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Amateur Bodybuilder Of The Week: Defined Detail

Motivated doesn't begin to describe Kyle. This guy wakes up every morning with a plan that he executes to perfection. The only way he can be stopped is if every gym closes!

Name: Kyle Redmond
BodySpace: Diamondmaker
Location: Manhattan, NY
Age: 23  Height: 6'1"  Weight: 180 contest, 200 off
Years Competing: 1

How Did Your Bodybuilding Journey Begin?

My true bodybuilding journey started just over a year ago. I had been living in Manhattan, New York pursing a fashion modeling career and was constantly under pressure to be thinner. I weighted roughly 165 pounds, fit into a men's size 40 suit, 28 waist jeans, and one day something just "switched." I didn't want to appeal any longer to what the industry felt was trending, and the goal of becoming a competitive bodybuilder became my new aspiration.

I had previous knowledge of bodybuilding from my high school years and still performed bodyweight exercises on a weekly basis to stay in shape for modeling. Luckily, I knew where to go to get started on my new path, which of course was

What Workout Regimen Delivered The Best Results?

Since I was a teen I admired natural pro bodybuilder Dr. Layne Norton for proving what the human body was capable of without the usage of hormones. When I decided to take the plunge into competing I used Dr. Norton's workout system P.H.A.T. from day one.

At first, I began with the original default routine. As the months went by, I modified it for the areas of my body that needed more work (which is essentially how it is designed to be utilized).

This is how I have my routine is setup. Warm-ups aren't included. I typically do 1-3 sets of warm-ups before each new movement. I rest 1-4 minutes between sets and take every lift to failure or one rep short of failure.

Day 1: Power Upper Body

Day 2: Power Lower Body

Day 3: HIIT Cardio
Day 4: Hypertrophy Chest/Arms

Day 5: Hypertrophy Lower Body

Day 6: Hypertrophy Back/Shoulders

Day 7: HIIT Cardio

What Nutrition Plan Fueled Your Body?

I'm a firm believer that the most important thing about your diet is the macronutritional breakdown of what you consume during the course of the day. My belief is that your body cannot tell the difference between two different foods with the same macronutritional facts. Food is fuel, not "healthy" or "unhealthy"—with some exceptions. The most important thing is consuming the correct amount of fuel for your needs and goals.

Every day I count my macro-intake (protein, carbs, and fat), but otherwise give no account to what it is I'm eating or how frequently I get it in. The only two exceptions to that is I do try to get at least 30-40 grams of fiber daily since fiber has thermogenic properties (along with other great health benefits) and I avoid trans fat. I somewhat stay away from eating a lot of sugar, but typically I don't worry about that as long as I hit all of my macro numbers.

Twice a week I do a refeed (or carb-up) where I eat about 50 percent more carbs, 10 percent less protein and 10 percent less fat. I typically schedule my refeeds on the days I work my weak points—which for the last year were my legs. The idea behind this is that by increasing your caloric intake briefly you can spike your leptin level and increase metabolism function. Also, the increase in calories allows for enhanced recovery on a day you're struggling and need more energy to lift heavier.

During my off-season, I slowly worked my diet up to about 420 grams of carbs a day, 230 grams of protein, and 80 grams of fat. On my twice-a-week refeed days, I was consuming about 600 grams of carbs, 210 grams of protein, and 60 grams of fat.

During the recent contest prep diet I just did, I started my macros at 205 carbs, 250 grams of protein, and 60 grams of fat using Layne Norton's dietary calculator. When my weight-loss stalled, I either dropped 15 carbs and/or 5 grams of fat. By the end of my diet, I was at about 160 carbs, 250 grams of protein, and 45 grams of fat.

Like I said before, I don't break my meals up in any sort of important way, but if I do have the choice I typically break everything up into four meals, 4-6 hours apart so I can drink BCAAs between evenly. I strongly believe that BCAAs significantly help recovery and I enjoy drinking them between meals to curb my appetite—I'm always hungry.

My day-to-day diet changes constantly, so here is just an example of what I ate yesterday with a goal of reaching: 350g carbs, 250g protein, and 48g fat (50g total, including 2g fish oil).

Meal 1
  • Oats


    1 cup
    Fiber: 10 grams | Fats: 5 grams | Protein: 10 grams | Carbs: 52 grams

  • Captain Crunch Peanut Butter

    Captain Crunch Peanut Butter

    3/4 cup
    Fiber: 1 gram | Fats: 2.5 grams | Protein: 2 grams | Carbs: 21 grams

  • Whey Protein

    Whey Protein

    1 scoop
    Fats: 1 gram | Protein: 24 grams | Carbs: 3 grams

  • (all mixed together and cooked with boiling water)

    Meal 1 Total: 76g carbs, 36g protein, 8.5g fat, 11g fiber

Meal 2
  • Low-Carb Pita Pockets

    Low-Carb Pita Pockets

    3 pockets
    Fiber: 9 grams | Fats: 1.5 grams | Protein: 9 grams | Carbs: 45 grams

