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Visit Us At The Olympia Expo

Stop by the booth for athlete autographs, special guests, and tons of free tees, samples, swag, and more.

Headed to Vegas for Olympia Weekend? Don't miss the Expo! The 50th anniversary is going to be huge, so we're making sure that the booth is bigger, badder, and radder than ever before.


Las Vegas Convention Center


September 19-20th, 9am- 5pm


The line at our booth will be worth the wait! We will be giving away custom 2014 Olympia T-shirts to the first 8,000 people. You'll also get an exclusive coupon code, swag items, pictures and autographs from our athletes and special guests, and samples from your favorite brands, including BPI Sports, BSN, Dymatize Nutrition, MuscleTech, and Optimum Nutrition.

Special Guests

Ronnie Coleman

Ronnie Coleman holds the record for most consecutive Mr. Olympia titles at eight, tied with Lee Haney. He also holds the record for most IFBB professional titles with 26. Big Ron launched the Ronnie Coleman Signature Series in July 2012, and is known for the saying, "Lightweight, baby!"

Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler is a 4-time Mr. Olympia. By defeating Dexter Jackson in 2009, he became the third Mr. Olympia to win a title in non-consecutive years and the only Mr. Olympia in history to regain first place after losing as a title-holder. Jay now lives in Las Vegas and focuses on his highly successful supplement brand, Cutler Nutrition.

Jerome Ferguson

Jerome "Hollywood" Ferguson is an IFBB pro, actor, fitness personality, model, and much more.

The Hodge Twins

These social media stars have the goods to back up their good looks. Kevin and Keith Hodge have created a fresh mix of fitness and comedy that is inspiring millions to live healthier lives. We dare you to watch a Hodge Twins video and not become one of their 833,229 (and counting!) subscribers.

Jamie Middleton (Eason)

Jamie Middleton (Eason) is one of the most recognized faces in the fitness industry. She holds several fitness titles, most notably Hard-body Entertainment's World's Fittest Model, and has been featured as a writer and a model in hundreds of thousands of magazine layouts. Jamie has a bachelor's degree in Communication; is the official female spokesperson for, Gold's Gym Fitness Institute Expert and is a syndicated writer and columnist for numerous websites and magazines. As creator of the popular LiveFit Trainer and her own Labrada Lean Body For Her Signature Supplement Series, Jamie has helped hundreds of thousands of people reach their fitness goals.

Chef Robert Irvine

Restaurateur, author, and Food Network Star, Robert Irvine, inherited a passion for fitness from his father, a former professional soccer player. He recently launched his own protein bars and is working on a fitness and nutrition book. Says Irvine, "I want to empower people, through food and fitness, to thrive each day."

Team Athletes

Kizzito Ejam

We love Kizzito so much, that we chose him as an Amateur of the Week, then as a BodySpace Spokesmodel Search finalist. The charismatic fitness model and highly accomplished Martial Artist was drawn to weight training as a way to become faster, stronger, and leaner in his Krav Maga and Tae Kwon Doe practice.

Brian Casad

Brian's unhealthy lifestyle changed the day he donned his first pair of boxing gloves. He lost 40 pounds, quit his job, sold everything, and spent every dime on opening a boxing club. Since then, he has won an appearance in a fitness video and become the 2013 BodySpace Spokesmodel Search male winner.

Chad Hollmer

At age 21, Chad Hollmer picked up his first weight. A college friend would wake him up early to work out so they could dominate the soccer field. Chad was amazed at the changes to his body, and his love for fitness was born. As a TEAM Athlete, soccer coach, and personal trainer, Chad now passes along his knowledge and passion onto others. Blessed with brains and brawn, Chad has both a Muscle & Fitness Spain cover and an MBA under his belt.

Rodney Razor

After a lifetime of on-and-off athletics, Rodney's fitness career truly skyrocketed after he dropped more than 30 pounds and 10 percent body fat in 2012. He's since earned his IFBB Pro card, opening doors left and right: He was's 2014 BodySpace Male Spokesmodel, and he's sponsored by, Pro Tan, and 6 Pack Fitness Bags. And in case you were wondering: Yes, that is his real name.

Kathleen Tesori

Kathleen Tesori is an IFBB Bikini Pro with an impressive resume: She's well known for her Flex Bikini Model Search win, as an Oxygen Cover Model, and for her role as the ring girl for MTV's "Bully Beatdown." She's graced the pages of dozens of magazines, including Train, Strong, Shape, and Fighters Only. But she's not just known for her beauty: She holds an MBA, works as a spokesmodel and lifestyle coach, and holds a 9-5 job as a program manager for the Air Force.

Samantha Ann Leete

Samantha Ann Leete is a athlete and spokesmodel. This fit phenom is a published fitness model/writer, has a varied background in sports, and is a national NPC competitor/coach. One of the many things that make Samantha such an inspirational athlete is her realistic, balanced approach to health and fitness. Samantha clearly has a passion for health and fitness, and she loves sharing her knowledge online and in person.

Chassidy Smothers

Despite being a soldier in the U.S. Army and a cardio queen, Chassidy didn't achieve the body of her dreams until her husband introduced her to the iron. Lifting was the key to transforming her body and mind. Says Chassidy, "Bodybuilding has helped me to feel limitless." In fact, both she and her husband both hold NPC overall champion titles!

Nikki Walter

Nikki Walter's life hasn't been short on hardships: Her father died when she was a teenager and she lost her 35-year-old husband to leukemia. But every challenge she faced only made her want to be stronger. She decided to turn her life around with fitness and healthy living, transforming her body and and becoming a four-time NPC first-place finisher. Now, she and her daughter stage clean-eating parties and help change lives.

Brooke Erickson

Brooke has spent the last decade battling with body image and an eating disorder. At five-foot-three, she has yo-yoed between 89-180 pounds. Brooke decided to make a change for her health and for her three daughters. Now she's an IFBB Figure Pro athlete, fitness model, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and NASM Nutrition Specialist. Perhaps most importantly, she's a motivational speaker, physique and life coach, and a mother to three daughters.

Corey St. Clair

Corey St. Clair is a professional strongman and personal trainer from Meridian, Idaho. At 6'4" 289 pounds, Corey boasts some huge lift numbers. Aside from squatting over 600 pounds, Corey can pull a 15,000-pound truck for 100 feet and deadlift 500 for 13 reps.

Nick Scott

At age 16, Nick was in a near-fatal traffic accident that left him paraplegic. He became overweight and discouraged, but somehow found the fiery determination and positive mindset to lose 120 pounds and transform his life. Nick is now an IFBB Pro, professional speaker, professional wheelchair ballroom dancer, author, life coach, and much more.

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