way I can still do a good number of total reps even though I'm not hitting failure, work with a 5-6 rep max, and make sure every rep is a quality rep.

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I Feel When I Get Close To Failure.

      I have an A/B split, with A being a


      press, a horizontal


      movement, and a


      . The B split is an

overhead press

      , a vertical back movement, and a


    . I have 3 variations of the A and B workout, so I come around to the same exercise every two weeks and try to add a little weight when I hit it again.

[ Q ] Do you use any supplements? If so which ones?

[ A ]

      I'm definitely a supplement junkie. My top 3 would be

VPX's Redline


Zero Impact Bars

      , and

Scivation's Xtend


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[ Q ] What's your favorite exercise and what are some of your personal best lifts?

[ A ]

      I guess my favorite exercise would be whatever I'm making the best progress on. Right now, that would be


      . For a long time I could only do


      or assisted chins. The last time I did a chin-up (8 x 3); I did it with 60 pounds on a weight belt. Not groundbreaking by any means, but for me personally it's great progress.

As for personal bests, they would probably be impressive if you were 120 pounds and 14 years old. My best for the squat was a set of 6 with 275 to parallel. I'm probably good for a 315-325 deadlift single. This is at a bodyweight right around 190, so obviously the only place I'd be winning a powerlifting competition would be at Curves.

[ Q ] Thanks for the time Andols!

[ A ]

    No, thank you! I've been a addict since 2003, so this is an honor for me.

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Andols Herrick & Layne Norton.

dot Layne's Favorite Workout Tracks dot


      • Army of Me
      • Resurrection
      • Pure Hatred
      • Power Trip

40 Below Summer

      • Minus One
      • Self Medicate


      • Becoming the Bull

Bullet For My Valentine

      • Tears Don't Fall
      • Scream, Aim, Fire
      • All These Things I Hate


      • Stupify
      • Stricken
      • Liberate


      • Die MF Die
      • Survive
      • No Way Out

Drowning Pool

      • Bodies


      • Wait


      • Hey Man, Nice Shot
      • Welcome to the Fold


      • Payback
      • Endangered Species


      • I Will be Heard, This is Now, Live for This


      • Hold On
      • Evolution


      • Hero of the Day
      • Master of Puppets
      • Die My Darling Die


      • Dig
      • Not Falling

Papa Roach

      • Born with Nothing, Die with Everything
      • Getting Away with Murder
      • To be Loved

Revolution Theory

      • Slowburn


      • Because of Me
      • Truth


      • Black
      • Enemy
      • Praise


      • Wait and Bleed
      • Sic
      • Surfacing


      • Violent Moodswings
      • New Disease


      • Otsegolectric
      • Kill Your Idols


    • Face the Pain