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Fit Figures Competitor Workshop Review.

I've decided to offer these resources for new and aspiring competitors in my area by holding my own series of Fitness & Figure Competitor Workshops. Find out how the first one went...

When I first began competing in 2003, I wished there had been more local resources available to me to assist me in my prep and give me peace of mind. Now into my third season as an NPC fitness & figure competitor, I've decided to offer these resources for new and aspiring competitors in my area by holding my own series of Fitness & Figure Competitor Workshops.

Each of these workshops is devoted to teaching new competitors everything they need to know about contest preparation. Topics covered include training & nutrition, choreography & music, tanning, suit & costume selection, hair & makeup, and a live two-hour posing class with individual assessment and critique. The first of these workshops was held January 22, 2005 at the Sport & Health Club in Woodbridge, VA.

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Despite a severe winter weather warning and occurrence, we had seven girls arrive for the event, eager to learn the ropes and begin preparation for the upcoming season. Natural bodybuilding pro Rachelle Cannon (Former Bodybuilder of the Week - Learn More) co-presented and covered training and nutrition aspects. Other assistants included Rich and Amber Mullen, and Reba Quilty.

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The event began with a welcome and introduction, then Alissa proceeded straight into the program by discussing posing suit & routine costume selection. Selecting appropriate jewelry, hairstyles, and heels for a competition were also discussed in detail.

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We then went on to cover choosing appropriate stage makeup and how to match colors that flatter your skin tone. Alissa went on to inform the athletes on how to apply the perfect contest color, starting 4 weeks out and up to the day of the show.

Next on the agenda was our live posing session. Girls had the option of wearing a posing suit, bikini, or sports bra and bike shorts. Alissa first assessed each girl's individual stage walk and presentation, giving constructive criticism and points on how to present her best physique.

Quarter turns were then discussed in detail, demonstrated by Alissa, and taught to all the girls as a group. The attendees practiced the series of turns several times, concentrating on what they had been taught and flexing while looking relaxed. After an hour of this, the girls were ready for a break!

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Due to the weather, we had to cut short the last hour of the workshop. Rachelle Cannon then presented her expert advise on nutrition and training. Simultaneously, Alissa discussed how to train for a fitness routine and how to learn and practice the required strength and flexibility moves for the NPC national-level.

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To close out the day's events, we held a gift raffle. Items given away included t-shirts and towels from and OCB Bodybuilding, as well as golden flax cereal from Nutrissentials. Fit Figures provided a gift basket with loads of protein bars, shake mixes, a day planner, Syn-Flex liquid glucosamine, and more.

Click To Enlarge. was the primary sponsor of the event, providing t-shirts, shaker bottles and gym towels to the attendees.

Fitness & Physique Magazine offered copies of their publication, and the Organization of Competitive Bodybuilders volunteered protein bars and shakes. Kathy Geddes provided some samples of Mary Kay Cosmetics, Low Carb Diet Chefs and Nutrissentials gave food products, and Woodbridge Sport & Health Club offered protein bars, free guest passes, refreshments, and sample products and coupons.

The event was very successful, and the girls left feeling ready and motivated to compete in 2005! We are planning to hold many similar events in the future, with the most recent being held February 19 at the same date, time and location. For more information on Alissa's workshops, visit or email