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AMP: Marc Megna's 8-Week Aesthetics Meets Performance Trainer Phase 1, Day 8

Hit week two of phase one with just as much intensity as last week! You're building a strong pyramid from which to make great improvements.

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Now that you've gone through the first week, you should be more familiar with the exercises and how the AMP program works. Although you may feel better about the movements and how to do them, I don't recommend adding too much additional weight just yet. Use enough weight to feel challenged, but not so much that you can't finish the prescribed sets and reps.

The front rack position (elbows pointed forward) in the front squat can be difficult to achieve if you lack the mobility. You might have to work progressively toward stretching your shoulders and mobilizing your upper back and lats. It will take some work to slowly get these body parts mobile enough to rack the bar in front of you properly. In the meantime, you can opt to use straps or cross your arms over the bar until your body is ready to release.

AMP Phase One Message
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Day 8: Full-Body Training

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