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Fallacies Of Supplements, Part 2: Squashing 4 More Lies!

In part 2 of this series I am going to squash 4 more fallacies. I am going to start by letting you know the best ingredient to help you get the best pump... Learn more.

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Article Summary:
  • Nitric oxide products containing citruline malate will be more effective than others.
  • Not all fat burners are built the same. Make sure you get one appropriate for your goals.
  • Meal replacement shakes have steadily improved in taste, but they shouldn't replace food.

Fallacies Of Supplements, Part 2: Squashing 4 More Lies!

In part 2 of this series, "Fallacies of Supplements," I am going to squash 4 more fallacies. I am going to start by letting you know the best ingredient to help you get the best pump, and then we will discuss why each fat burner is different. After that we will move on to how glutamine really helps you, and finally, we will finish with protein shakes and how they are not a replacement for whole food sources of protein. Let's get this started.

1. L-Arginine Is One Of The Best Precursors For Nitric Oxide

      For the past 5-10 years the big craze in the supplement industry has been pre-workouts and their ability to give you that crazy rush of energy and endurance to last the entire workout, otherwise called the pump. Nothing feels better than the pump.

Even the greatest bodybuilder of all time, Arnold, was quoted as saying that the pump is like having sex. Getting a pump is caused basically by your body forcing as much blood in one area as possible in order to get a tight, hard feeling in a specific muscle group.

What helps produce this pump? This was the question brought too many boardrooms of supplement companies, and what followed were tons of Nitric Oxide (NO) based products with the main ingredient being L-Arginine. The only problem is that many of these products missed the boat!

Do You Use Nitric Oxide Before Your Workouts?

Yes I Do.
No I Don't.
You're Supposed To Use It Before?
What's Nitric Oxide?

      Nitric Oxide increases blood flow and is a byproduct of plasma levels of L-Arginine in the human body. So, you would think that if you loaded up a supplement with L-Arginine, it would do the trick. This is the mistake that many companies have made. The problem is that increasing levels of Plasma L-Arginine is much more effective when taking

citrulline malate

      than L-Arginine itself.

Research suggests that citrulline malate may increase plasma and L-Arginine levels more than when taking the same doses of L-Arginine itself. This might be due to the fact that the body has a hard time absorbing L-Arginine..

So the next time you are looking to a product to help with your pump during your workout, look no further than the king of all NO Ingredients, citrulline malate.

NO-Xplode BSN Presents:

N.O.-XPLODE is BSN´s #1 selling extreme pre-training energy and performance igniter. From the very first serving you will experience elevated physical and mental energy, muscle-expanding pumps, unparalleled strength and stamina; not to mention tunnel-vision like mental focus, allowing you to zone in and have the best training session possible.
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2. All Fat Burners Are The Same

      If pre-workout supplements are the leader in the supplement industry, fat burners are a very close second. At the beginning of each year everyone is looking to lose those 10 to 15 pounds or more that was put on during the holiday season.

The first thing you might do do is get a gym membership, and then it's off to to find the hottest fat burner on the market. Here is the problem though: everyone has different needs when it comes to a fat burner. Below, I will explain the 5 different kinds of fat burners and what you can expect from them as well as the ingredients they include.

      • Thermogenic: This type of fat burner is meant to increase your internal body temperature which increases your resting heart rate. You might experience a warming of the body when taking a thermogenic fat burner. The main ingredients in thermogenic fat burners are caffeine, yohimbe, and synepherine HCL.

Lipo 6 Black Nutrex Presents:
Lipo 6 Black

Nutrex takes fat burning to another level. Beyond extreme, beyond maximum strength, way beyond any fat-burning experience you have ever had, we bring you Lipo-6 Black. Lipo-6 Black is one of the meanest, strongest and cruelest fat burner this planet has ever seen.
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Cheaters Relief BSN Presents:
Cheaters Relief

A must have for when dieting, limiting fat gain in the off-season or when indulging in calorie rich foods, CHEATERS RELIEFTM provides the calorie control you've been looking for from a dietary supplement. The unique blend of ingredients contained in this product help to inhibit regulatory enzymes responsible for carbohydrate and fat digestion. By inhibiting the action of these enzymes, calories from these macro-nutrients cannot be fully digested and thus not re-absorbed, limiting the uptake and storage of these nutrients.
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      • Fat Blockers: The main ingredient in the fat blockers is chitosan. These products work similarly to the carb blockers, as chitosan binds to fat when fat is consumed and doesn't let the body digest the fat.

Thermoloid Goliath Labs Presents:

Thermoloid® has a proprietary blend of over 16 ingredients to target fat loss from every angle in a huge 1292.12 mg serving size.* Take your dieting and exercising to the next level with Thermoloid® and get the lean, cut physique you are looking for. Advanced research shows that this optimal blend promotes fat loss in a superior way because of its synergistic properties among ingredients that provide an all-in-one fat loss solution.*
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* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

      • Appetite Suppressants: The hardest aspect of dieting for many people is fighting cravings. Cheating on a diet can ruin your chances of getting a six pack for summer. The ingredient hoodia helps to suppress your appetite and is effective for many people in helping them with their diet cravings.

