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Planet Tamar's Daily 20-Minute Summer Shape-Up Plan!

Having a great physique is hard work for most of us, but with some persistence, patience and perseverance, can be achieved. Try the following nutrition and training plan for a healthier sexier body in just 20 minutes a day!

Hello Summer and Goodbye Winter! It is time to shed those clothes and hit the beach, pool, lake, river, vacation location, or where ever your heart may desire! But, you look in the mirror and are horrified. The winter has taken a tole on your physique and you are ashamed to bare those arms, legs, and belly!

It is time to make time and do something good for yourself! Don't feel like you are being selfish because only you can take care of yourself and truly give yourself what you need. Exercising, eating right, and taking some time out of the day to pamper yourself is fair and just. It will make you a better person and the greatest reward is that you will look and feel younger!

Having a great physique is hard work for most of us, but with some persistence, patience and perseverance you can achieve a healthier and sexier body in just 20 minutes a day. I am going to share some workout advice and give you some routines to follow that should help you out. But what you have to remember is that diet is important! You have to stay away from processed foods and eat clean!


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Eating clean is imperative to lowering overall body fat percentage. You also need to make sure that you eat 5 to 7 smaller meals per day. Eating fibrous foods like raw nuts and buckwheat, lean protein, veggies of multiple colors, and lots of water will help do the trick!

If you are serious about losing body fat in order to look leaner and get into that bikini, then you have to stay away from refined sugars and processed foods. No cheating allowed! If you are only going to be dedicating 20 minutes per day to exercise, a super clean diet is extremely important to adhere to. I cannot stress how imperative it is that you adhere to a clean eating diet!

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A Super Clean Diet
Is Important To Adhere To.

I will include a healthy diet plan for your new healthy lifestyle. In this nutritional plan, I am not going to really specify certain amounts of certain ingredients simply because men and women are different in portion control, etc and because there are other factors that are important such as height, current weight, body mass goals, and more. I will leave the meals up to the individuals on exact portions.

I highly recommend avoiding artificial sweeteners and drinking mostly water. If you drink coffee or tea and have to sweeten it, try Stevia Leaf instead of other brands. Stevia Leaf sweetener is natural and not processed with chemicals, so it will not alter your bodies ability to process and assimilate it.

Avoid adding salt to any of your foods as well. To much sodium makes you retain fluids and keeps you looking puffy, which is not a goal of looking leaner and healthier. Removing excess sodium from the diet is also good for many other health purposes.

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Sample Meal Plan

This sample diet is gluten free. Condiment use is not an option when trying to lose weight fast and effectively! Ladies, I would try to get at least your body weight in grams of protein. For example, if you are 140 lbs, I would recommend eating 140 grams of protein. Try to divide it equally between each meal.

Meals Per Day
Protein Per Meal

I would also limit carbs. The human body needs carbs to function properly, but you can limit them to around 100 grams a day and lose weight, but still be getting good quality carbs and fiber in your diet.

Carbs are essential partially because slow digesting carbs are higher in fiber (meaning you will stay regular) and they also assist in helping the muscle repair themselves after a strenuous workout at the gym when paired with a good quality protein.

I highly advise getting your protein and simple carb into your body within 30 minutes of working out. Since time is of the essence in a 20 minute per day dedicated training routine, then you have to find ways to maximize your efforts to get the best gains possible.

Ladies, this is especially important for you to understand! You have to train with weight resistance! Going heavier for a workout that only lasts 20 minutes will challenge the muscles better and give you better gains. You can do less and gain more.

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Ladies, You Have To Train With Weight Resistance.

Please remember that working out with weights and training heavier will never make you look like a man. It is physically and scientifically impossible for a female to look like and bulk up like a guy unless they use substances that are anabolic. So, please do not be afraid to push around the iron.

You can help to ward off many health problems... start now by working out, eating right, and treating yourself with the respect you deserve! The following workout routines are going to consist of giant sets. This means that we are choosing one exercise per body part and doing each body part until the whole body has been done.


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Sample Workout Routines

When finished with the routine, you rest for 1 minute and then you proceed to do the whole body again. Rest 1 minute, then do it again. You are going to strive for 12-16 reps with a moderate to heavier weight.

I have tried to gear this routine for the person at home that wants to get this out of the way and not be bothered by going to a gym. Honestly, if you are going to go to the gym, I would go for longer than 20 minutes.

Tamar LiCalzi-Perks
Tamar LiCalzi-Perks
Fitness Model.
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Week #56 - 4/10/2007
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You are going to weight train 3 times a week and do cardio 3 times per week. Cardio is only going to last 20 minutes as well. I would also recommend doing a brief warm-up to get your heart rate up and get your joints and muscles ready to work! This may make your routine 25 minutes or so, but what is an extra 5 minutes.

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dot Sample Workout Routine 1: dot

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  • Warm-Up: Skip Rope for 5 minutes
  • Superset Exercise Groups: 12-15 reps: 3-5 supersets per group


What Is A Superset?

Supersetting involves doing 2-3 exercises with no rest in between.

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I hope that this helps everyone out for a quick summer shape up on limited time! There is no excuse not to exercise and treat yourself well. Don't forget, you deserve the best for your body. You only get one body, so make the most of it!

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You Only Get One Body
So Make The Most Of It.

If you need that extra time in the day, wake up 30 minutes earlier. Try to exercise first thing in the morning. This way you get it out of the way and you do not have to worry about it for the rest of the day. I would love to hear from you, so please feel free to email me at: Also, don't forget to check out my BodySpace Profile and add me as a friend!