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Olympian Labs: $25,000 Before & After Contest!

Get paid $25,000 to get in shape. Olympian Labs is conducting a fitness contest to determine who can get in the best shape of their lives.

Olympian Labs (OL) is conducting a fitness contest to determine who can get in the best shape of their lives. Over a one year period you will be able to select a period of twelve weeks to get into shape.

Over the twelve-week period, candidates must demonstrate that diet, exercise and dietary supplementation can lead to a winning physique and how getting in shape has changed their lives. You can find the contest rules on the website at

Olympian Labs

Dietary Supplement Program

This Program Must Be Followed
To Qualify For Contest.

These products must be incorporated into your nutritional regimen. These products are designed to assist in supporting a lean physique, promoting good health and supporting a healthy diet.

Supplements To Be Taken With Breakfast:

Supplements To Be Taken With Lunch:

Supplements To Be Taken With Dinner:

Bedtime To Be Taken With Bedtime:

Nutrition Shakes

    Incorporate one (1) or two (2) C2 Protein shakes per day to help maintain a positive nitrogen balance. Each shake contains a precise ratio of protein to carbohydrates to assist in weight loss.

    * For Additional Information On Our Formulations, Please Visit Our Product Section At

Our Philosophy

  • I'm successful and I have earned this.
  • Whatever I do turns to success.
  • I will always be a better person as each day goes by.

  • To Qualify...

    You will assemble an entry packet consisting of six simple steps as described below that will contain before and after pictures, a written essay, and copies of your twelve week diet and exercise regimen and lastly, proof of purchase for your nutritional products.

    You must use the dietary supplements from OL to qualify for the contest. This packet that you assemble must be mailed back to OL within 3 days of completion of the twelve week training program. The packet must reach us within 10 days of newspaper date of final picture or entry form will be denied.

    Step 1.

      Candidates must take the described photographs of themselves at the beginning and end of the twelve week contest. Photographs must be taken holding a New York Times newspaper for that day. The pictures must be clear and the newspaper date must be easily visible. The following photos are required:

      • Front & rear shot at rest
      • Side chest at rest
      • Flexed hands above head abdominal

      Remember all photos must have the New York Times newspaper with the date clearly visible. There are examples of these required pictures to be taken on the website

    Step 2.

      Candidates will also be required to write an essay on why they feel they should win this contest and how this fitness challenge has changed their lives. The essay should be no more than one thousand words.

    Step 3.

      You must submit a food diary of everything you have eaten to get in shape. Please have your diet typed and double spaced. Should you win the contest your diet will be published on our website along with your before and after pictures.

    Step 4.

      Please give a full detailed description of your complete training and exercise regimen.

    Step 5.

      You must follow the dietary supplement program outlined below and include original receipts as proof of purchase for nutritional supplements from an OL certified retailer for the twelve-week period.

    Step 6.

      Assemble steps one through five and insert in a 9 x 12 manila envelope and mail to:

        Olympian Labs
        One Olympian Plaza, 8445 East Hartford Drive
        Scottsdale, Arizona 85255

    Other Things You Need To Know...

    I. OL strongly recommends consulting a certified Nutritionist and athletic trainer to assist in your fitness program. We also recommend seeing a physician before starting any new training program.

    II. Contest ends December 30th, 2007. Contestants' final packet will not be accepted to enter the contest after this date. The winner will be announced 03/01/08.

    The Winner will receive a check for $25,000 and be flown to Arizona for a complete photo shoot. The winner's pictures will be used on select packaging and in our National Advertisements.

    III. OL reserves the right to disqualify any contestant they feel has not followed the rules and regulations.

    IV. Everyone is welcome to participate except employees of OL and relatives of OL.

    V. The judging is strictly at the discretion of the judges selected by OL. The judging consists of several parts. The first part is the before and after picture, which will consist of 60% of the score.

    We are looking for the change and improvements from the before and after pictures. The second part of the scoring, which counts for 20% of the evaluation, is the essay. The essay needs to clearly demonstrate how being in shape has made a significant difference to you. The last 20% of the scoring will be an evaluation on your diet and exercise regimen. Did you have a balanced diet and exercise program that is easy to follow?

    VI. OL recommends that you consult with your healthcare provider before using any supplements or other nutritional products. If you have any medical condition, do not take this or any other supplement without first seeking the advice of your healthcare provider.

    OL assumes no responsibility for the improper use of its products or for combining this product with other supplements or drugs. By entering into this contest, you hereby release OL, its officers, directors, employees, agents and contractors from any and all claims arising out of or in any way related to the use of Olympian Labs supplements.