22 EDM Workout Songs

You're never too swole to enjoy a dance party, even if it's in the gym. Check out our list of 22 awesome EDM workout beats!

The EDM (Electronic Dance Music) genre may not provide the intense guitar riffs or hardcore I-hate-my-father lyrics that rock does, but it can be just as motivating. Good EDM makes you want to move.

It can also leave you waiting in breathless anticipation for the bass to drop. Pro tip: It takes longer than you think it will, so you should probably do a few sets while you're listening for it.

If you're an EDM virgin or even a straight-up hater, we think you'll enjoy this playlist. It has all of the ingredients for perfect workout music: great beats, fun lyrics, and all the bass your heart desires.

If you love EDM, bring the rave to your gym. Drop your pacifier and pick up a barbell!


Nicky Romero, "Toulouse"

What do you get when you pair sick dance-party beats, moon walking, and a bunch of people in "V for Vendetta" masks? An awesome track and music video. Press play on this fast-paced tune that's perfect for HIIT sprints or a DIY spin class.


Stafford Brothers, "This Girl"

When your workout is coming to a close and you're low on motivation, crank up this go-getter's tune. It'll give you enough juice to "do it one more time"—one more rep, one more set, or just one more minute of pushing yourself to the max.


3LAU, Bright Lights, "How You Love Me"

Take a little advice from Bright Lights: Don't settle for less than you're worth. Use this upbeat tune to get your workout on and be your #bestself. Want those gains? Go after them.

PS: Never cheat on a witch.


Yellow Claw, Rochelle, "Shotgun"

This mix is a great lesson in how to handle stress. When you're feeling overwhelmed, remember that gun violence is never the answer. Pistol (squat) it out instead!


Bingo Players, "Knock You Out" (Flaxo Extended Mix)

Get knocked down seven times, stand up eight. Use this amped-up beat to train your way to a KO. You can be sure no one will be left laughing.


Seven Lions, "Strangers"

Dedicate this one to that special someone: the guy or gal who gives you a spot in the gym and holds a spot in your heart. Together, you can crush the weight and take on the world.


Diplo, "Revolution"

Get yourself into revolution-ready shape. As Diplo says, "It's never too late to change your luck." Keep stride and seek out the light with each rep, set, and PR.


Sander van Doorn, "Gold Skies"

Dreaming of beach days spent watching the waves and chillaxin' under gold skies? Make your mindset work for you. Use warm-weather fantasies as fuel to train hard and get fit for any season.


Krewella, "Killin' It"

No, this song isn't a reference to Disney's white-and-black haired, dalmatian-killin' villain. We're talking about Krewella, with a "K." Her message: Be a predator and not prey. Your mission: Hit the weights and come out on top.


Tiësto, "Red Lights" (twoloud Remix)

The original "Red Lights" already puts the oo in your "oomph," but two minutes into the remix, the sick beat will make you want to snap the barbell in half.


Nero, "Promises" (Skrillex and Nero Remix)

These two musical giants in the electronic dance scene form a matrimony more dope (yes, we're bringing back dope) than peanut butter and jelly.


Pendulum, "The Island—Pt. 1 (Dawn)"

Pendulum provides an interesting twist to the rest of this playlist. Steady tempo will help you get that mad pump!


Flux Pavilion, "Got 2 Know"

If our love for Flux Pavilion could materialize into physical objects, there'd probably be enough to fill the Grand Canyon. "Got 2 Know" is a classic and will surely make you bob your head at the gym between sets.


Sebastian Ingrosso, Alesso, "Calling (Lose My Mind)"

This is a song that makes fist-pumping so easy that if you added a dumbbell you'd get a killer shoulder workout.


Calvin Harris, Alesso, Hurts, "Under Control"

Calvin Harris is an EDM workout song maestro. Blast this and do your conditioning workout to get the best burn of your life. You're welcome.


Idina Menzel, "Let It Go" (Armin van Buuren Remix)

Remember that song from the Disney movie "Frozen" that would never leave your head? Well, prepare to have this on repeat for two days.


David Guetta, Sia, "Titanium"

This song rocks: end of story. Listen to it on your way to the gym, while you're warming up, or during your hardest set. It's got more kick than a pre-workout.


Sub Focus, "Endorphins" (Tommy Trash Remix)

"Endorphins" is great on its own, but Tommy Trash makes it magical. This remix will get you pumped for any 1RM attempt.


DVBBS and Borgeous, "Tsunami" (Arceen Remix)

How does music capture the energy of a tsunami? Who knows? All that matters is you can transfer that energy from your headphones to your lift.


The Singularity, "Horizon" (Original Mix)

We included this track to enhance the breadth of your musical education. Don't worry, we've prepared our mail system to handle all the "thank you" notes.


Avicii, Nicky Romero, "I Could Be The One"

Not everybody can run away to Barbados to escape life's monotonies. But you canescape to the gym! Today, it's the dumbbells that will set you free.


Knife Party, "LRAD"

We don't have to live in Knife Party's strange, gruesome world. We can just enjoy their sound, especially in the gym.

Bonus Song: Darude, "Sandstorm"

The OG.