8 Other 'Dark Horses' To Watch In Columbus.

8 Other 'Dark Horses' To Watch In Columbus.

Are you ready for the 2011 Arnold Classic? Here are 8 dark horses in the competition that you'll want to watch out for.

8 Other 'Dark Horses' To Watch In Columbus.

8 Other 'Dark Horses' To Watch In Columbus

2. Toney Freeman, Arnold Classic

The X Man has placed as high as 3rd here at the Arnold; that was back in 2007. However, the 45-year-old IFBB veteran still has some gas left in the tank.

If he can bring his A game to Columbus, he will upset some of the younger competitors and definitely be in the running for a top-three finish.

View Toney Freeman's Contest History Here.

3. Ronny Rockel, Arnold Classic

Rockel finished the 2010 season by placing 6th at the Olympia; he has placed as high as 6th here at the Arnold and will most certainly be gunning for top honors.

Should he bring the level of conditioning he brought to the Olympia, he will no doubt be fighting for a place in the top 3!

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4. Alina Popa, Ms. International

Alina could be a dark horse in this line-up that few see coming. She was 8th place last year in her pro debut but it looks like she's been busting her butt in the offseason from the photos that she's shared on her blog (www.alinapopaifbbpro.blogspot.com).

If she can bring in a conditioned physique, we could see her in the top six. Alina will make the trip from Europe and will certainly represent Switzerland well.

View Alina Popa's Contest History Here.

5. Regiane Da Silva, Fitness International

Regiane is one of the women you'll want to pay close attention to in the routine rounds. Don't blink or you might miss one of her crazy strength moves. She has incredible strength and equally incredible moves in her routine.

The physique round has held her back in the past, so Regiane could benefit from the new rules. This will be her fifth Fitness International appearance. Her highest placing was 4th at the 2009 contest.

View Regiane Da Silva's Contest History Here.

6. Essa Obaid, Arnold Classic

Winner of the 2010 Europa SuperShow open men's class, Essa Obaid, a phenomenally gifted athlete with great aesthetics and full, sharply-conditioned muscle mass, will almost certainly be in the mix for top placements.

View Essa Obaid's Contest History Here.

7. Jenn Gates, Figure International

Call it a comeback! Jenn Gates is on a mission to prove that she left the scene in 2008 with some unfinished business. She's the 2008 Figure Olympia Champ and while preparing for her title defense she found out she was pregnant with her third child.

It's been nearly two-and-a-half years since she took the stage but a determined Gates is a dangerous one. Look for her to pick up where she left off and give the new breed of figure women a run for their money.

View Jenn Gates' Contest History Here.

8. Shelsea Montes, Bikini International

Shelsea has found her stride, and when she takes the stage, you're drawn to her. She ended her 2010 competitive season with a win at Houston Pro.

We look for her to be in the mix for a top spot here if she's in shape.

View Shelsea Montes' Contest History Here.

9. Dennis Wolf, Arnold Classic

After a visibly disappointing 4th place finish at the Flex Pro, Wolf will most certainly be out for blood in Columbus.

Wolf possesses the largest X frame in professional bodybuilding; he has delts like soccer balls and quads with the sweep of a Welch longbow and he could easily be standing center stage when they announce the 2011 champion.

View Dennis Wolf's Contest History Here.

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