  • 99% Lean Ground Turkey

    99% Lean Ground Turkey

    3/4 lbs
    Fats: 4.5 grams | Protein: 77 grams | Carbs: 0 grams

  • Zero Fat Cheddar Cheese

    Zero Fat Cheddar Cheese

    3 slices
    Fats: 0 grams | Protein: 12 grams | Carbs: 6 grams

  • BBQ Sauce

    BBQ Sauce

    1 tbsp
    Fats: 0 grams | Protein: 0 grams | Carbs: 3 grams

  • Salsa With Corn

    Salsa With Corn

    3 servings
    Fiber: 3 grams | Fats: 0 grams | Protein: 3 grams | Carbs: 9 grams

  • Zero-Fat Pretzels

    Zero-Fat Pretzels

    1 serving
    Fiber: 1 gram | Fats: 0 grams | Protein: 3 grams | Carbs: 23 grams

  • Meal 2 Total: 86g carbs, 104g protein, 6g fat, 13g fiber

Meal 3
  • Whey Protein

    Whey Protein

    2 scoops
    Fats: 2 grams | Protein: 48 grams | Carbs: 6 grams

  • Ben and Jerry's FroYo Half Baked

    Ben and Jerry's FroYo Half Baked

    1/2 pint
    Fiber: 2 grams | Fats: 6 grams | Protein: 12 grams | Carbs: 78 grams

  • Pop-Chips


    1 serving
    Fiber: 1 gram | Fats: 3 grams | Protein: 3 grams | Carbs: 23 grams

  • Meal 3 Total: 107g carbs, 63g protein, 11g fat, 3g fiber

Meal 4
  • Low-Carb Pita Pockets

    Low-Carb Pita Pockets

    1 pocket
    Fiber: 3 grams | Fats: 0.5 grams | Protein: 3 grams | Carbs: 15 grams

  • 99% Lean Ground Turkey

    99% Lean Ground Turkey

    1/4 lbs
    Fats: 1.5 grams | Protein: 27 grams | Carbs: 0 grams

  • Zero Fat Cheddar Cheese

    Zero Fat Cheddar Cheese

    1 slice
    Fats: 0 grams | Protein: 4 grams | Carbs: 2 grams

  • Broccoli


    2 servings
    Fiber: 4 grams | Fats: 0 grams | Protein: 4 grams | Carbs: 8 grams

  • Peanut Butter With White Chocolate Peanut Butter With White Chocolate

    Peanut Butter With White Chocolate

    3 tbsp
    Fiber: 2 grams | Fats: 20 grams | Protein: 9 grams | Carbs: 16 grams

  • Rice Cakes

    Rice Cakes

    4 cakes
    Fats: 0 grams | Protein: 3 grams | Carbs: 36 grams

  • Meal 4 Total: 83g carbs, 47g protein, 22g fat, 7g fiber

    Daily Total: 350g carbs, 250g protein, 47.5g fat, 34g fiber

As you can see, I'm extremely disciplined with counting my macros even down to the 0.5g. Even if I eat different things every day, I always know I am hitting my calories exactly and leave little room for variation in calories.

What Supplements Gave You The Greatest Gains?

How Did Your Passion For Bodybuilding Emerge?

I started off wanting to improve my body and create a perfect physique. However, the longer I started to work out, the more I found bodybuilding was about the mental stimulus more than the physical. I find that most people are unable to realize that they're capable of a lot more than they're currently doing, ether in terms of weight, endurance, or just being more controlled with their dietary awareness.

Training with someone else who's competitive was the first step that allowed me to develop a certain mental aggressiveness to get that extra rep. I find myself battling my own inner voice to convince myself to become stronger without needing some other stimulus to motivate me.

Learning to push myself and control every workout represents my true passion for bodybuilding. I believe that mental strength is what carries over the most in life and the results I get out of lifting physically are just a way for me to measure my mental strength improvement.

"The mind always fails first, not the body. The secret is to make the mind work for you, not against you." - Arnold Schwarzenegger

Where Did You Go For Inspiration?

Inspiration is probably the one area I'm never without. If anything, being motivated would be a step down from where I am mentally. I enjoy every aspect of bodybuilding, from sleeping, to physical activity, to counting what I eat, and of course actually lifting weights.

Bodybuilding is a lifestyle; it's not just an activity. Everything relates. There is such a tremendous sense of daily, weekly, and annual satisfaction. Sometimes it's just a small goal, like adding one rep to my squat or eating a good meal after a hard workout. Sometimes it's bigger, like looking back at a few months of training and seeing tremendous progress. There's always something to look forward to, a new challenge to overcome, and something also to be proud of. It's an infinitely rewarding experience.

What Are Your Future Bodybuilding Plans?

Since I'm still new to the competitive aspect of bodybuilding, I plan to take the next 1-2 years to gain more muscle and work more at developing an overall aesthetical and proportional physique. I would like to compete in the NPC Natural Ohio or NPC Natural Northern in the 2013/2014 season. My future goal would be to eventually qualify and compete in one of the top professional natural shows such as the IFPA Yorton Cup or NPC Team Universe.

What Is The Most Important Bodybuilding Tip?

Count everything you eat and strive to be better every workout (even when dieting).

Who Are Your Favorite Bodybuilders?

Dr. Layne Norton, Doug Miller, Jeff Rodriguez, and Kai Greene.

How Did Help You Reach Your Goals?

If it wasn't for I would have been completely lost and unlikely to find any of the information regarding even the most basic exercises. has been more than just a wealth of information. It's an encouraging home for me on the forums and helped supply me with absolutely great supplement deals. It just wouldn't have been possible without

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