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Cardio World Episode 8: Lift Weights ... To Get Smaller?

The Cardio Girl, Todd, and their special guest star educate confused viewers about resistance training.

We put this episode together in response to all of the Twitter and Facebook questions I receive from my dear fitness divas asking the same question: "Won't I get too bulky lifting weights?" *cue laugh track*

Bodybuilder-turned-actor Roland Kickinger guest stars in this episode. Roland helps me, The Cardio Girl, educate confused viewers about resistance training. We explain that working out with weights and resistance-training in your fitness program will not and cannot instantly turn you into The Incredible Hulk. *cue laugh track* Todd also contacts NASA with his suspicions about The Cardio Girl and her world-changing tactics!

Alicia Marie's Cardio World, Ep. 8

Watch The Video - 06:31

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