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2016 Fitness Expo

Don't miss the Northwest's largest health and fitness expo!

musclepharm & betancourt nutrition
present the 2016 fitness expo


Don’t miss the 16th annual Fitness Expo! Score supplement samples from the biggest brands, get in on exciting competitions, and meet your favorite athletes from TEAM

It’s all happening in our hometown of Boise, Idaho.




Saturday, June 4

10 AM-4 PM


CenturyLink Arena

Boise, Idaho



9:00 AM

Doors open to Dark Horse CrossFit competitors

10:00 AM

Doors open to the public

10:00 - 4:00 PM

Dark Horse Crossfit throwdown

11:00 - 11:45 AM

Conditioning with Kandace

12:00 - 1:00 PM

USAPL deadlift event

1:00 - 1:45 PM

Enter the push-ups, dips, and bench press contest, sponsored by Samsonlife


Motivation, training, and supplementation with Kris Gethin, sponsored by Kaged Muscle

4:00 PM

See you next year!


Taking place at the BFE, this throwdown is open to anyone willing to accept the challenge. There’s $5,000 up for grabs!



The day before the BFE, meet TEAM at Axiom Park Center!
June 3 I 6:30-9:00 PM I 801 E. Parkcenter Blvd. I Admission: Suggested Donation to Make-A-Wish



All BFE attendees get $10 off admission to this NPC national qualifier!
Muscle Classic competitors will receive a front-of-line pass to the BFE.



Hit up some of the best athletes in the business for pics, autographs, and their top health and fitness tips.

Kizzito Ejam

Kizzito Ejam is a Team spokesmodel and athlete, and has a varied background in sports, including Karate, soccer, football, track and field, and he's a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Kizzito is also a certified Instructor in Krav Maga and Tae Kwon Do. The charismatic fitness model helps his students realize that they have the power to transform themselves, too. “Take all risks, and discard all fears,” he says. “If you fail, you’ll be wiser, and if you succeed, happier.”

Jacob Morgan

Jake Morgan has been lifting since he was a little kid, but his stint as a high school and college southpaw pitcher made him up his game. Armed with a degree in exercise science and just $3,000 to his name, Jake moved to Dallas, Texas, and started his own personal training business. He’s an advocate for streamlined, focused workouts that concentrate on specific training goals rather than chasing fatigue. Jake loves to help his clients do things they never thought possible!

Katrina Freds

Katrina is a country girl who has sculpted her body at home in her own gym, her two “fur babies” by her side. An avid lover of hunting, fishing, and anything having to do with the outdoors, she’s also an IFBB Bikini Pro who spends her Saturdays baking. A few cheats here and there are all part of her balanced lifestyle — and as a 2016 Spokesmodel Search winner, she shows other people that they can live one, too.

Michael Gonzales

Michael is a WBFF Pro from Kansas City, Missouri, with a devoted social media following — and he shares everything with them. Good days, bad days, ups and downs: Michael posts them all because he wants to keep it real. As a 2016 Spokesmodel Search winner, he’s excited about inspiring others with his own journey. “Fitness is a lifestyle,” he says. “It’s a choice. It doesn’t have to be boring and super clean. It’s all about moderation.”

Taylor Chamberlain

For Taylor, bodybuilding is a family affair. “What initially inspired me to get into fitness was watching my parents compete in their first bodybuilding competition,” she says. She began doing her own research on how she, too, could make body lean, muscular, and strong. A certified personal trainer with a dietetics degree from Purdue University, Taylor now helps people all over the world, creating customized meal plans, macro coaching, and developing fitness programs.

Rodney Razor

Rodney Razor has always loved being athletic. He played high school sports, became a certified personal trainer, and even played semi-pro football. But his fitness career truly skyrocketed after he dropped more than 30 pounds and 10 percent body fat in 2012. He earned his IFBB Pro card in 2013, and doors opened left and right: He was’s 2014 BodySpace Spokesmodel Search male winner, the face athlete of CytoSport Series, and a 2015 IFBB Pro Physique Olympian.

Jeremy Sry

Jeremy Sry has always been active, but his studies at the University of California, Irvine, opened his eyes to the power of nutrition. It was while doing research into alternative solutions to gluten intolerance that he realized the massive difference a proper eating program can make. Now, as a athlete, he’s using his drive and knowledge to educate and empower others to become their best selves.

Jerome Ferguson

Jerome “Hollywood” Ferguson is one of the most recognized — and fun-loving — pro bodybuilders in the IFBB. He’s been a competitor since 1994 and has the highlight reel to prove it: Mr. Los Angeles, Mr. San Diego, Mr. Max Muscle Natural, and a runner up in both the North American Championships and Mr. USA. Hollywood is the proud owner of Fit 4 Life Personal Training Systems. And he really has earned that nickname: He’s a trained actor who has appeared in commercials for everyone from Kia to Planet Fitness to Tax Slayer.

Kristina Olson

Our BodySpace Spokesmodel Search 2015 winner Kristina Olson is a former singer-songwriter who traded the microphone for the microscope — and, along the way, developed a killer athletic body. This former front woman won over competition judges with her mix of brains (she’s got an earth science degree), determination, and chiseled features.

Vinny Russo

As a nutritional coach, personal trainer, and assistant high school football and baseball coach, Vinny Russo thrives on watching his clients, students, and players succeed with the tools he has given them. And thanks to his degree in biology, Vinny knows the science of health and nutrition that will help him achieve his fitness goals and continue to help achieve theirs.

Imogen Parfitt

When she was a teenager, Imogen was the kid who would “accidentally” forget her gym kit or develop an inconvenient ankle injury during P.E. class. My, how things have changed. Imogen turned to fitness to help her survive the anorexia she developed as a young adult, learning to love exercise for the sake of enjoyment. Now, she wants to prove that healthy choices and an active lifestyle are accessible to anyone.

Lee Constantinou

Lee was kind of miserable as a kid in North London: Overweight, asthmatic, always picked last for sports teams. Fitness was his ticket to confidence and a new life. He began taking karate lessons at 13 and earned his black belt four years later. After graduating university with a business management degree, he became a personal trainer. Now, he helps others #LIVELEAN and has a loyal social media following that he strives to inspire on a daily basis.