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5 Steps To Supercharge Your Weight Loss!

Have you tried every fat loss trick in the book to only find failure waiting on the other side? Here are 5 powerful weight loss tips that work! Learn more.

Article Summary:
  • Meal plans and workout schedules should adapt to fit your life not the other way around.
  • Worry more about your gym performance than the number of calories you're burning.
  • If you're losing motivation, try changing up your training split, equipment, or location.

  • 1. There Is No Best Eating Pattern For Everyone That Leads To Weight Loss

    My first couple of years training clients, I told them they needed to eat 5-6 small meals every day. No matter what their personal situation, I thought that was the ultimate way to lose fat. That simply isn't the case.

    I soon realized that any eating pattern can lead to weight loss as long as healthy nutrition principles are followed.

    I told my clients to apply the nutritional guidelines I provided and then follow an eating plan that worked for them: 3 meals per day, 3 meals and 2 snacks, 2 meals, intermittent fasting, etc. It didn't matter as long as they applied healthy nutrition principles.

    Not only did they still achieve great weight loss results, they weren't as stressed because the eating patterns they chose fit into their lifestyle. This also meant they were more compliant and consistent. Compliance + consistence = weight loss.

    Your Eating Plan Is Not As Important As Healthy Nutrition Principles.
    + Click To Enlarge.
    Your Eating Plan Is Not As Important
    As Healthy Nutrition Principles.

    2. Realize There Are No Excuses

    Just because you don't have the time or money to join a gym doesn't mean you can't lose fat and build the body you desire. There are numerous bodyweight workouts that can be done at home, or anywhere else. In fact, some of my best fat burning workouts were done at home or outside with bodyweight workouts. You can also make your own sandbag or purchase a pair of kettlebells to add variety to your training.

    Once you admit that you have no excuses for not losing weight, you will be more likely to take responsibility for your actions and finally take action. All you need to do is realize your personal limitations (time, money) and then make a plan from there. Bodyweight workouts are completely free and can be done anywhere.

    What Excuses Have Prevented You From Getting In Shape?


    3. Set Yourself Up For Success

    This statement ties into the previously mentioned points. If you know that eating 5-6 small meals every day is going to be a burden, then why choose to follow that eating pattern? If you know it will be too difficult to go to the gym four times per week consistently, why schedule those days to workout?

    Once again, assess your limitations and make the appropriate plans. Schedule your workouts on days you know are convenient; follow eating patterns that fit into your life. This brings us to my motto: "Revolve your eating patterns and exercise habits around your life, not vice versa." There are more important things in life to do than spend excess time stressing over eating and working out.

    Why Would You Schedule Workouts On Days It Would Be Difficult To Accomplish Them?
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    Why Would You Schedule Workouts On Days
    It Would Be Difficult To Accomplish Them?

    4. Train For Performance

    Instead of worrying about how many calories you burned at the gym and what percentage was from fat and carbohydrates, just focus on improving upon your previous performance. If you simply focus on doing better than last time (lift more weight, do more reps with the same weight, decrease the rest period) then you will get the fat loss results you want.

    By forcing your body to improve its performance, your body will be forced to adapt. Think about it: football players, sprinters, gymnasts, pole vaulters, and other athletes don't worry about burning fat when they train. They focus on getting better at what they do and they have physiques most people only dream about.

    Sports Athletes Train For Performance Not Fat Loss And They Definitely Have Enviable Physiques.
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    Sports Athletes Train For Performance Not Fat
    Loss And They Definitely Have Enviable Physiques.

    5. Get Back Your Workout Motivation

    We've all been there: we know we should go to the gym or do our at home workout, but we just can't get the motivation to actually take action. What do you do when you lose your workout motivation?

    What I do with myself and my clients, and what I suggest you do, is completely change things up. If you've been training at a gym with dumbbell and barbell exercises, why not train at home or outside with bodyweight exercises only. Maybe you can switch from total body workouts to an upper/lower split. Maybe you can learn some new exercises. Try using a new tool such as kettlebells and sandbags. The point is to do something different that will get you excited about working out again.

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    Apply those tips to your life, nutrition, and training, and watch your weight loss go to a new level.

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