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AMP: Marc Megna's 8-Week Aesthetics Meets Performance Trainer Phase 4, Day 52

All of this cardio work is going to pay off. Whatever you want to do after this program, you'll be well-prepared for success.

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This week, rev things up by increasing your cardio output. It may not seem like a lot, but adding two extra minutes to last week's 50-minute training session will push you that much further. Progress often comes incrementally, so never discount the difference two minutes or two more pounds can make.

When the going gets tough, remember how far you've come. Since week one, you've added 14 minutes to your cardio output workouts. Not everybody can move for the better part of an hour. Give yourself some credit and enjoy today's workout!

Day 52: Cardio Output Session
  • Jogging-Treadmill Jogging-Treadmill Cardio Of Choice
    52 minutes at 130-150 heart beats per minute

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