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30 Days Out: Craig Capurso's Extreme Cut Trainer Day 7

Your first rest day is finally here. You've earned it! Check out today's video for some tips on recovery, travel, and meal prep.

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Current Weight Day 7: 227 Pounds

Day 7 is a day of rest. Today, I'm doing the best I can to stay off of my feet as much as possible. Rest and recovery are essential to great results, so it's important you prioritize them. After all, nutrition and training are only part of the equation.

That said, I'd like to tell you to take the entire day off, but quite frankly, if days I'm not where I need to be at the end of this 30 days, then you better believe I'm going to put in some extra time on the treadmill. So, do what you have to do. You only have 30 days to get this right.

One of the best parts of today is that we're going to put carbs back into our diet. Adding that glucose will help you feel more energized. Although we're adding more carbs today, it doesn't give you leave to grab a doughnut. Stick to the foods list and you'll start to see those awesome cuts you're working so hard for.

30 days out Day 7
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Success Tip Meal prep

On a typical Sunday, you'll find me at the grocery store. It's the perfect day to go through the market and get all the food items I know I'm going to need throughout the week. After I get back from the store, I usually do a lot of preparation. The more meals I have prepared for the week, the less likely I am to stray from my diet. I suggest that you use Sundays to prep your food, too.

I like to write out my meals and plan what I'm going to eat for each day of the week. Cook whatever you can in bulk so you don't have to worry about it when meal times roll around. Nothing is worse than having to eat a meal and not having it readily available.

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