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AMP: Marc Megna's 8-Week Aesthetics Meets Performance Trainer Phase 2, Day 28

It's the final day of Phase Two, which means you get to rest. Allow your body to recover from the tough week and use the next 24 hours to prepare for new challenges.

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On this well-earned rest day, take a moment to think about sharing your goals with friends and family. They've probably started noticing that you've turned toward a fitness-oriented lifestyle, which means fewer happy hours, beers, and late-night pizzas.

Being open with your goals will help your friends understand what you're trying to achieve so they'll be less likely to guilt-trip you for not overindulging every week. Plus, it helps to have supportive friends to talk to.

Hopefully, you've been using Sundays to continue prepping your food for the week. If so, great job! Keep up the good work today, get to the store, and get your nutrition for next week in check.

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