Meltdown VPX Presents:

What's the supplement that burns fat faster than an ice cube melts in the Sahara? Meltdown® mi amigo! In a study presented at the June 2008 International Society of Sports Nutrition Conference in the beautiful Red Rock Hotel, researchers discovered that this fat-blasting supplement jacked up metabolic rate so much so that it left scientists scratching their heads as to how it compared to other popular thermogenics.
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      • Thyroid Regulators: Your thyroid maintains regulation of your metabolism and energy levels. When your thyroid is not working properly you can experience a slowing of metabolism and fatigue; this is common with older adults. If you are experiencing these symptoms, a thyroid regulator could be the perfect fat burner for you. The main ingredients in many thyroid regulators are guggulsterone and forskolin.

Animal Cuts Universal Presents:
Animal Cuts

Animal Cuts. Since nearly a decade ago when Schak wiped his mighty brow in the iconic "Cardio Sucks" ad, the most hard of the hardcore have depended on Animal Cuts when being lean alone simply wouldn´t suffice. The earliest of editions to the Animal line, Cuts did for your typical fat burners what Pak once did for multivitamins - rendered all others obsolete.
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      • Stress Hormone Blocker: I like to call it the "Anti-Bodybuilder Hormone". Basically, your body releases this hormone to keep you average or at equilibrium. Workout too hard, diet too hard, perform intense cardio, or anything that puts a stress on your body, even if the end result is a positive change, your body will release this stress hormone to combat any progress you can make.

It is a good thing that these products have been created. These supplements support healthy stress levels and give you the ability to make those changes. The main ingredient in most products is phosphatidylserine.

As you can see from the list above, there are many different kinds of fat burners out there. Choose the one that benefits your needs to help you get the best results, but always remember, without a clean diet and solid workout/cardio program these fat burners will not help you.

Without A Clean Diet Snd Solid Training Program Fat Burners Won't Help You.
+ Click To Enlarge.
Without A Clean Diet Snd Solid Training
Program Fat Burners Won't Help You.

3. Glutamine Is A Muscle-Building Supplement


      is the most abundant amino acid in your body. This amino acid should find its way into your supplement stack one way or another. Alongside


      , I believe that glutamine is a must for all hard working athletes and weight lifters. In the past 5 years their have been many new supplements coming out that include glutamine.

Pre-workouts, intra-workouts and post-workout all seem to include this wonderful ingredient. With all the new products that have come out, plenty of marketing lingo has skewed the real benefits of glutamine. The advertisements would make you believe that glutamine has some kind of muscle-uilding attributes to it. I am here to clear that all up.

Glutamine is mainly used by your immune system to keep it working normally. Whenever you hit the gym you are putting a stress on your body and immune system. A strong immune system is critical for all weightlifters that are going to hit the gym hard. When your immune system is weak from either malnutrition or overtraining, you are at risk of getting sick.

Many of the companies out there will make you think that glutamine helps you directly with muscle building, but as you have found out it helps with your ability to recover from a hard training session, which in the end will help with muscle building. Consume about 10 grams of Glutamine a day in 5 gram doses at a time.

Glutamine Is A Must For All Hard Working Athletes And Weight Lifters.
+ Click To Enlarge.
Glutamine Is A Must For All Hard
Working Athletes And Weight Lifters.

4. Meal Replacements Are The Same As Whole Food Meals

      With the invention of many of the low to zero calorie sweeteners on the market, more companies in the supplement industry seem to be coming out with tastier

protein powders


meal replacement shakes

      . There are upsides and down-sides to this. The up side is that protein shakes now taste amazing. You don't have to pinch your nose and gulp down some tasteless powder. Some shakes taste so good that you think you are drinking a milk shake. With that being said, the down side is a byproduct of the shakes tasting so good.

Now that there are so many protein shakes and meal replacement shakes that taste so good, many lifters and bodybuilder rely on these as meals throughout the day. I have heard of some guys taking upwards of 4 and 5 shakes a day with only 1-2 whole food meals. These protein shakes and meal replacement shakes are a supplement, and as all supplements, they should be used alongside a quality diet of whole foods.

Plain and simple, shakes are a great way to get your protein in a convenient and now tasty way. For the hard working adult or the high school/college student, shakes give you the ability to hit your protein requirement, but if you are looking for the best results, try to make the majority of your meals come from whole food sources.

Shakes Are A Great Way To Get Your Protein In A Convenient And Tasty Way.
+ Click To Enlarge.
Shakes Are A Great Way To Get Your
Protein In A Convenient And Tasty Way.


There you go, 4 more Fallacies made clear. This supplement industry is a crazy one, but if you are willing to learn and increase your knowledge by using the resources here on, you will be able to benefit the most from each and every one of the supplements out there.

As always if you have any questions regarding anything above or just have a general question regarding fitness, send me an email and I would be glad to help:

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