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6 Workouts For A Bigger Chest!

Our forums are a great place to share training tips and full workouts. Check out these 6 killer chest routines the next time your pecs need a pick-me-up!

You lift hard, you eat well, ergo you grow. But what if your chest training goes stale? Don't keep banging out endless sets on the bench press. Reinvigorate your routine with one of these six killer workouts pulled from the forums! If you really need a change of pace, try each of these workouts over the next few months, and check out each thread for additional notes and tips.

Standard Mass Builder by henmaniac87

This classic, simple routine includes four tried-and true chest exercises. The dumbbell work will challenge your unilateral strength and correct your imbalances, the chest dips will evaluate how well you can move your own body after heavy work on the iron, and any man who can't rip the pec deck has probably never filled out a T-shirt. Hit this session and build some size!

This classic, simple routine includes four tried-and true chest exercises. Hit this session and build some size!
Standard Mass Builder

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Kong Chest Lesson by OneLifeOneKing

After a few years of lifting weights, you realize that not everything you've been told about lifting applies to you. Your body is special, and it requires specialized training to continue growing. The lifter who designed this workout grew from a beginner by cutting down his rest times and turning up the volume.

Your body is special, and it requires specialized training to continue growing.

Read through this forum post to learn more about training upgrades and get some helpful tips!

Kong Chest Workout (Advanced)

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High-Rep Chest, Shoulder, and Triceps Blast by Bo_Flecks

Bo posted this post-Christmas training smash in late 2014. It focuses on three different muscle groups that work together to move weight around the upper chest. All of the lifts are completed on machines, except the core work, which you can choose at your discretion.

Pec deck fly

This workout contains a total of 35 sets, so get ready for a high-volume upper-body assault. Bo completed this workout with a sinus infection, so you have zero excuses if you can't complete it!

High-Rep Chest, Shoulder, and Triceps Blast

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Simple-But-Effective Chest Workout by ZFDGYRU

The title says it all. This is simple, this is effective, this is the essence of chest training. Lift your body, incorporate barbells and dumbbells, and squeeze the contractions. This workout calls for you to adjust the angle on the incline press after every two sets. Those changing angles will test your chest from every possible pressing position.

This is simple, this is effective, this is the essence of chest training.
Simple But Effective Chest

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Just-Try-It Chest Routine by Rugbywilson

This four-week program will annihilate every muscle fiber in your chest. The first week hits flat, incline, and decline presses, but each of the next three weeks focuses on a specific angle. The secret here is in the intensity. You only do 4 reps per set, but the workout calls for you to continue adding weight to those sets until you can't go any longer!

Cable fly

Any man with enough courage to put his all into this will move a lot of weight. Rugbywilson suggests a pre-workout supplement and plenty of protein to recover from this chest torture.

Week 1: Chest

Start with 4-rep warm-up sets, then add weight. Do only 4 reps per set, then add more weight. Continue 4-rep sets—with increasing weight—until you need assistance to get that last rep or two, then move on.

Week 2: Flat Chest
Week 3: Incline Chest
Week 4: Decline Chest

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Chest Workout by ApologeticCube

No apologies if you can't put your shirt on after this workout. This is 27 sets of high-volume chest bravado. It lives in the ideal rep range for hypertrophy, the musculoskeletal holy land.

Incline dumbbell fly

This workout pushes the limits of dumbbell balance; it bounces back and forth between presses and flyes, inclines, and declines. ApologeticCube promises that it "phucking kills your chest" in an hour and a half. This is what we live for!

Chest Workout

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