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27 Days Of An Isaac Hinds Challenge!

Over the course of 27 days I will eat nothing but what is available from the store. Yep, you read it right - no pizza, no chicken breast, no fish, nothing but Check it out.

Article Summary:
  • Isaac will eat nothin but for 27 days.
  • He is doing it to get back in shape after spending last month traveling.
  • He hopes to become a motivation for others to get healthy.
  • What in the Sam Hill is this guy thinking?! He's nuts! What an idiot. There's no way he can do this! Those are just a few of the comments I've received since I started my 27 Days of Check out how I plan to eat nothing but for the next few days.

    What Is It?

    Over the next 27 days I will eat nothing but what is available on the store. Yep, you read it right - no pizza, no chicken breast, no fish, nothing but what is here on

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    Why not? No one has done anything like this before and why shouldn't I be the first to see if it can be done? During the month of May I was gone more than I was home. During that time I wasn't working out and I was eating like cr@p.

    I was living on airport food and missing my workouts. I found myself tired all the time and run down. I like to challenge myself and got to thinking, everyone does 12-week challenges and they are all relatively the same for the most part. I participated in the 12-week challenge with 5 others on BodySpace and while I lost 17.5 lbs during that time I admit I didn't give it my full attention.

    Isaac Hinds Isaac Hinds
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    Isaac's First 12 Week Transformation - 37 Pounds Lost.

    When I thought why that was it was riddled with excuses. I'm not one to make excuses, Life happens. There is no excuse for not taking charge of your body. It is the ONE thing you do have control over in life.

    When you take charge and responsibility for your body it's empowering and you gain confidence that carries over into all facets of your life. I was ready to take charge of my body again and make a change but bored with the same old same old.

    When I listened to Ryan and Jeremy Deluca chat on the Justin.TV segment it was inspiring. I admire them for what they've accomplished and what they continue to do for the health and fitness industry.

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    I poked around the store and realized there are more than just protein bars and powders. Once you spend some time looking at the selections of products they've added over the years it is impressive. That got me thinking, what if I only ate what was available on the store? It could work, right?

    What Do I Expect?

    I'm confident I will loose weight during the next few days and in the process get my physique back. I caked on 13 lbs of the 17.5 I had lost at the beginning of the year. I'm not going to be a slug and sit on my @ss during the next few weeks. I've set a goal to get below 200 lbs by the end of the 27 days.

    I started out at 215 lbs. Fifteen pounds in 27 days is doable for me. I've been discouraged by many and they feel like it's not healthy. I'm not advocating everyone try this as clearly supplements are intended to be exactly that, supplemental products to food. That is why I'm doing it for 27 day and not 12 weeks.

    Isaac Hinds
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    Isaac Hinds After His First Competition.

    Where did I get the number 27 from? Honestly, it's my favorite number and one that is meaningful for me. There isn't much more to it than that. 30 days - eh, everyone's done something with thirty days but 27? Nope not that I've seen.

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    This will be a challenge one that won't be easy as every where I go there is temptation to stray. That will test my mental strength and willpower. As Journey says, "Don't stop believing," and I full intend on believing in myself that I can accomplish this. As you can see from the thread here on's forum there are many people who don't think I can.

    There's another thread on where it is much the same.

    I'll be blogging on BODYSPACE the entire journey. What products I am eating and what I'm feeling. I'll also get my body fat tested and see how it changed over the course of this self-imposed challenge. I'll also include some videos along the way of my training and thoughts.

    27 Days Of!
    What? What the hell are you talking about Isaac? Yes, you’re reading it right. I am going to consume nothing but what is available in the store for the next 27 days, with the exception of water.
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    Again, I am not advocating everyone train this way. I am doing this on my own and it will jump start my training and conditioning to gain back my physique for the summer. I don't consider it a fad diet but rather something different to bring awareness to and all they offer.

    There are thousands of products available to people and I'll be enjoying many of them along the way. I hope to motivate and inspire others like Ryan and Jeremy have done for me but in my own way.

    I'll prove that anything is possible when you set your mind to it. Feel free to comment on the forum or the blog your thoughts. I look forward to sharing what goes down over the next few days.

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